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Hip Pad Hip Protector - Safehip AirX

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Affordable Hip protection underwear that helps prevent hip fractures


Reduce the risk of hip fractures with the Hip Pad Hip Protector by SAFEHIP AirX®. This innovative – patented - device is an evidence-based, hip fracture prevention solution! The impact of the fall is not only reduced but diverted away from the hip joint to prevent injury.


  • Built-in pads for optimal protection of the hips
  • Unisex fits men and women
  • Ideal for hospitals, nursing homes or at home
  • Discreet and comfortable to wear
  • Dry and comfortable feeling
  • Can be worn over user’s underwear
  • Can be used with sanitary pads for light incontinence


At bettercaremarket we're thorough in our selection of living aids. We choose our products based on their quality, performance and whether they can be conveniently delivered to you. 

While hip fractures are one of the most common and dangerous injuries for the elderly, it can be difficult to find a reliable method of protection that isn't inconvenient or cumbersome.

The Hip Pad Hip Protector by Safehip AirX is a patented wearable hip protection underwear that provides efficient and at the same time discreet hip protection. It represents a unique combination of comfort and protection. The hip protector features a built-in horse-shoe shaped pad, designed to disperse pressure away from the hip joint preventing injury and providing peace of mind.

Peace of Mind

Hip fractures are exceedingly dangerous for the elderly, as they can lead to surgeries, extended stay in hospital, and a long and gruelling recovery process.

Safety for hip protection is often neglected. The Hip Pad Hip Protector by Safehip AirX is designed to provide this much-needed protection, allowing the elderly the peace of mind to carry on an active and social lifestyle.

Breathable Comfort

This special underwear is designed to provide the same comfort as a high-end alternative – with extra protection that is built-in. They are manufactured with AirX spacer fabric technology, which is a breathable, soft and skin-friendly material that keeps the user cool and comfortable all day long. 

Discreet Protection

Since this underwear is made with a high elastane fabric, it naturally contours the body to provide a discreet and ideal fit. The shields are designed to conform to the body, ensuring they don't look out of place under clothes.

Clinically Proven

In clinical trials conducted on more than 7,000 users around the world, the Hip Pad Hip Protector by Safehip AirX has been proven to significantly improve safety for those at risk of injury from falls: it has proven to reduce hip fractures from falls by 64%!

Hip protector safehip AirX


  • Special underwear with built-in hip pad for optimal protection
  • Helps reducing the risk of hip fractures (from falls)
  • Hip pad disperses impact away from hip joint
  • Ideal for anyone at risk of falls in aged care facilities or at home
  • Helps the user to remain social, active and carefree
  • Breathable material stays cool while wicking moisture away
  • Soft, skin-friendly AirX fabric stays comfortable all day long
  • Designed for excellent comfort 
  • 4 way stretch fabric for a perfect fit
  • Contours the body discreetly under clothes
  • Available in unisex version
  • Suitable for machine washing up to 95°C, up to 100 washes
  • Danish design - a testament to quality and thoroughness

Multiple Styles Available

To suit different users and preferences, this protective underwear is available in 3 versions:

  • Unisex (plain design with built-in hip pad, no opening)
  • Open (open at bottom)
  • Belt with hook & loop fastener (with sewn-in hip shield and open at bottom)


The Hip Pad Hip Protector by Safehip AirX is available in 5 sizes. Please measure around your hips at their widest point to ensure to order the right size.

If you fall between two sizes, choose the smaller size if you have slim thighs, and the larger size is thighs are wide or if an incontinence pad will be worn.


Hip Measurement (cm)


65 – 85 cm


75 – 95 cm


90 – 110 cm


100 – 120 cm

Extra Large

110 – 140 cm

Washing Instructions

  • Wash at up to 95°C / 200°F
  • Do not bleach
  • Tumble dry on normal, medium heat
  • Do not iron
  • Do not dry clean
  • Suitable to withstand hospital cleaning procedures
  • After washing, check that both hip shields are in the correct position


The Hip Pad Hip Protector by Safehip AirX is manufactured from:

·      Cotton (58%)

·      Polyamide (36%)

·      Elastane (6%)

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