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Smart Blood Glucose plus Ketone Monitor (Bluetooth) - LifeSmart

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The Lifesmart Blood Glucose plus Ketone Monitor (Bluetooth) is a professional blood sugar monitor that combines accurate blood glucose measurement, testing of hematocrit and the detection of blood ketones.  Very useful tool for diabetes type 1 patients!


The LifeSmart software allows you to wirelessly connect to your smartphone (Apple and Android).  The data of the monitor will then be transferred to your smartphone allowing you to view and analyze your data in real time. 

  • Wireless glucometer with app
  • Very accurate measurement from newborns to senior patients
  • Ideal for self-testing at home
  • Seamlessly connects via Bluetooth to your smartphone
  • 3 parameters: measures Glucose, HCT (Hematocrit), cholesterol & Ketone levels.
  • Test results in 5 sec, Ketone 10 sec with only 1.0µL


At bettercaremarket we're thorough in our selection of living aids. We choose our products based on their quality, performance and whether they can be conveniently delivered to you. 

The Smart Blood Glucose plus Ketone Monitor (Bluetooth) from LifeSmart is a blood sugar monitor with superior features and options, that makes self-testing blood glucose and ketone easy. The perfect diabetes tool!

The device combines accurate blood glucose measurement, testing of hematocrit and the detection of blood ketones. Ketone testing is particularly useful for type 1 diabetes patients as it can prevent GP and emergency department visits or even hospital admission. 

Thanks to the wide hematocrit range (0-70%) it enables to be used from new born to senior adults.

Keep Accurate Track of Your Results with the LifeSmart app

This Smart Blood Glucose Measuring Device can wirelessly connect to your smartphone (Apple and Android), tablet or even computer, where you can transfer your data to 'LifeSmart' app. This gives you a complete overview of your results and trends in real time, making sure you stay in your target range. It offers you the flexibility to share the information with your healthcare professional or family as well.

LifeSmart app

The benefits of the LifeSmart Blood Glucose monitor

The LifeSmart Monitor will log up to 1,000 readings, helping you spot trends in blood glucose levels and eventually correct them before they occur, rather than treating them yourself reactively.

High Blood glucose results will trigger a warning to test for ketone. Measurements for ketone use a different set of strips, individually packaged in foil.

The LifeSmart Blood Glucose plus Ketone monitor includes:

  • Monitoring device
  • Lancing device
  • 2 x AAA batteries
  • 10 free lancets
  • Case for storage
  • Manual and quick start guide

Bettercaremarket has also the Smart Blood Glucose plus Ketone Monitor (Non-Bluetooth) available that connects to your computer, as a separate product in this section.


  • Wireless glucometer perfect for blood sugar testing at home
  • 3 parameters: measures Glucose, HCT (Hematocrit), cholesterol & Ketone levels
  • Very accurate from newborns to elderly patients
  • Large, high contrast backlight display is easy to read and easy to use
  • The Ketone warning indicator will let you know when your glucose level is above 13.3mmol/L
  • Test results in 5 sec, Ketone 10 sec
  • 3 different set of test strips for HCT & Glucose, B-Ketone and Cholesterol (Ketone are packed in single foil units)
  • 1,000 memory readings with date/time/AC/PC
  • Average: 7,14,21,28,60,90 days



  • Dimensions: L 9.7 x W 6.2 x H 2.9 cm
  • Weight: ca 67.5 gr without battery
  • HCT range: 0-70%
  • Enzyme Type: GDH-FAD/HBD (ketone)
  • Small Sample size: 1.0µL
  • Precision: ± 5% with respect to standard
  • Power: 2 x AAA batteries (included)
  • 4 daily alarms
  • 1-year warranty


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