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Room Motion Monitor - Oricom

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Whether caring for someone at risk of falling out of bed, or a patient with dementia prone to wandering unattended, the Room Motion Monitor by Oricom is the perfect tool to detect movement in a room. It picks up sounds, cry for help or restlessness. Thanks to the two-way/talk back system, you can quickly reassure the person you are taking care of.

The motion sensor consists of two parts: a soundless base monitor in the room with the patient and a rechargeable handheld receiver for the one who keeps a close eye on the patient.

The Room Motion Monitor from Oricom will bring peace of mind by allowing carers the freedom to move around while being aware of the person's activities!

  • Alerts carer if the patient falls or wanders
  • You can hear body movement or call of distress
  • Provides patient freedom without sacrificing on safety



At bettercaremarket we're thorough in our selection of living aids. We choose our products based on their quality, performance and whether they can be conveniently delivered to you. 

The Room Motion Monitor from Oricom is a digital movement detector for anyone who may require monitoring. It picks up sounds of movement, cry for help as well as restlessness.

When to use the Room Motion Monitor?

Whether caring for someone at risk of falling out of bed, or a patient with dementia prone to wandering unattended, it's crucial to have a system that lets you give the appropriate care as soon as possible. The Motion Sensor with receiver is a perfect tool for this purpose, detecting body movement and sound.

How does the Room Motion Monitor work?

The monitor consists of two parts: a compact and soundless base monitor with adjustable volume control and a rechargeable handheld receiver with adjustable volume and a sensitive display that additionally warns movement or noise. It also features a talk-back system that allows the carer to instantly respond without having to physically be in the room. Ideal to calm down or reassure the person monitored.

DECT Technology

The Room Motion Monitor uses DECT Technology that stops interference from other devices and ensures clear sound and reliable range.

The power connected base unit remains near the person being monitored. It triggers and alerts when body movement is detected within the range. The device will detect bed, chair or door exit. At the same time, it is very useful as an anti-wandering device.

Functioning as a simple 'plug-and-play' system, the Room Motion Monitor connects directly into the wireless receiver, or a nurse call system, and can be powered by either mains or battery.

Very versatile

The receiver unit can be connected to a power socket using the included power adaptor or can be operated as a portable device for around 16 hours on full charge. Simply connect the receiver to the power cord to recharge. Uses rechargeable batteries, supplied with the purchase.

The receiver turns your motion sensor into a fully wireless system, making it extremely versatile. With the capacity to function as a standalone system with your sensor, this receiver can improve almost any care situation.

The product is lightweight and easily portable with a long range, up to 300 m outside and 50 m inside. 

Peace of Mind

The Room Motion Monitor from Oricom will bring peace of mind by allowing carers the freedom to move around while being aware of the person’s activities! It will warn the care team of any falling risk or attempts to wander from the room.

Australians rely on Oricom, a 100% Aussie owned communication technology expert.



  • Sensitive motion detector
  • Triggers an alert when body movement or sound is detected
  • Receiver can be placed in any room
  • Uses DECT technology to eliminate interference
  • Comforting night-light display
  • Adjustable volume control
  • Two way/Talk-back system for immediate response
  • Clear sound
  • Prevents wandering or patient falls
  • Simple operation
  • Can be powered by power or battery


  • Out of range/low battery warning
  • No wireless interference
  • 16 hours of in-use time if used with batteries
  • Reliable range: 300 m outdoors and 50 m indoors
  • Splash resistant casing
  • Incl. rechargeable batteries and 2 power adaptors
  • 3-year guarantee

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