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Easireach II Reacher - Homecraft

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The Easireach II Reacher from Homecraft is designed to facilitate picking up objects at a lower level from either a standing or seated position without having to bend down.

Ideal for those suffering from weak wrist or restricted mobility or disabled users. The jaw opening is slip-resistant  for a firm grip on the object and high visibility.  

  • Handy reacher / grabber for grasping objects out of reach
  • Designed with a soft tip for carefully handling delicate items
  • Cord-operated jaws with magnetic tip securely hold metallic objects





At bettercaremarket we're thorough in our selection of living aids. We choose our products based on their quality, performance and whether they can be conveniently delivered to you. 

The Easireach II Reacher from Homecraft is a handy tool designed for people with limited mobility that want to grab objects from places that are hard to reach. The jaw opening (7.5 cm/ 3" ) is rubber lined with an orange slip-resistant surface for a firm grip on the object and high visibility. 

This grabber is ideal for use at home, in the garden or when you are out shopping. 

Bettercaremarket provides 6 choices: 4 x Standard and 2 x Folding versions. The models differ in length. Please make your choice in the 'Option Bar'.

Versatile Design

The Handy Easireach II grabber for disabled users is designed to make your life easier. Featuring soft tips on the jaws, the reacher can be used to retrieve even the most delicate items from a high shelf or from the floor.

All models of the reacher include a magnet tip, a hook for dressing, a rubber-lined jaw and a clip that attaches the reacher to a stick or walker. The Easireach II Reacher from Homecraft is manufactured with a cord running through the tube, which operates the plastic jaw. The folding versions of the Easireach this cord allows the reacher to be folded in the centre for ease of storage and transport. 

It is made from aluminium, making it a very lightweight device. 

Who Can Use the Easireach II Reacher ?

The Easireach II tool is designed for disabled users with limited strength in hands or wrists, as well as users who aren't able to easily or painlessly stretch or bend down. If you find yourself struggling in your daily life as a result of these issues, using a grabber is a effective solution.

Constructed with a hand-operated trigger, this reacher tool is ideal if you suffer from painful or stiff hands. The trigger can be squeezed with one hand.

  • Assistive tool to pick up objects that are difficult to reach
  • Lightweight 
  • Comfortable handle
  • Jaw opening with an orange slip-resistant surface for high visibility and  firm grip
  • Easy to clean 
  • A magnetic tip picks up a small metal object
  • Hook for dressing and pulling items closer
  • Lock-on clip to store the reacher on a walker or a wheelchair
  • The folding model has the advantage of easy storage 
Various Models of the Easireach II Reacher
The Easireach II Reacher by Homecraft is available in 4 standard and 2 folding versions:
  • Standard - 38cm, 147g (S)
  • Standard - 53 cm, 172g (M)
  • Standard - 66 cm, 198g (L)
  • Standard - 81 cm, 227g (XL)
  • Folding - 66 cm, 198g (L)
  • Folding - 81 cm, 227g (XL)
Choose the right reacher for you in the option bar!
  • Material: aluminium
  • Jaw opening: 7.5 cm/ 3"




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