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Best drugfree pain relief medication after an injury

Best drugfree pain relief medication after an injury

If you have sustained a physical injury or have undergone a medical procedure, you know that recovery can be demanding. For those trying to simply get back to a 'normal' life, the road to recovery may seem long and not always easy.

With the help of your GP and physiotherapist, you can work your way back if you comply to your recommended rehabilitation therapy.

There are medical aids available to help you with your rehabilitation. But how do you choose what is appropriate for you? At Bettercaremarket, we can help point you to 10 pain management products that might be very helpful for your recovery.


The 4 Stages of Injury Recovery

Although rehabilitation from an injury will vary per case, the general stages for recovery are relatively consistent. After an injury, it is essential to seek professional therapy to achieve safe and sustainable rehabilitation.

Depending on your injury, you may wish to see a physiotherapist or chiropractor in order to recuperate properly. Your therapist will design and lead you through personalised exercises that targets your specific injury or medical need.

Back injury rehabilitation

He or she may follow a four-step rehab plan to get you on track for the best recovery possible:

  • Phase 1: Reduce the pain and eventually the swelling. This might include the RICE protocol: Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation, often recommended for treating sports injuries.


  • Phase 2: Recover range of motion, joint mobilisation and cardiovascular training. This stage is usually started slowly to reintroduce movement and strength in the muscles


  • Phase 3: Range of motion to maintain good form and increase strength of muscle groups. Maintaining and continuing endurance and cardiovascular exercise is very important in this stage.


  • Phase 4: Restore strength and introduce injury-specific exercises with a progression of velocity and a return to “normal.”


There is no one-size-fits-all approach to healing any injury. Every injury recovery program is tailored to your specific diagnosis. None of these phases of rehabilitation or injury therapy have set timelines, and all stages can overlap the previous one and include some of its aspects.


Top 10 Pain Management treatment after injury 

While doing your rehabilitation, your physiotherapist may give you exercises in order to continue your rehabilitation or therapy at home.

These 10 great rehabilitation products can complement your self-care plan by providing pain relief and keep you on track to living a ‘normal’ life. These drug-free devices often have little to no side effects. Depending on your needs, here are 10 great rehab and therapy products that may help:

1.    Cold pack: cold therapy – also known as cryotherapy – reduces inflammation and swelling and relieves pain. Perfect for the first stage of your recovery.

cold pack or ice bag


Cold packs are often recommended to people with an acute muscle or joint injury, but they are also very beneficial for chronic conditions, such as osteoarthritis, gout or tendinitis. Use for 10-15 minutes, several times a day. Look at the Therapearl cold and hot packs. 

2.    Biofreeze Pain Relieving Gel: this soothing, menthol pain reliever gives long-lasting results thanks to the fast-acting formula. The topical analgesic will help numb the pain. This pain-relieving gel is non-systemic and non-narcotic (no NSAID’s) and contains menthol that stimulates your receptors to block pain signals.

Biofreeze pain relieving gel


3.    PainGone Pen: offers drug-free pain relief through electro-analgesia. This compact pen-like device helps you manage chronic and acute pain.  It stimulates the body’s endorphins to act as a natural painkiller. Next to the regular PainGone pen, we also have the PainGone Plus Pen available.


PainGone pen, drug-free pain relief 


4.    Pro Tens Unit – Metron: Many therapists and patients use TENS units for pain relief. Tens therapy is an excellent source of pain relief that complements traditional treatment options. You don’t have to worry about side effects. Tens therapy is also very versatile since they treat many different types of pain and can be used over the whole body.

Pro Tens Unit, versatile pain relief treatment


5.    Tens Pain Therapy System PRO – Dr. Ho’s: Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation or Tens, is a unit that uses low voltage electric current via electrodes to relieve muscle and joint pain.

Pain Therapy Treatment, tens unit

The great benefits of this Tens machine are the fact that it is non-invasive, cost-effective, responsive and safe. It is the perfect supplement to physiotherapy or massage therapy. It is a very suitable solution to get you back on track in no time. This TENS unit is a professional grade device and performs the full function of TENS and EMS treatment. It has 6 massage modes with 24 stimulation techniques.


6.    Back Brace Support Belt – Dr Ho’s:  this 2-in-1 belt provides support and decompression therapy in one easy-to-use device. As it inflates with air, this decompression belt stretches your lower back.

inflatable back brace by dr Ho's

The gentle traction expands vertically and helps decompress the spinal discs, and reduces the constriction on pinched nerves, helping relieve shooting leg pain. The perfect device when recovering from lower back injuries.


7.    Hand Grip Exerciser: This exerciser is perfect to improve dexterity after an injury or a stroke, while also strengthening hands, fingers, forearms, and wrists.


The device can be easily adjusted to increase or decrease resistance. Perfect for therapy/rehab patients, as well as weekend warriors!!


8.    Libera Wireless Electro stimulator Tens: This device uses electrical stimulation to help you cope with injuries without taking medications.

libera wireless electro stimulator, tens unit

The low-voltage electrical pulses disrupt the pain pathways inside the skin and muscles, and help to heal and alleviate pain. TENS is a minor and cost-effective procedure that you can complete in the comfort of your own home. Charge the Libera Wireless Tens with the USB cable into your laptop, computer or socket.



9.    Flexall Pain Relief Gel:The mentholated aloe vera formula offers a fast-acting relief from joint and muscular pain. The pain reliever allows to target arthritis, strains and sprains, bruises, cramps and tendonitis.

Flexall, pain relieving gel

It can also help with the treatment of acute and chronic stages of an injury. The water-based formula contains Vitamin E and natural oils that absorbs quickly into the skin, and can be used on many body parts, such as legs, back, and shoulders


10. NeuroTrac Rehab TENS and NMES: This two-channel device is a unique treatment that effectively manages pain, prevents muscle wastage and helps with muscle rehabilitation. The tool can be used for symptomatic pain relief, as well as management of chronic pain and treatment of postsurgical and posttraumatic pain.

Neurotrac, Tens & NMES device

Different from a TENS unit, this NMES (micro-current electrical nerve stimulator) unit has a lower level that works on the cellular level, and is often not even felt or perceived by the patient, making treatment more comfortable. The benefit of the NeuroTrac Rehab is that you can use 2 x 4 electrodes, allowing to treat a larger body part at one time.



We hope that this article helps to shed light on the many pain relief medication and drug-free options that are available, so you can use them at home.

Find all rehab devices on our website. If any of these devices seem like a good fit for your self-care routine, talk to your GP or physiotherapist to see if the therapy is safe and approved for your injury.

We hope you’ll find a match that works for you. Stick to your program and you’ll be back to your everyday self sooner than you think!!