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Dementia Clock & Calendar & Reminder - Dawn Clocks

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Due to high demand we are currently out of stock. Secure your Dawn Clock in our limited release due to dispatch mid-July.

The Dementia Clock, Calendar & Reminder from Dawn Clocks is a clock for dementia patients.

It is a smart tool for dementia or Alzheimer’s sufferers that lose track of time. The dementia clock helps with a clear daily schedule, keeps the user orientated and provides reminders about appointments, medication intake or mealtimes. 

On a large display, they show the day, and part of the day - like morning, afternoon or night - and reminder functions. This way they help the user stick to their daily routines.

It offers independence and self-confidence for the user.

  • Dementia clock for dementia and Alzheimer's patients, elderly, those with autism, people with mental disability
  • Daily reassurance with 14 reminders
  • 3 options to give time and day
  • 14 customisable reminder functions
  • 5 dimming options



At bettercaremarket we're thorough in our selection of living aids. We choose our products based on their quality, performance and whether they can be conveniently delivered to you. 

The Dementia Clock, Calendar & Reminder from Dawn Clocks is a special dementia clock that helps the user remember day and time as well as stick to their daily routines. The clock is designed specifically for people who find it easy to forget things. The functionality is very useful for Dementia or Alzheimer’s sufferers, those who have had a brain injury or memory loss, people with a disability, autism sufferers or visually impaired.  

Dementia clock brings reassurance to the user

As dementia or Alzheimer progresses, people frequently drift into the past and forget their daily routine. This can lead to confusion, agitation and anxiety in people.  This dementia clock reduces confusion and anger and provides structure and reassurance by giving the right information. This special clock prevents the constant repetition by the patient of asking the day or time.

This assistive technology device can have a positive impact on anyone who would benefit from a friendly reminder to do certain things throughout the day.

The Dementia Calendar & Reminder Clock has a clear digital display and 13 on-screen reminders to help remind them of daily activities. 

Dementia clock: choice of 3 main screen options

The clock has 3 different settings that can be selected depending on the needs and habits of the person.

Calendar Display: Day – time – date, ideal for people who want all the details

Calendar and moment display: day – moment (morning/afternoon/evening/night) – time – date, great for people who are familiar with the clock but are not able to  work out the time of the day

Moment Display: Now it’s Thursday Morning, great for those who find conventional date and times confusing


Dementia clock: 14 reminder functions

This feature comes with 14 pre-set reminder messages which can be set to sound daily, weekly or as a one off. These reminders are very beneficial in helping people keep their independence and dignity whilst providing peace of mind for the carers. It will accompany the daily tasks on the screen by a sound chime with:

  • 5 x medication alarms: f.i. time for your medication
  • 8 x lifestyle alarms: time for breakfast, lunch, dinner; time to get dressed, time to shower; time to go to bed, check your diary; time for your appointment.

The wording is preset.


5 dimming options

You can adjust the brightness of the screen in 5 settings for bright or darker areas of the house.  At night it automatically dimms down.


The dementia clock is very helpful for:

  • Dementia patients & Alzheimer’s sufferers
  • Elderly who tend to forget important things
  • People with brain injury
  • People with a disability
  • People with memory loss
  • Diabetes patients to take their medication



The clock is adaptable in 8 languages: English, French, Dutch, German, Italian, Spanish, Polish and Welsh. The alarms are in English only.

The Dementia Calendar & reminder Clock from Dawn Clocks gives the user the opportunity to keep their independence for as long as possible. This clock is a small device that can achieve a big difference in the quality of daily life for your loved one.

The Dementia Calendar & Reminder Clock from Dawn Clocks is trusted by Australia’s and New Zealand’s leading community & age care providers.



  • Dementia clock for dementia and Alzheimer's patients, elderly, those with autism, people with mental disability
  • Daily reassurance with 13 on-screen reminders
  • 3 options to give time and day
  • 13 customisable reminder functions
  • 5 dimming options
  • 8 languages
  • Automatically dimms between 7pm and 7 am
  • $ 3 is donated to the Dementia Australia Research Foundation
  • Easy set-up



  • Dimension of the clock: W 21.5cm x H 17 cm
  • Dimension of the screen: W 16 cm x H 12 cm
  • Can stand on a table or wall-mounted
  • Frame made from recycled plastic
  • Australian/New Zealand power plug - cord is 180cm long
  • 3-year warranty
  • A lifetime of customer care




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