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Portable Voice Amplifier Model 100 - ChatterVox

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The Portable Voice Amplifier Model 100 from ChatterVox is personal but discreet speech amplifier that boosts the volume of your voice by up to 18dB while conserving your voice. Listeners are able to hear a whispered sentence down a 6 m hallway.

The compact speech aid offers an effective everyday communication while reducing vocal stress and strain for people in a vast range of occupations: teachers, sport coaches, public speakers, tour guides, auctioneers.

Our PA speaker with headset microphone is ideal for people with soft voices like Parkinson’s Disease, MS, Dystonia and other medical issues that cause speech impairments.

The device consists of 2 units: a rechargeable model 100 belt pack amplifier with an integrated speaker set and a comfortable HM 150 headset with microphone.

  • Significantly improves the clarity of the vocals
  • Outstanding performance of amplification
  • To be used with headset microphone
  • Microphone only picks up the voice (not the background noise)







At bettercaremarket we're thorough in our selection of living aids. We choose our products based on their quality, performance and whether they can be conveniently delivered to you. 

The Portable Voice Amplifier Model 100 from ChatterVox is a compact wearable speech amplification system, used around the waist, that significantly amplifies the voice and sounds entirely natural.

Who benefits from the Portable Voice Amplifier?

It is originally designed to help people with communication difficulties (as a result of Parkinson’s, Dystonia or other conditions) to be heard even when 'whispering'. It is also suitable for people with permanent or temporary voice injuries or disabilities that affect their speech volume.

One of the most common impairments in advanced Parkinson’s disease (or Dystonia) is hypophonia, a reduction of speech intensity, typically decreasing intelligibility. Hypophonia associated with Parkinson’s especially inhibits communication in noisy environments, on the phone, for a longer period of time, and with unfamiliar listeners or those at a distance.  This may hinder the person’s participation and engagement in communication (as many find it very difficult to make themselves heard) and may even threaten their dignity, value and independence. The Portable Voice Amplifier Model 100 from ChatterVox has been specifically designed and developped for this condition and will help the user gain confidence as she/he can participate again in the conversation.

How does the Portable Voice Amplifier work?

The Portable Voice Amplifier is tailored for indoor and outdoor use. It elevates the vocal output to a level that is effective for everyday communication and improves vocal clarity significantly. It can boost the vocal output by 18dB by using the headset with microphone. As a result, the device provides amplification for 'whisper speech' with a 'mellow' frequency without the emphasis on harsh sounding/ high frequency. The great advantage of the set is the fact that the background noises are minimised enhancing the voice only. This makes the voice clearer and easier to hear. With one simple button, you can quickly customise voice sound enhancement and minimise distracting background noise.

What is included?

The device consists of 2 units:

  •  a rechargeable model 100 waist amplifier with an integrated speaker set
  •  a comfortable HM 150 headset with microphone
  •  6 x high capacity rechargeable batteries,
  •  AC charger  
  •  Travel bag.

The amplifier is used at the front of the waist and is adjustable to 111.6 cm (44”)

The Portable Voice Amplifier from ChatterVox has been used with great success! Nobody beats ChatterVox Model 100 when it comes to quality!

Read more about the great benefits of the Portable Voice Amplifier - Chattervox in our blog : Can your voice be heard?


  • Significantly improves the clarity of the vocals
  • Outstanding performance of amplification
  • To be used with headset microphone
  • Microphone only picks up the voice (not the background noise)
  • Clear sound: amplifies the voice more real and natural
  • Less vocal strain for the user
  • Keeps Parkinson’s sufferers’ independence
  • Great for personal conversations or groups
  • Comfortable, lightweight, compact and convenient
  • Long working time: the batteries provide up to 14h working time
  • Simple to use all day long



  • Weight: 600 g incl. batteries
  • Dimensions: H 7.4cm (2.9’) x W 20.3cm (8’) x D 6.4cm (2.5’)
  • Voltage of Battery 9 V (6 x AA rechargeable batteries)
  • Duration of battery life Up to 14 hours of use
  • Max power output: 5W (at 4 ohm speaker load)
  • Distortion: 5% max at 2W output
  • Hum & Noise: 50dB min
  • Audio frequency response: 3dB 100Hz-10KHz
  • 12 month manufacturer’s limited warranty





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