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A Bottom Wiper: how can it help a bariatric user?

A Bottom Wiper: how can it help a bariatric user?

The silent struggle of a major weight battle impacts a large portion of Australians, with over 67% of the population being overweight. With this comes many challenges, both in a practical sense and in terms of health and wellness.

Bottom wiper

One of the challenges that are commonly experienced but rarely addressed, is using the toilet and achieving a good clean thanks to wiping. It’s not a big deal, but it can be difficult to discuss.

Struggling to reach is a problem that is easily addressed, and it is important that it is - a clean wipe improves your health by reducing the chance of infection. It’s time for bariatric individuals to hear the truth: this struggle is not unique, there are solutions, and you deserve help that is dignified and keeps your self-worth intact. That’s why we’re introducing you to the concept of a toilet wiping aid for obese individuals.


Efficient toilet aid to take care of your personal hygiene

A wiping aid for obese individuals is a device that is designed to act as an extension of your arm, making it easier to reach the perianal region. It is an ideal toilet aid for obese individuals, arthritis sufferers and elderly people. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but the general concept consists of an arm which is carefully angled for easier reaching. There is an area which grips the toilet paper.

Some devices may fold while others don’t, some have specialised grip, others are more straightforward and some are tongs. What we refer to as a toilet wiping aid for obese individuals was first used for elderly individuals who battle to reach, but the devices have since proved very effective for use by overweight people, who have a similar struggle. Contrary to what most people believe, these wiping aids for obese individuals are commonly used by individuals who are recovering from injuries or surgeries and who find that their ability to twist or reach, is limited.

The device provides independence, enabling you to maintain optimal hygiene and continue to enjoy privacy on the toilet.

Where can you source a wiping aid for obese individuals? There’s no need to leave your home. Toilet wiping aids for obese individuals are available online at Bettercaremarket. We offer home delivery to every district in Australia. You can order your personal hygiene products and it will be delivered to your door.


How do you use a bottom wiper?


The method for using a bariatric toilet aid or a bottom wiper is similar to the method without one - minus the struggle. It’s designed to facilitate the same process you have always observed. Once you have passed stool, simply wipe from the front to the back by reach via your back or through your legs. The method of going from front to back ensures you minimise the risk of urinary tract infections (pertinent to female health).

As we mentioned, there is a variety of wiping aids for obese individuals and toilet aids for elderly individuals, to choose from. The folding models are easy and convenient to carry with you, making them the perfect travel companions. The lockable case ensures you have total discreetness.


Bottom Wiper from Homecraft

The bottom wiper from Homecraft is a great wiper. This simplistic device is ergonomic and designed to eliminate the need for stretching, reaching, or twisting. It is ideal for bariatric individuals, and those recovering from an injury or surgery that involves the knees, hips, or back as well as our older adults. This bottom wiper from Homecraft is lightweight and offers a simple use that follows your natural wiping routine. 


Long Handle Bottom Wiper 

Our Long handle Bottom Wiper is our best selling wiping aid especially for larger users. It ows this to its ergonomic features, the sturdy material and the soft head. It will not hurt your 'cheeks' and is the perfect length to reach with ease.



Bottom Line: this assistive device will improve your life

Bottom wipers and bariatric toilet aids are designed to enable you to observe the same toilet hygiene routine you have always observed. Now, there’s no need to struggle to reach and second guess at your personal hygiene. With safe and discreet online ordering, you can keep your dignity intact and maintain your bathroom privacy. 

The bottom wiper is just one of the many products we have here at Bettercaremarket. We try to improve the quality of life for those living with a chronic condition. Visit our website for our full range of toilet wiping aids as well as other products to ensure we meet your needs in a way that is safe and dignified.