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How to keep your workplace safe and protect your employees?

How to keep your workplace safe and protect your employees?

Finally, there’s hope that the world will discover a semblance of normality after it has been turned upside down by the novel Coronavirus and the havoc it’s played with businesses. If you are reopening your business, you might be wondering how to implement a safe reopening procedure to ensure that workers are protected and that the workplace remains clean and safe of germs.

Fortunately, there are definitive guidelines on the way in which businesses can get back to work and keep their workplaces and staff safe.

How does Covid-19 spread?

World with coronavirus

COVID-19 is spread by body fluids. When someone who is infected with the Coronavirus coughs or sneezes, those droplets can contaminate hard surfaces, like desks, telephones, walls, and even computers.  When non-infected people touch those surfaces and then touch their faces, especially the mouth or nose, they can become infected too. COVID-19 spreads in a manner that is similar to the flu.

When you think of how easily an entire office can become ill with the flu during flu season, you can understand why workplace safety in the times of COVID-19, is paramount.


What is the new Normal?

The new normal refers to the ways in which we can prevent the spread of coronavirus. We have to adopt a new stance on hygiene which will reduce the likelihood of all diseases spreading. We have to take steps to ensure the safety of everyone, including the individual that serve our businesses. These steps may look like;


●      Hand sanitisers at all entry points

●      Enforcing social distancing

●      Providing facemasks if necessary

●      Using hand wipes to clean desks and any other hard surfaces (handles etc) after use

●      Disposing of potential contaminants

●      Potentially checking staff’s temperature


Hand sanitiser at all entry points to keep your hands clean

Use of the hand sanitiser

A hand sanitiser is the best method to stop the spread of coronavirus. They eliminate all traces of germs and bacteria on the hands and fingers. Hence, staff and customers will have clean hands. Have a hand sanitising station at all entry points, including places like office receptions, shop entrances, and at counters.

When you create a hand sanitising station, source only hand sanitisers with at least 70% alcohol as they are the only hand rubs that effectively kill germs. The brands of hand sanitiser that are recommended for use are manufactured according to the standards of the WHO and the Australian Department of Health guidelines.

Our medical-grade hand sanitiser is highly efficient because of the antibacterial alcohol component that kills 99.9% of the germs. The handy 1L bottles are ideal for in the office.


Protective Face mask

Bacteria Protective Facemask

Covid-19 can survive in the air in small particles known as aerosols. A face mask will help to shield your face from the invisible particles that can potentially infect you.

Our reusable Bacteria Protective Face Mask by Dr Hoffmann will ensure you're protected from the virus thanks to the copper filter that eliminates the harmful viruses.

Enforce social distancing

Social distancing

Social distancing ensures that the space between people is sufficient to prevent saliva and other vehicles for the virus to move from one person to another. Make sure there is 1.5m distance between individuals. If you see anyone displaying symptoms of coronavirus, or if anyone reports feeling unwell, management must urge them to get tested and take a minimum of 14 days off work.


Hand wipes

Alcohol wipes

Hand wipes serve as hand sanitisers for all of the hard surfaces, removing the germs that could pose a risk of transmitting the COVID-19 virus. Disinfect all surfaces as frequently as possible, this includes desks, telephones, door handles, and even kitchen devices (like a coffee machine or a fridge) and computer keyboards. 

The only way to be sure that the wipes are effective is to source medical-grade alcohol wipes that remove all traces of viruses and bacteria. Our HGD wipes are hospital grade disinfectant wipes that are fast acting to eradicate germs and pathogenic organisms.


Safe disposal of contaminants

Contaminant bins are necessary for preventing the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace. This is because ordinary bins are easily knocked over and they transmit viruses by touch. A 30L clinical waste container is enough to house the waste of an average workplace and keeps the risk for contamination for staff to a minimum.


Temperature checking

Elevated temperature is the most common symptom of Covid-19. Use a non-contact thermometer to check your staff’s temperature every morning when they enter the building.

The ProScan Non-Contact Thermometer by Physiologic gives you a fast and accurate temperature without the need of touching. A simple point-and-click shows you a reading instantaneously.



Staying safe

The guidelines recommended by the WHO and the Department of Health are there to keep everyone safe and help businesses to stay open. It is paramount that we prevent a second wave of infection as the economy slowly restarts and attempts to get to its feet.

In our solidarity and support of the businesses who are doing their best to get back on their feet, we supply superior-quality products to keep your workplace and staff safe. We make ourselves available to answer questions and offer advice. 

We hope that this blog has been useful in helping you make your workplace safe and protect your staff and customers.