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Insulin Pump Belt - Black, Glucology

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We offer the Insulin Pump Belt by Glucology

Are you looking for a solution to comfortably carry your insulin pump close to you? Don't look any further!

This pump belt is a secure diabetes belt pouch for an insulin pump that fits around the waist. It has a few pockets to accommodate the diabetes pump and other essential diabetic supplies.


Carry on with your life while the pump sits discreetly on your waist.


Available in 4 sizes: from small to extra large. Scroll down in the long description for the measurement. Choose your size in the option bar.


  • Belt for insulin pump
  • Comfortable to wear: high quality, stretch fabric that conforms to your waist.
  • Long-lasting: uses durable and resilient material that will ensure many years of functionality, even with regular use.
  • Convenient: a slim and compact profile, allowing you to wear it discreetly under your shirt, sweater, or coat.
  • Multi-storage pockets: can safely stow away small items.


At bettercaremarket we're thorough in our selection of living aids. We choose our products based on their quality, performance and whether they can be conveniently delivered to you. 

The Insulin Pump Belt from Glucology is a comfortable and lightweight diabetes belly band for around the waist that enables you to carry your insulin pump and other diabetic accessories with you wherever you go. Ideal for adults and children.

What are the advantages of an insulin pump belt?

Does your insulin pump sometimes fall out of your pocket? Or do you find it uncomfortable to carry your pump in your pocket? Then this insulin belt by Glucology might be something for you.

  • Stretch fit around the waist

Our diabetes belt is lightweight and made of high quality stretchable fabric, which makes it so comfortable to wear, you'll almost forget it sits around your waist. The fabric keeps the belt discreetly around your hips, whether you are sitting, standing, or actively moving around. No zippers or clips that can irritate your skin. A discrete hook-and-loop dot offers protection for the insulin pump.

  • Easy to monitor your insulin pump

The belt has a wide opening to allow items to be placed and removed without any hassle. Its mesh panel is designed to check and operate your insulin pump easier– eliminating the need for you to take out the whole pump or remove the belt entirely.

  • Extra storage

Extra pocket compartments are there for you to store other essential diabetic supplies such as blood glucose meters, test strips, syringes, insulin pens or vials. Can also be used for your keys, cash, ID cards, or mobile phone.


Who benefits from the insulin pump belt?

You wear a pump 24 hours a day: at school, in the office or at work. But also, when you exercise, travel or sleep.

For those who enjoy being active and exercising, keeping the insulin pump handy and secure is a must. This belt will help make your active lifestyle more enjoyable. The slim yet stretchable belt contains multiple pockets to house your phone, keys, and cards aswell.

The Insulin pump belt is perfect for adults and children.


Available in 4 sizes

The Insulin Pump Belt is available in 4 sizes. Make sure to measure your waist and choose your size in the option bar. 


Small (waist size: 48cm to 75cm)
Medium (waist size: 65cm to 95cm)
Large (waist size: 85cm to 120cm)
X Large (waist size: 110 cm to 145cm)

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