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Eggsercizer Hand Exerciser - Magister

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The Eggsercizer® Hand Exerciser from Magister is a hand grip strengthener designed to provide effective therapy for your hands, fingers, wrists and forearms. These resistance balls will allow for stress reduction, increase your strength and promote flexibility in your hands!

The Eggsercizer® is egg-shaped to fit your hand comfortably and feels nice. It is latex-free. 

Available in 4 Colour coded resistances: orange: extra soft; green: soft; blue: medium; plum: firm. Make your choice in the option bar.


  • Strengthens weakened or injured muscles

  • Great for hand, finger and wrist rehabilitation

  • Completely washable in warm water



At bettercaremarket we're thorough in our selection of living aids. We choose our products based on their quality, performance and whether they can be conveniently delivered to you. 

The Eggsercizer® Hand Exerciser from Magister is a hand grip strengthener designed to provide effective resistive therapy for your hands, fingers, wrists and forearms. The Eggsercizer® is egg-shaped to fit comfortably in your hand.

 It is latex-free and feels nice in the hand. It leaves no residue!

How can the Eggserciser help you?


If you are recovering from an injury to the arms or hands, a hand exerciser is a great way to regain strength and dexterity.

Thanks to the 4 different stages of resistance, the Eggserciser allows for gradual rehabilitation. You can improve your grip strength, increase mobility and dexterity. At the same time, you develop your motor skills and improve your blood circulation.

With just one product, you are able to target every flexor, extensors, tendon and muscle from your fingers to your shoulders! This sphere simultaneously gives your fingers, hands, wrists, forearm and biceps a great workout!


Eggserciser comes in 4 resistance levels for gradual recovery

This ergonomic gadget has been prescribed by orthopaedic surgeons, physiotherapists and exercise physiologists. 

Since the Eggserciser comes in four different resistances, they can be used to provide an effective gradual recovery program.

The Eggsercizer comes in different colours, each representing a specific level of resistance:

Orange = extra soft

Green = soft

Blue = medium 

Purple = firm


Eggsercizer® Resistive Hand Exercisers is a great tool for: 

  • Grip Strengthening
  • Dexterity and Mobility Improvement
  • Muscle Strength Improvement
  • Rheumatoid Joint Loosening
  • Arthritic fingers, hands, and wrists
  • Aging hands and arms
  • Post-operative and post-traumatic hands and arms
  • Stroke Recovery patients
  • Stress Reduction
  • For rehabilitation of Repetitive Stress Injury
  • For prevention & Relief of Carpal tunnel, tennis Elbow


Use the Eggserciser for Hot and cold therapy

Heat the Eggsercizer in warm water for 3/4 minutes. The heat will improve the peripheral blood circulation in the hand and fingers. By chilling the gadget, it will reduce swelling and desensitize painful areas in the hand.


The Eggsercizer Hand Exerciser from Magister is an excellent tool for any age that can be used again and again!



  • Resistance therapy, ideal for rehabilitation
  • Does not stick, surface is smoother 
  • 4 colour coded densities: from Xtra soft to firm
  • Ergonomically shaped
  • Easy to wash with water and mild soap
  • Can be used on the go
  • Can be heated or chilled


  • Material: non-allergenic polymer. Will not leak, crack or melt
  • Latex-free




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