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Best Folding Electric Wheelchairs in Australia

Best Folding Electric Wheelchairs in Australia

Whether you live with a disability, have a health condition or find it difficult to walk for long periods of time, an electric wheelchair is a very useful mobility aid. They offer the convenience of moving around with ease indoor and outdoor, adding confidence and independence to your life. In order to make the right purchase when looking to buy an electric wheelchair online, we are going to shed light on two of the best and most innovative folding electric wheelchairs on the Australian market today. 

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Folding Electric Wheelchairs are made for people who are active and want to travel with their power wheelchair. One of the primary benefits is that they can be folded and fit into compact spaces such as the boot of a car or a cupboard. 

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Electric wheelchairs that have the ability to fold are known to have a lower weight capacity than average mostly because the framework is made of a lightweight material.


What are the different types of portable Electric Wheelchairs?

Portable Electric Wheelchairs are available in two types. The first model is basically the folding electric wheelchair that can be easily folded into 1 piece, whereas the second type is a transportable power chair that can be disassembled in several piece to make transportation easy. In this blog, we are going to discuss the more popular type, the devices that fold into one piece.

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What is the 'range' of the electric wheelchair?

The range of a power wheelchair refers to how far it can travel before the batteries need to be charged. On average, most electric wheelchair’s range lie somewhere between 12 and 16 km.

For a lot of people, this is more than enough. However, if you ride your wheelchair a lot, you will need an extended range. Both our electric wheelchairs will have ranges of 24km and up. That means the minimum you can travel is 24 km before you need to charge your vehicle. 


Can I take my electric wheelchair on the plane?

Being an electric wheelchair user shouldn’t stop you from traveling. The good news it is perfectly fine to fly with your folding electric wheelchair.

Taking your electric wheelchair along with you on the plane is free. However, we would recommend contacting your airline before heading off to the airport with your mobility aid, just to make sure.

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Before you hand your chair over at the airport, make sure to remove the joystick. This is one of the most vulnerable parts of the wheelchair and can easily get damaged in transit. Disconnect the batteries and place some tape over the connectors to reduce the risk of fire. 

We would recommend giving the airline plenty of notice of your intention to travel with a wheelchair. At least 48 hours but preferably more! This will ensure that you get the best seats for accessibility and that provisions can be made for your mobility device.

Every airline tends to have a different procedure when it comes to traveling with an electric powered wheelchair. The typical process will let you go through security to the boarding gate where you will check in your wheelchair.


Is your electric wheelchair ‘airline approved’?

The aspect that decides whether a mobility chair is airline-approved is the type of battery that the chair houses for its operation.

The fact that our batteries are lithium ones and don’t exceed 300AH, makes our two folding electric wheelchairs on our list approved for airline travel, so you don’t have to worry about it.


Which folding electric wheelchair can I choose from?

Motorised wheelchairs come in different styles with different functions and features. Although all foldable electric wheelchairs offer convenience and independence, there are certain models which are more suited to some circumstances than others.


Electric Wheelchair on jetty


When shopping for your power wheelchair, you need to consider a few fundamental points. The top speed, turning radius and safety are important considerations, but the range or distance the batteries can travel is arguably one of the most critical factors.


To make your selection process easier, here are our two top-rated foldable power wheelchairs we have on offer.


1.    EagleHD

Eagle HD stands for Eagle Heavy Duty, built for durability and reliability in Australia. If you anticipate covering rough terrain, you might want to consider this heavy duty folding electric wheelchair. Although other wheelchairs may be able to cope, they may wear out quicker than you might expect.

EagleHD Electric Wheelchair_bettercaremarket

Weighing only 26.5kg – including the batteries, the EagleHD is one of the lightest folding electric wheelchairs in Australia on the market. This unit can be folded into one piece that measures 78cm (H) x 59cm (W) x 48cm (L) which is really compact compared to others. It is ideal for people who are always on-the-go.

Folded Electric Wheelchair EagleHD_bettercaremarket

Folding the chair is a matter of secondsThe folding procedure for the EagleHD wheelchair is effortlessly simple. Remove the battery, squeeze the levers together, and with a little push, the chair folds into its compact shape. Considering how compact it is when folded, the chair can be easily stored in the boot of most cars or other tight places. The maximum capacity of this wheelchair is very impressive as well, as it can withstand up to 180 kg.

The wheelchair is perfect in small spaces: it spins on its own circle allowing great manoeuvrability. It is worth noting, that it is equipped with 20 cm front wheels and 32 cm rear wheels, providing you with great traction or grip on cobbled and rough pavement or wet grass. Thanks to these wheels, you are able to tackle indoor and outdoor terrain – even the rough uneven Australian terrain – without facing any problems. The 11.5 cm ground clearance compares with the top all-terrain models.

This power wheelchair will easily drive up 12-degree hills without rolling back. The top speed is 6 km which is the typical speed for most electric wheelchairs of this type. It boasts a 25 km range so you can used it all day without needing to recharge the batteries.

Both high energy density lithium batteries are located at seat height; you won’t have to get on your knees to remove them. The batteries have been tested and hold their charge for months if the chair is turned off and not in use.

Features Folding Electric Wheelchair EagleHD

The intelligent joystick is easy to operate and will help you navigate in any direction. The brushless and maintenance free joystick will give you many years of hassle-free use.


Joystick on Folding Electric Wheelchair EagleHD_bettercaremarket

The Eagle HD is built with high-quality components, stainless steel parts and aerospace alloys, making it virtually maintenance free.

This model boasts a 48cm wide seat, ensuring ideal comfort. Traveling with this wheelchair is made even more convenient with its foldable footrest that locks securely in place.

The Eagle HD is backed by a two-year warranty on all frame components and offers a 12-month warranty on the batteries giving you confidence and peace of mind for your investment. No other motorised wheelchair matches that!

Woman in EagleHD Electric Wheelchair on jetty

The EagleHD is an excellent choice for the avid traveler and is a very practical wheelchair in every way! You can have a lot of fun before you need to recharge.


2.    The Navigator

The Navigator is another lightweight foldable electric wheelchair that is approved for cruise or airline travel and weighs just 24.4 kg without the 1.8 kg batteries. This model is the lion of power wheelchairs in Australia. It is brand new and just came out in October of this year and is already making waves in the mobility industry.

Navigator Electric Wheelchair

This mobility aid has been designed to have the ability to fold and unfold in just seconds. You can easily fit it in the back of your car or in a cupboard! It even offers a kickstand to use once it is folded and in upright position, so you can roll it behind you like a suitcase.

The tight turning radius on this unique mobility aid is very impressive, it turns on its own circle, meaning you can manoeuvre your way around small spaces with ease.

The wheelchair has a maximum weight capacity of 180 kg, perfect for the more than average size user.

What makes the Navigator so unique is the fact that you can attach a companion trailer – the T-100 trailer – at the back of the wheelchair and turn it into a tandem electric wheelchair. Imagine you can take your partner, your friend, your carer or your grandchild with you on a ride along the beach or to the park! The trailer is comfortable and is easily connected to the chair with marvel bolts in less than 20 sec. This will keep you and your companion on the move!

Navigator and Dinkum companion trailer

The strongest selling point of the Navigator is its excellent battery range of 40 km, which separates it from other comparable foldable power wheelchairs in its class. The wheelchair is powered by two powerful 10 AH batteries that drive two 250w brushless electromagnetic disc motors that stop from full speed to full stop in 1 meter. It has a maximum speed of 7 km per hour and comes with a shock absorbent seat cushion and backrest to ensure perfect comfort for the rider.

Detail Navigator Electric Wheelchair

The Navigator is equipped with standard 30.5 cm polyurethane rear tyres and 20 cm front wheels that allows you to navigate uneven and rough surfaces with ease, whether indoor or outdoor. The ground clearance measures 5.9cm. It also features a USB charger for your important electronic devices.

The warranty on this electric wheelchair is also worth noting. It includes 2 years on the frame and 12 months on the battery.

Whether you need an electric wheelchair to get around or want to attach the companion passenger trailer T-100 onto it to cruise around with your partner or friend, this unit is the perfect choice.


3.    Companion T-100 Trailer Dinkum

This is not an electric wheelchair but an attachment for the Navigator. It is a world’s first manufactured in Australia: a unique companion passenger trailer that you can attach to the back of the wheelchair to let you ride in tandem. Enjoy the outdoors with your loved one, family member, friend or carer.

Dinkum passenger trailer

This innovative T-100 trailer clips with 2 spring loaded lock bolts to the Navigator and connects in 20 seconds.  Once you are at your destination you can detach it so you can use the wheelchair independently if you want.

Thanks to the superior shock suspension, this heavy-duty passenger trailer provides a smooth ride while supporting 85kg.

One of the greatest benefits of the trailer is that the co-rider can supervise and communicate with the wheelchair passenger during the ride. He or she can also take over the joystick and operate the wheelchair. The co-rider has a perfect view on the passenger and overview on the road.

Be one of the first in Australia to enjoy a ride with this tandem trailer!


Reliability and industry-leading warranty


The Navigator and the EagleHD have passed through ISO, FDA & CE standards and the batteries are MSDS certified.

Every wheelchair is personally inspected before it goes out the door to ensure everything works as it should.

We offer a two-year warranty on the frame of our folding power wheelchair range and a 12 month guarantee on the battery. We are able to offer this industry-leading warranty because the power wheelchair range is built with high quality components.


We pride ourselves on adding as much valuable information and product specifications on every product page. Learning a little about the product that you are going to buy is a great way to ensure you your buying experience is a good one.


NDIS approved wheelchair


Both the Eagle HD and the Navigator are NDIS approved mobility products. Not only are we – as bettercaremarket - a registered NDIS provider but so is our supplier. Our goal is that our NDIS participants get the mobility device that meets their needs and love what they buy, knowing they have made the right decision.


Check with your plan manager as he has to assess that a foldable power wheelchair is the right choice for you.


Or give us a call on 1300 172 151 so we can answer all your questions regarding NDIS and put you at ease.





Knowing which user-friendly features suit your needs, will make your choice to purchase a folding power wheelchair a bit easier. What the most important factor for us is, is to provide you with a smooth, comfortable ride over all terrain while maintaining stability and traction for optimal wheelchair performance.


Our folding electric wheelchairs are Australian brands; they are designed by a company with years of experience in making the lives of disabled people or seniors better, more practical, and more independent.


Hopefully the information we shared in this article has provided you with the insight you needed to select the right folding electric wheelchair.