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Pay using NDIS Funds on Bettercaremarket

You can now purchase your necessary supports, consumables, and assistive technologies from Bettercaremarket and pay using your NDIS Funds at checkout.

You do not need to pay upfront!

Bettercaremarket will work with our partner organisation, BetterCareNDIS to arrange payment for your purchases directly from your Plan Manager, or from the NDIS.

Easy way of paying

Pay at checkout using these easy steps!

1.    Create a New Customer Account

·        Click on My Account and click on Create an Account

.  or Click here to create your bettercaremarket customer account

2.   Enter your First Name, Last Name, Email, Password and select any Patient Association’s that you are a member of.

3.   Change NDIS Participant to Yes

·        Enter the NDIS Participant details.

·        Select How NDIS Plan is managed.

·        For Plan-managed, enter the Plan Manager details

·        For NDIA-managed enter the Plan Start and End dates.

·        If you are a Parent, Carer or Support Coordinator, select Yes and add your contact details.

4.    Select Create an Account.

Your NDIS participant details will now be available as a payment method at checkout.

Click here to learn more about NDIS