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Washable Copper Filter Face Mask, Lite version - Dr Hoffmann

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Reliable and comfortable personal protection with 3 layers, for daily use: prevents droplet particle transmission.

By efficiently covering nose and mouth, it helps minimise the spread of germs.



Copper filter of Dr. Hoffmann Face Mask

The facemask with Copper Filter – or the patented Ding Filter – by Dr. Hoffmann provides you with excellent antimicrobial protection. The potentially harmful particles are caught and neutralised in the finely woven copper mesh.

  • Physical barrier to keep you and others safe
  • Neutralising effect of copper ions
  • Beneficial for everyone; in particular asthma patients and allergy sufferers
  • Patented copper filter manufactured in Germany to extremely high standards
  • Copper is harmless to humans


Performance fit of Dr. Hoffmann Copper Filter Face Mask

Complete facial coverage with moisture-wicking nylon that keeps your skin feeling cool and dry

  • Form-fitting
  • Adjustable earloops
  • Perfect extended wear, breathable


Washable & Reusable

Effective active copper stays intact even after several washes

Use for 2 months: 120 Disposable masks vs 1 Copper Filter Face Mask by Dr. Hoffmann

Read here to find out the benefits of copper in face mask.


Includes: 1 copper filter

2 colour options: light blue or black

Replacement filters available: 4 filters, click here


At bettercaremarket we're thorough in our selection of living aids. We choose our products based on their quality, performance and whether they can be conveniently delivered to you. 

The Washable Copper Filter Face Mask, Lite version by Dr. Hoffmann is your reliable copper filter face mask that provides effective protection against droplet transmission.  

It is a great sustainable alternative to disposable masks as you can use them up to 2 months. After that our replacement filter sets of 4, will help you out for another 4 months.



Our Dr. Hoffmann is made of washable fabric and contains a pocket in which you can insert the replaceable copper filter. The face mask kit comes with 2 filters.

Safety P2 mask

The face mask or P2 mask provides a physical barrier to keep you and others safe. The protective piece of equipment filters the contagious vruses and bacteria particles from the air that may be harmful to your health. Our face mask can help prevent the spread of viruses and germs.

This article in News GP from July 2020, will show you the need to wear a face.

Source: mask:

Patented copper filters

This protective face mask incorporates a Ding-Filter that is particularly beneficial for asthma patients and allergy sufferers thanks to its patented copper filter technology. 

The Ding Filter – or copper filter - separates the contaminated particles from the air by a special filter made of finely woven copper mesh.

Thanks to the large surface of the copper wool - made up of many thin copper threads - and the dwell time, the potentially harmful particles are caught and neutralised before entering your lungs. This neutralising effect is due to the copper ions that have a damaging influence on various pathogenic organisms.

The great advantage of the filter is that the copper material is not based on chemical biocides. Copper only attacks micro-organisms and therefore is completely harmless to humans. The effect of copper has been proven and certified in several studies in Europe. 

The Ding Filter is designed and manufactured in Germany to extremely high standards

The difference with the original Dr. Hoffman Protective Face Mask is the fact that the mask is a little bit smaller and does not have the extra nose bridge.


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