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5 reasons why incontinence pants give you a sense of security

5 reasons why incontinence pants give you a sense of security

Incontinence pants - combined with incontinence pads - are the most popular protective incontinence products that people who suffer from bladder leaks, rely on. Why? We will give you 5 reasons to help you choose the most appropriate incontinence product. Think of incontinence pants as valuable products to help you improve your quality of life and make you feel protected and secure at all times.


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They can prevent embarrassing accidents, simplify your life, and increase your confidence. Know how you can be protected and how this special incontinence underwear can provide you with a sense of security.



What are incontinence pants?


These are incontinence underwear that are made to collect urine and / or faeces of people who have an accidental leakage of bladder or bowel. Incontinence pants are disposable incontinence products, for single use.

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They are capable of absorbing a large amount of urine and converting it into a gel.

Incontinence pants come in a range of absorption: from a few drops and splashes when you cough or sneeze to larger amounts of urine that come without warning.


Probably these incontinence pants will be less suitable for people who lose extremely large amounts of urine or who no longer can go to the toilet at all. This has to do with the amount of urine that can be caught in the pants. When incontinence pants become very full and therefore extremely heavy, they will ‘hang’ as the elastic that is supposed to hold it in place will slowly lose its grip. This only happens when it contains over 1.7 to 2 liters.


Which incontinence pants should you choose?


When people become incontinent, they are often inclined to use incontinence pants. This form of incontinence aid has become very popular in recent years.




1. Incontinence pants do an excellent job


In the first place, incontinence pants do exactly what they are supposed to do: absorb urine and give you a feeling of safety and security.


These pants are simply excellent products for absorbing urine. They have a moisture-permeable top, which allows the urine to enter the core quickly where it is encapsulated and locked in. That way the skin is kept away from moisture, which will promote the skin’s wellness. The smells are also neutralised in the core for complete discretion.

A wetness indicator will tell you when to change the incontinence pad.


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The pull up pants is an intimate product that fits your form perfectly under your clothes unlike bulky diapers. The anti-leak barriers around the legs are made to prevent leakage from the side.


The external part does not let moisture through so you know for sure that you are safe and that you can go out with peace of mind!



2. Incontinence pants are most like regular underwear


A lot of people suffering from incontinence, find the condition difficult to accept. What could make it a little easier to accept is, if you can choose disposable incontinence underwear with built-in protection that looks, wears and feels like normal underwear.


There are of course many other solutions such as an incontinence pad or adult nappies but these products are perceived as ‘embarrassing’ by many users. The insert because you have to put a piece of absorbent material in your own underwear. The white medical diaper is an unpleasant sight for many users.  


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The same applies to incontinence briefs. A brief is the symbol for incontinence. Not everyone wants to be associated with that!

In addition, this product is not necessarily suitable for many people. In the case of loss of drops and splashes, inserts and incontinence pants are much more suitable.

Incontinence pants are of course nothing more than an insert diaper with a bottom attached to it. But it does look very different from a nappy insert. And it feels and wears like regular underwear.


There is also hardly any difference in use with normal underwear. You take a pair of pants out of the package and just put it on, just like regular underwear. Make sure that the anti-spill leg cuffings fall well around the legs. Their function is to stop sudden shoots of urine from leaking out.


You can also take off incontinence pants as normal underwear. They are made in such a way that you can tear open the side seam to take them off to the back. This makes it even easier. Just throw them away and put on a new one!


3. Incontinence pants are extremely comfortable


Current incontinence pants are getting softer and more comfortable to wear. Our MoliCare Premium Mobile brands have an exterior that feels very pleasant.



They have incorporated stretched materials that, when stretched, resemble cotton. The same applies to the inside: it is also very soft and pleasant to use.



The elastic of incontinence pants is not only around the stomach but is spread over the entire bottom. This keeps them well in place.


Another advantage is that the elasticated material will not pinch the skin of your stomach, back or hips. The pressure is evenly distributed over the entire bottom. You won’t notice that you are wearing the pants at all.

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And that's exactly what customers tell us about using incontinence pants:

• “They are very comfortable to wear under clothing”

• "You don't feel them"

• "They do not irritate"



4. Most of the innovation takes place in incontinence pants


Of all incontinence products, the incontinence pant is the product that manufacturers innovate most. You see the most innovations in the use of materials, colours and absorption pads specifically for men and women.


Currently you have a choice of sizes, absorption range and fit.


5. Incontinence pants “grow with you”


With incontinence, it is very important to find a solution for the user to feel confident and comfortable. Once you are happy with your chosen product, you never want to change again.


When the nature of the incontinence changes, you want a product that "grows with you". Incontinence pants do that. For example, people can be introduced to pants when they experience mild urine loss. If they lose more urine, they might choose incontinence pants for “moderate leakage”. 




MoliCare has pants suitable for light, moderate and moderate to heavy incontinence so you can always adjust your pants to your needs.

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Bottom Line: Once people have discovered the benefits of pants, they can keep using this product no matter how their problem develops.




Cost of incontinence pants

Unfortunately, incontinence pants are an expensive solution. The main reason is the complex production process in which they are made.


When you rely on incontinence products, it can be a very expensive. There are two funding schemes that can assist to ease the financial burden of buying incontinence products.


1.   CAPS: is the Australian Continence Aids Payment Scheme, that provides payments for people experiencing permanent or severe incontinence to help them meet some of the costs of their continence products. Find all the information by visiting our CAPS Funding Scheme page.

2.   NDIS: is the National Disability Insurance Scheme designed to support Australians with a disability or chronic health condition. If you are eligible, a budget is created based on your specific needs and goals. Visit our NDIS information page.



Incontinence pants or not? Your choice!


Despite the few drawbacks and thanks to the many advantages, people who experience incontinence problems, choose the convenience and safe feeling of incontinence pants.

And as said: they are getting better and better and more in line with our wishes. In that respect, this product has a bright future.