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Can your voice be heard?

Can your voice be heard?

Humans rely on their voices to communicate with each other. Our voice is our primary means of communication. 


In this blog, we outline the benefits of voice amplifiers as a solution to keep your voice healthy and prevent voice problems in the longer run. They are a game-changers for many individuals with vocally-demanding jobs!


For classroom teachers, sports coaches & trainers, tour guides or public speakers voice problems are an occupational hazard. That is not surprising as they have a vocally demanding profession.


For classroom teachers, sports coaches & trainers, tour guides or public speakers voice problems are an occupational hazard. That is not surprising as they have a vocally demanding profession. They have to talk every day for extended periods of time. Not only that, they need to project their voice over long distances, such as classrooms, lecture halls, sports fields etc. 


When addressing a crowd, portable voice amplifiers are ideal. Many professionals, who rely on their voice, use speech assistance devices every day to increase their sound when talking to groups.

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What are the benefits of a voice amplifier?

A portable voice enhancer amplifies someone’s voice. A voice amplifier will end the need for shouting and reduces the strain on the larynx and oesophageal muscles.


Anyone who needs to amplify his or her voice regularly will benefit from a voice amplifier. A voice amplifier has significant impact on communication as it can make speech audible in classroom settings, on sports fields, in a yoga centre, in a tour bus or outside when guiding a group.


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How does a voice amplifier work?

Portable voice amplifiers are simple devices. They are relatively small units that provide enough volume when you need to speak in a group, good for indoor and outdoor. Voice amplifiers have a built-in speaker and a light, portable headset. The headset connects to the amplifier. The set comes with rechargeable lithium batteries and can be easily operated with one hand.

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The use of a voice amplifier is very practical, as it allows for the volume of the voice to be louder. Now, the speaker's voice is understandable and there's no more strain on the voice.


Voice amplifiers are very helpful tools to meet the vocal demands in and out of the classroom.


Where can you find a portable voice amplifier?

Right here at Bettercaremarket! Our Portable Voice Amplifier by Chattervox is a wearable device that focuses on amplifying sounds. The speech aid enhances vocal output to a level that is very effective. It is able to boost, filter and augment the volume of the voice at the same time. The technology of the Chattervox is designed to boost quiet sounds and minimise background noise.


Voice amplier by Chattervox, portable speach device



It conserves your voice while boosting your vocal impact by up to 18db and improving the clarity of the voice significantly.

It is a powerful amplification system. The sound amplifier provides high power audio output and clear sound quality. You can control the volume and pitch of your voice in different environments, indoors or outdoors.


Chattervox makes communication less stressful

The great advantage of our voice amplifier by Chattervox is that it provides clear sound with no distortion or static. It is sensitive enough to dramatically amplify even the faintest of voices or ‘whisper speeches’.


At the same time, it amplifies without emphasising on harsh sounds or high frequency. The overall sound quality is warm and clear. It enhances the voice only and minimises the distracting background noises. This makes the voice much clearer and easier to hear. You can customise the portable voice amplifier to suit your needs and environment.


Portable Voice Amplifier Chattervox will get you heard


It is ideal to help you reduce voice strain and improve intelligibility. The compact size and the fact that the device is lightweight, makes it very comfortable to wear around the waist like a bum bag keeping your hands free.


Just plug-in the headset with the microphone and start talking. Use your normal voice and everyone will be able to hear you. You will not need to strain your voice; your listeners will clearly hear you no matter if you stay in one place or when you are walking, even outside.


The battery of the voice amplifier provides up to 14 hours of continuous use on one single charge. It recharges overnight, ready for the next day. The unit is very simple to operate.


Our voice amplifier is small and discreet, but at the same time versatile.




For people with a vocally demanding profession, a voice amplifier is a great solution. The portable Voice amplifier by Chattervox will enhance your voice and maintain volume and clarity over a longer period of time without straining or causing damage to your voice.


As people like teachers, coaches, tour guides depend on their vocal ability a voice amplifier may become a necessity to boost their voice and will be vital to keep their voice healthy.