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Thumb Brace - Push Sports

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The Thumb Brace by Push Sports stabilises the middle thumb joint (MP joint) with an adjustable strap system, while minimising coverage of the palm to optimise hand function during sports activities. It acts as a thumb splint which protects the thumb without limiting wrist motion or function.


• Brace for thumb

• Offers an individually adjustable movement restriction

• Has an exceptional position retention

• Keeps the palm free for a good grip and good ball handling

• Fits into a skiing or goalkeepers glove

• A contoured shell protects a painful thumb from outside impact


Choose your required hand and size option from the drop-down menu above.

Thumb brace sizes


At bettercaremarket we're thorough in our selection of living aids. We choose our products based on their quality, performance and whether they can be conveniently delivered to you. 

The new Push Thumb Brace is designed to relieve pain that occurs in over-stretching of the ligaments in the thumb. The thumb splint offers a solution when there is continuous pain in the thumb as a result of overstretching the middle thumb joint. This can happen due to a fall when skiing or a ball injury.


How does the Thumb Brace by Push Sports work?


The brace for thumb stabilises and protects the middle thumb joint (MCP-1) with an adjustable strap system while allowing freedom of movement in the remaining thumb and wrist joints. This permits the affected ligaments to heal. The padded shell protects the thumb during contact. The brace is easily worn under a glove.


Indications of use

  • Ligament injury to the thumb joint : RCL injury, skier’s thumb, gamekeeper’s thumb
  • Sprain or strain of the thumb
  • Thumb instability



  • Thumb Support Brace
  • Stabilises and protects the middle thumb joint
  • Helps alleviate thumb pain
  • High quality materials allow for breathability and durability
  • Provides extra confidence while playing a sport
  • Machine washable on low temperature


Fitting instructions, for initial use only:


Please watch the video on how to apply the thumb brace


  • Open all hook and loop fasteners
  • Place the thumb cap over the thumb, ensuring that the MCP -1 joint fits in the bowl of the thumb cap
  • Close the thumb loop diagonally across the cap, safeguarding a snug fit, but avoiding pinching
  • Slide the thumb cap across the thumb, making sure that the slightly arched thumb fits in the thumb cap
  • Close the elastic wrist strap at the base of the brace
  • Align and fasten the section of the elastic base with the single blue line to the section on the loop with the single blue line. 
  • Wrap the non-elastic strap around the back of the thumb. Align and fasten the strap with the two blue lines to the two blue lines on the loop section
  • Lastly, fasten the yellow tab on the back of the hand



The Thumb Brace by Push Sports is available in 3 sizes for both the left and right hand.

To determine the correct size, measure around the middle of the hand, beneath the knuckles, and choose the appropriate size from the chart below.


sizing thumb brace


If you are suffering from thumb arthritis, the Thumb Brace - Push Ortho could be very effective.

Another option that provide comforting relief from arthritis pain in the hand, are our Soft Compression Arthritis Gloves


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