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MoliCare Pull up Pants, 8 Drops - L

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MoliCare Premium Mobile 8 Drops Pull up pants - L

Large – waist size: 100 – 150 cm

For moderate to heavy bladder weakness: frequent loss of small to medium amounts of urine

8 Drops, urine absorbency: 2,279 ml

For both men and women

Choice of a Pack - 14 units or Carton: 4 packs per carton = 56 units*

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The MoliCare Premium Mobile 8 drops - L is discreet incontinence underwear for moderate to heavy bladder leaks that can be worn like regular underwear. Active users will love this product because the incontinence pad stays in place for total protection while providing a flattering form. The product features an Active Dry Technology with stretch fabric for optimum comfort and skin health.


No more unwanted smells and no more redness! It protects your skin from incontinence associated dermatitis or diapers' rash. 


  • Stretch fabric for freedom of movement
  • Superior comfort
  • Perfect fit for maximum discretion
  • Optimal absorbency, promotes natural pH for skin health
  • Odour lock
  • Unisex


At bettercaremarket we're thorough in our selection of living aids. We choose our products based on their quality, performance and whether they can be conveniently delivered to you. 

MoliCare Premium Mobile 8 Drops Pull Up Pants - L are one of the most absorbent incontinence pull up pants in this range. This incontinence underwear is specially designed for moderate to heavy bladder weakness for both men and women.


The superior absorption of the pad prevents moisture from building up, quickly locking fluid away and neutralising odours. This will assist the skin to maintain its natural pH and prevent incontinence related skin irritation. They are also convenient for the night with an intake of up to 2,279 ml.


Feels, looks and wears like regular underwear

MoliCare premium Mobile 8 drops are skin-friendly pull up pads made for urinary incontinence. Active people love using them as they resemble normal underwear.

Thanks to the form-fitting shape, the pull up pants fit discreetly under clothes unlike bulky adult diapers. They preserve the dignity of the person, while there is less chance of them falling off. This protective underwear is made out of skin-friendly breathable fabric with a soft top sheet, making them so comfortable, you will forget you are wearing them.


Superior skin protection and discretion

The moisture locking technology absorbs urine quickly into the absorbent core, away from the skin. Even when seated or lying down for longer periods of time, you can be assured you will stay dry and comfortable.  The MoliCare Premium Mobile promotes skin wellness by reducing skin irritations while managing odour for complete discretion. The inner leg cuffs provide ultimate defence against leakage.


Who benefits from the MoliCare premium Mobile pull up pants?

These pull up pants are an ideal solution for moderate to heavy incontinence for:

·      Active users

·      People with a disability

·      Those with cognitive difficulty like dementia, Alzheimer or Parkinson’s Disease

They will be able to retain their level of independence.


When to change the pants?

All MoliCare Premium Mobile pull up pants have a wetness indicator to help you see when to change the incontinence pad. This indicator is in coloured ink on the outside of the pants. When it reaches ¾ (or when ¾ is smudged out) or when it has fully disappeared, the pull up pants are ready for a change.



Choose the right size

It is very important to choose the right size in the MoliCare Mobile Premium range. Choose a snug fitting. Your hip circumference determines your size. This incontinent product is for waist sizes between 100 and 150 cm.


MoliCare premium Mobile, size measurement

Measure your waist at the largest width between waist and hips. Select the size based on the measurements. Keep in mind, leakage may occur if the product is too large or too small.


The pull up pants have anti leak barriers around the legs to prevent leakage.



·      Looks, feels and wears like normal underwear

·      Easy to put on and take off with tear open side seams

·      Perfect fit for more protection with soft and comfortable feel

·      3-layer absorbent core: better and faster absorption of fluid away from the skin

·      You will stay dry and comfortable for longer, reducing the risk of skin irritation

·      Neutralises odour for complete discretion: no more ammonia smell

·      Raised leg cuffs, minimise the risk of leakage

·      Convenient delivery directly to your door in a discreet way

·      Made in Germany with high quality and proven standards



  • MoliCare Premium Mobile 8 Drops Pull up pants - L
  • Large – waist size: 100 – 150 cm
  • For moderate to heavy bladder weakness: frequent loss of small to medium amounts of urine
  • 8 Drops, urine absorbency: 2,279 ml
  • For both men and women


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