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Christmas Gift Ideas for Elderly: The Perfect Guide

Christmas Gift Ideas for Elderly: The Perfect Guide

There’s tremendous focus on children at Christmas time. Choosing the perfect gift for your aging Parent, Grandparent or loved one can be difficult. As we age, independence and maintaining quality of life is what becomes more important to us, so below we hope to inspire you with some gift ideas which can make their daily life easier. 

Life is no longer about collecting trinkets but being practical and finding ways to simplify the tasks that become more challenging with age. But just because your loved ones are older, doesn’t mean they would not benefit from these presents. We’ve put together the perfect gift ideas for your loved (grand) parents so you don’t have to worry about what to buy them. We believe there is something for everyone;


1. Several Adaptive Garden Tools by Peta

For those who love to work in the garden, there are a variety of tools that help take the strain out of digging, weeding, and lifting. The Easi-Grip Garden Trowel is a scoop designed for potting indoors and out. The Easi-Grip Garden Cultivator is a helpful garden tool used for cultivating and turning the soil while the Easi-Grip Garden Fork makes transplanting plants much easier.  All three gardening tools make it easier to perform a full range of motion in the garden. The devices have an ergonomic vertical handle that keeps the wrist in a natural angle, removing the strain on the wrist during the gardening tasks. The Easi-Grip Arm Support Cuff is a great addition to the adaptive gardening tools. Its ergonomic design ensures it fits like a glove and feels like a natural extension of your own arm, taking the strain off your muscles. It allows you to use the strength of your forearm and upper arm instead of the hand or wrist. Just plug it into the back of all Easi-Grip gardening tools. It’s ideal for disabled people and those who suffer from limited mobility or dexterity in their hands You will enjoy gardening again!


2. Spill Not

For those who love their tea and coffee, this is a perfect gift idea. The SpillNot defies physics by stabilising any liquid within a cup. This incredible invention makes it easy for anyone to carry their tea without the risk of spilling and possibly injuring themselves with the boiling hot water. The SpillNot is the perfect solution for those who struggle from hand tremors. Physics or magic? You be the judge!


3. Digital Calendar & Reminder Clock

Do you know someone who needs a gentle reminder to head to their appointment or to be reminded of their catch up with a friend or to easily be aware of the date and time, then this gift is ideal for them. The Digital Calendar and Reminder Clock is the perfect gift for those who are slightly forgetful or easily lose track of time. This great device will help them with daily challenges of memory loss and keeps them on path for their daily activities. The clock talks to the user so that they can effortlessly stay reminded allowing them to feel independent and reassured.


4. Stabilising Spoon

Being able to eat independently is extremely important to maintain dignity and quality of life. As we age, hand coordination becomes more difficult due to conditions such as Cerebral Palsy, spinal cord injury, post-stroke deficits, Parkinson’s, etc. The Stabilising Spoon by ELISpoon remains stabilised through counterweights on two rotational axes. So no matter of the hand movement, this easy to use and dishwasher safe spoon will keep the food or liquids steady, preventing spillage.


5. Smart Fitness Activity Tracker 

As we get older, we tend to become more sedentary, which can impact our health tremendously. Though beginning a more active lifestyle can be daunting, but the Smart Fitness Activity Tracker can easily help you achieve a healthier and more active lifestyle, no matter your age. The all-day health monitoring device offers a variety of well-being functions, such as: steps and distance you walked, calories you burned, heart rate and sleep quality. If your loved one is keen to lead a more active lifestyle, this device is a perfect gift, that doesn’t blow the budget.

6. Handy Bar by Stander

The Handy Bar - Stander is an assistive device to make getting in and out of the car safer and easier. This small handle fits into most handbags making it easy to keep on hand wherever you go. It fits onto any car door and it is designed to be completely ergonomic and its slip-proof coating makes it reliable and safe.


7. Twister Jar opener by Ansa

 The frustration of not being able to open a jar of jam or access your favourite pickles can be infuriating. For older people with weaker hands or arthritis, the Twister Jar opener - Ansa is the perfect remedy. It is designed to fit as an extension of your own palm, gripping lids to open and close jars with ease. This is a must-have in every kitchen!


8. Circulation promoter with Tens and Ems by Dr. Ho’s

Weak circulation and neuropathy are common problems among seniors and it also often comes as part of the package with diabetes. You can combat this without expensive therapy or drastic measures by using the Circulation promoter with Tens and Ems. It is clinically-proven to increase blood circulation, bringing relief and fresh, well-oxygenated blood into the finest capillaries in the feet. You will feel instant relief through your feet, ankles, and calves!


9. Keyturner by Homecraft

Finding it difficult to turn a key once it’s in a lock? Sticky locks and smooth locks can both be problematic for someone with painful joints, weak hands, or wrist problems. There are two different types of key turners - a single key turner which is designed to help with the motion of locking and unlocking a door - and a double key turner which takes two keys and helps those with limited mobility and secures the keys in place with a screw.


10. Standard Kettle Tipper by Homecraft

Making tea and boiling water can quickly turn from being an everyday task to being a point of dread, especially if your wrists become weaker and painful and lifting heavy objects is no longer easy. Avoid dangerous spills and overstraining painful muscles and joints with a Standard Kettle Tipper from Homecraft.


11. Ultrasonic Vaporiser by Able Asthma

Indulge your grandparents with an Ultrasonic Vaporiser from Able Asthma. It is a portable treat! This 5-in-1 device is an air purifier, humidifier, essential oil diffuser, and night light. In contrary to heat diffusers, the cool mist technology does not produce condensation. Just add a few drops of Essential Oils from Able Asthma to give your home a fragrant scent! Apart from that, they can also provide respiratory alleviation and psychological benefits. Who would not like that!


Empowered and Senior

Christmas is the perfect time to give the gift of independence. Older folks don’t want to battle and will often go without before they feel ready to ask for help. This simple and basic living assistance can make everyday life easy again, while it minimises the risk of injury.

We hope this article has given you the inspiration you were looking for!

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We hope you have a very Merry Christmas and enjoy some quality time with the people that matter most.