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Asthma and Smoke Mask - Dr Hoffman

The Asthma, Bushfire Smoke Particles & Pathogens Protection Mask from Dr Hoffmann is a P2/N95 mask that filters the PM2.5 particles that may be harmful to your health. This facemask will help you breathe clean air.

The protective mask incorporates a Ding-Filter that is particularly beneficial for asthma patients and allergy sufferers thanks to its one-of-a-kind patented filter technology. It has been reviewed as one of the 10 best pollution, pathogen and allergy masks.

With regards to the filters, under poor conditions, like when exposed to bushfire smoke or city pollution, they should be washed once after being worn for 2 weeks in cold water. Afterwards, the filters can be reused again for another 2 weeks and then replaced with a new filter.

  • P2 mask / N95 mask will help you breathe clean air
  • Adaptable to the face & comfortable to wear
  • Provides protection from PM2.5 pollution (harmful particle filtration)
  • Reusable filter
Please be advised: The White Mask with a Grey Trim comes with a differently designed ear loop. It still functions the same way as the standard Dr. Hoffmann Mask ear loop. 

Disclaimer: due to high demand of the Dr Hoffmann mask, the colours may vary from: white with a grey trim, white, grey or blue and cannot be guaranteed 


At bettercaremarket we're thorough in our selection of living aids. We choose our products based on their quality, performance and whether they can be conveniently delivered to you. 

The Safety Mask from Dr Hoffmann is a P2 or N95 mask that filters the harmful pathogens and particles that may be harmful to your health, which makes this a useful bushfire smoke mask as well as a decent form of protection against the contagious pathogens. 

The World Health Organistion's guidance suggests that the best way to prevent harmful pathogens from spreading is by using a P2 or N95 face mask. The Pathogen, Asthma Allergen & Bushfire Smoke Protective mask from Dr Hoffmann meets these guidelines, ensuring protection against potentially harmful pathogens and spores.

Not all masks are effective in protecting against smoke inhalation. For the best protection, you'll need a P2 mask also known as a N95 mask. The cloth or paper masks are P1 masks and do not provide enough protection as they don't filter out the dangerous PM2.5 particles.

This protective mask incorporates a Ding-Filter that is particularly beneficial for asthma patients and allergy sufferers thanks to its patented filter technology. The Ding Filter is designed and manufactured in Germany to extremely high standards.  It provides protection against particles from smoke, smog, pollution, and dust. The facemask is also used to assist in allergy relief (for both seasonal and acute allergies) and to help protect you from potentially harmful pathogens.

Patented Filters:

The Ding Filter separates the contaminated particles from the air by a special filter made of finely woven copper mesh. Thanks to the large surface of the copper wool, made up of many thin copper threads, and the dwell time, the potentially harmful particles are caught and neutralised before entering your lungs. This neutralising effect is due to the copper ions that have a damaging influence on various pathogenic organisms.

The great advantage of the filter is that the copper material is not based on chemical biocides. Copper only attacks micro-organisms and therefore is completely harmless to humans. The effect of copper has been proven and certified in several studies in Europe.  


The masks can be washed under cold running water and be reused for another 2 weeks. Our mask includes 2 filters. Extra filters are separately available. 

Adaptable to your face

The face mask is attached with ear loops to your ears and is easily adjusted to your facial shape both for men and women. The generous dimensions cover both your nose and mouth.

The Asthma, Bushfire Smoke Particles & Pathogens Protection Mask from Dr Hoffmann, is a great protective respiratory device that will benefit you greatly!

The Dr Hoffmann mask has been reviewed as one of the 10 best pollution and allergy masks.


  • P2 - N95 face mask will help you breathe clean air
  • Provides protection from PM2.5 pollution (harmful particle filtration)
  • Washable and reusable facemask
  • Certified and proven effective Ding Filter with various industry awards
  • Copper filter will attack the harmful particles and pathogens
  • Suitable for asthma patients and those suffering from lung diseases
  • Harmless for humans
  • Adaptable to the face with generous facial dimensions
  • For men and women; one size fits all
  • Comfortable wear and available in various colours


  • Material: Neoprene
  • Ding Filter: Copper Wool mesh

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