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Stand - assist & Walker

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The Stand-assist & Walker, exclusive to Bettercaremarket, is a very convenient mobility walker that provides stand or lift-assistance and walking support in one device.


The folding walker is designed with 2 levels of handles to pull yourself up from a seated position with more ease.

The assistive device can be used as a toilet safety frame to provide additional support and peace of mind.


The frame also acts as a:

  • Shower chair or shower seat
  • Toilet Commode chair
  • Over Toilet frame
  • Raised toilet seat

Ideal for those who find it difficult to get out of a chair, recliner, bed or car. Particularly useful for elderly or injured patients or anyone in need of mobility assistance.


At bettercaremarket we're thorough in our selection of living aids. We choose our products based on their quality, performance and whether they can be conveniently delivered to you. 

The Stand-assist & Walker, exclusive for Bettercaremarket, is a practical mobility walker designed to assist someone to safely stand up from a seated position, while acting as a traditional walker. It provides support and stability and can help improve mobility. This functional step up walker features comfortable handles and non-slip rubber feet.


Stand - Assist & Walker: from sit to stand


Rising from a seat or sitting down is often the most difficult part for seniors to maintain independent mobility. Our Stand-assist & walker will make standing up and sitting down much easier, without the risk of falling. The user will be able to stand up by him/herself without the assistance of a carer. Once standing, the device works as a walking frame. This lifting aid can be used in the bedroom, living room, office, bathroom or help you out the car.


Thanks to its adjustable height, it can be suited to most users’ requirements. The hand grips are located on 2 levels, allowing you to stand up using the lowest position, and gradually transitioning to the top level to stand comfortably. When you sit down, you will need to change from the higher level to the lower level handles. It is a perfect device for someone who needs assistance for walking or someone who would like to progress gradually to walking independently.


Benefits of the Stand-Assist & Walker


The device folds quickly with a simple button allowing you to take it with you or store very easy. It also fits narrow doorways. Even though it is lightweight, the frame is strong and can hold up users up to 100 kg.

The simple to set-up device also allows the walker to be used as a:

  • shower chair
  • raised toilet seat
  • commode chair 
  • Zimmer frame
  • Over toilet frame


The multifunctional Stand - assist & Walker is a durable and good-looking device that will give you the necessary support in your daily activities.


Who can use the Stand-Assist & Walker?

Ideal for someone to wants to remain active and mobile but needs a bit of support.


Our Stand-Assist is particularly useful for those who struggle to get out of a seated position. Perfect for the elderly, injured or anyone in need of mobility assistance. This mobility aid is very functional if you are:

·      recovering from a recent injury or surgery such as a knee or hip replacement

·      are suffering from impaired mobility like a chronic condition i.e. arthritis, Parkinson’s Disease, MS, muscular dystrophy or osteoporosis

·      suffering from balance issues, unsteady on your feet or previous falls



  • Practical standing aid or lifting aid to assist someone from seated to standing position
  • Great for use with chairs, recliners, couches, bed, toilet, car
  • Improves mobility
  • Height adjustable to suit most users requirements
  • Easy folding mechanism, ideal for transport and storage
  • Lightweight design
  • Supports up to 100 kg




  • Dimensions: h 75-95 cm; w 56 cm (outside armchair) 44 cm (between the armrests); d 47 cm
  • Height of upper handles: 76cm - 95cm
  • Distance between lower and upper handles: 27 cm
  • Width between handles: 44 cm
  • Width when folded: 15 cm
  • Weight: 4.6 kg


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