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Best Christmas gifts for your loved ones with Arthritis

Best Christmas gifts for your loved ones with Arthritis

Arthritis is a debilitating condition that can limit your quality of life tremendously. Finding the ideal Christmas gift for someone who battles with arthritis can be as simple as empowering them to perform these basic tasks unassisted, again.

Here are the most thoughtful Christmas gifts for someone who battles with arthritis;


1. Handy Bar by Stander

This handy assistive device is designed to make it easier for someone with arthritis pain to get themselves safely in and out of the car. It’s these small details that tend to slip by taken for granted, that are missed the most as age grips us.

This particular device is designed to be compact and fits onto most vehicles. It offers a non-slip handle with comfortable grips. It’s incredibly sturdy and strong and acts as a reliable lever.


Use of the Handy Bar


2. Seatbelt Hook by Pelican

The Pelican Seatbelt Hook enables those who battle to move their joints as a result of arthritis pain, to fit a seatbelt on when they enter a car. The device is designed to facilitate the maneuvering which takes the strain off the joints and the wrist and ensuring a safe and securely fitted seatbelt.

Seatbelt hook

Those who frequently travel love these devices as a gift as it removes the need for someone else to lean over and assist. It’s designed to work in any seat, so for those who still drive but battle with this task, it’s a thoughtful way to extend their independence. 



3. Circulation promoter with Tens and Ems by Dr. Ho’s


Dr. Ho’s Circulation Promoter is a wildly popular device with clinically proven results. It’s been received with enormous gratitude by a number of people with challenges that relate to poor circulation, gout, and arthritis.

Dr. Ho's Circulation Promoter

This device not only improves blood circulation, but it can also alleviate pain temporarily and improve muscle performance. It’s easy to use, which makes it perfect for those evenings in front of the TV.



4. Keyturner by Homecraft

Homecraft has two keyturners which really change the way someone feels about entering their own home. Often, healthy people take the small details in their lives for granted, like simply sliding a key into a keyhole to gain access to their home.

With arthritis, this can be a painful and difficult procedure. Homecraft’s two key turners are designed to simplify this by removing the need to turn the wrist. One model holds a single key, while the other can hold two keys - ideal for someone who also has a security gate.


Key turner by Homecraft


5. Easi - Grip Garden tools by Peta


The Easi-Grip Garden Tools are made by Peta. They are designed to help those with muscle and joint pain to continue with their favourite outdoor activity: gardening! The Easi-Grip Garden Trowel is a scoop designed for potting indoors and out. The Easi-Grip Garden Cultivator is a helpful garden tool used for cultivating and turning the soil while the Easi-Grip Garden Fork makes transplanting plants much easier.  All three gardening tools make it easier to perform a full range of motion in the garden. The devices have an ergonomic vertical handle that keeps the wrist in a natural angle, removing the strain on the wrist during the gardening tasks. The Easi-Grip Arm Support Cuff is a great addition to the adaptive gardening tools. Its ergonomic design ensures it fits like a glove and feels like a natural extension of your own arm, taking the strain off your muscles. It allows you to use the strength of your forearm and upper arm instead of the hand or wrist. Just plug it into the back of all Easi-Grip gardening tools. Gardening has been proven to be helpful for those with Arthritis symptoms so encouraging this wonderful hobby is important! With these tools, you’ll make gardening simple and fun again.

  Easi-grip garden toolsEasi-Grip Garden Tools for arthritis


6. Comfort Plus Quad Cane by Airgo


Canes can be very beneficial for arthritis sufferers. They are used to offload the pressure that goes through the joints and to help with balance in case of leg weakness. These walking aids allow arthritis patients to stay ambulatory and be more independent. The Comfort Plus Quad Cane - Airgo is a special walking device that has four points on the ground for added stability. Being lightweight, it is easy for anyone to carry and lift. It is adjustable and is designed to provide some added stability for those who need it - indoors or outdoors.

Use of Comfort Plus Quad CaneComfort-Plus Quad Cane by Airgo


Getting Festive


It’s not until you have arthritis, that you truly appreciate being able to lift yourself from a sitting position or open a jar of your favourite preserve. Even a simple task, like turning a key in a door can be painful and difficult. These basic assistive living devices are designed to fit into any lifestyle while simplifying the basic tasks that arthritis sufferers often battle with. 

We hope this article has given you some inspiration and that you will find the perfect present for your loved ones struggling with limited mobility.