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Hip Shield Hip Protector Belt - Safehip

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Hip Protector Belt that helps prevent hip fractures in seniors

The Hip Shield Hip Protector Belt by SafeHip is a high-impact absorbing belt that help avoid hip injuries and hip fractures in elderly. The hip pads take care of the hipbone when you fall.  


It offers the same protective benefit as the Hip Pad Hip protector (the closed or open version) but with the added convenience of easy removal and without the restriction of movement.  The black protective gear can be worn over or under normal clothing. Choose one of the 5 sizes available in the option bar.

  • Hip Protection gear, ideal for walking, cycling or out and about
  • Prevents hip injury or hip fracture from fall
  • Easily removable
  • Unisex


At bettercaremarket we're thorough in our selection of living aids. We choose our products based on their quality, performance and whether they can be conveniently delivered to you. 

Hip fractures in the elderly are a serious risk that usually requires surgery. Prevention is infinitely preferable to treatment.

The Hip Shield Hip Protector Belt by SaheHip has been specifically developed to reduce the risk of hip fractures in seniors. This hip protector belt is very suitable for post-surgery hip care. The Hip Shield Hip Protector Belt by SAFEHIP® AirX is a belt with hook & loop fastener and sewn-in hip protector pads made out of soft PE foam. The belt is designed to absorb and deflect impact away from the hipbone and prevent hip injury. It is designed for active seniors who are at risk of falling.

How Does the Hip Shield Hip Protector Work?

Positioned in critical areas around the hips, the sewn-in foam hip pad can effectively prevent hip fractures. 

In the event of a fall, the unique Hip Shield Hip Protector absorbs and dissipates the impact, reducing the risk of hip fracture, trauma and bruising to the vulnerable hip area.


The Hip Shield itself is discreet and comfortable to wear and is unobtrusive beneath a skirt or trousers. It can also be worn over the clothes.

Who benefits from the Hip Shield Hip Protector?

Designed for the mobility and comfort of users and convenience and peace of mind for carers. The Hip protector is intended for the active seniors that are at risk of falling:

  • Frail seniors
  • Dementia or Alzheimer's patients
  • Osteoporosis sufferers with low bone density
  • For individuals suffering from dizziness or reduced physical strength


  • Hip Protection Belt
  • Horse-shoe & sewn-in hip shield absorbs and disperses the impact
  • Hip Pads made of soft PE foam 
  • Proven technology, tested on more than 7,000 users
  • Keeps the wearer mobile and self-confident
  • For use at home, in rehabilitation centres, aged care facilities
  • Ideal for performing household tasks, leisure activities (walking, cycling etc)
  • Can be used over or under normal clothing as wanted
  • Fits over adult diapers and incontinence pull up pants
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Belt made of breathable material (AirX) for excellent comfort
  • Medical product - CE marked
  • Available in black
  • Designed and manufactured in Europe

 Which Size Is Right?

Measure the waist at the widest point of your hips for the appropriate size. The Hip Shield Hip Protector is available in sizes ranging from Small to XXL. For sizing see the chart below 


Waist Size (cm)     


85 – 95 cm


95 – 105 cm


105 – 115 cm 

X Large

115 – 125 cm

XX Large

125 – 140 cm


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