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Guide for Seniors: how can a raised toilet seat help?

Guide for Seniors: how can a raised toilet seat help?

Going to the toilet can be one of these difficult tasks for our elderly loved ones. Unfortunately, with ageing come mobility issues!

A raised toilet seat can be a practical addition to the bathroom as it helps to sit down or stand up from the toilet more easily.


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A raised toilet seat - also known as a toilet seat riser - is a bathroom device that provides a solution to the common difficulty that elderly people face:

  • the lack of strength to properly sit on or stand from the toilet
  • maintaining stability when standing up
  • not being able to bend the knees too far to sit on the toilet

It also helps pregnant women who experience pain when bending. It comes in handy as well to users with restricted movement (f.i. after an injury or surgery) to transfer onto and off the toilet.


How can a raised toilet seat help?

Asking for assistance while trying to use the toilet can be embarrassing for people dealing with limited mobility, strength and in some cases pain while bending. That is when a raised toilet seat can help.

A raised toilet seat is an assistive device that helps you, by increasing the height of the toilet seat. In turn, it reduces the effort needed to sit down or stand up and eases the pain experienced when you try to use the toilet. Toilet seat helps in various ways.

  • It reduces physical pain and strain: for many seniors and those with mobility issues (such as seniors, arthritis, osteoporosis or Parkinson's) getting on and off the toilet can be a problem if a traditional toilet is set too low. The loss of strength in their legs, joints and muscles makes it difficult for them to comfortably sit on a regular toilet seat. By using a raised seat for the toilet, you decrease the height that you have to bend your joints in order to sit reducing the pain caused by moving the affected joints. When sitting on a toilet, you are mainly putting a strain on your hip and knees. Reducing the strain on the joints by using a toilet seat riser can prevent any eventual issues that might come over time.


  • It eliminates the possibility of a fall: toilet seat risers equipped with hand grips can reduce the risk of your loved ones falling, significantly impacting their quality of life. Not only can they break a bone, but a fall can also create anxiety for further accidents, which can cause some to be less active and be more dependent.


  • Independence for seniors: a toilet seat raiser is a useful bathroom device especially for our aging adults as it makes the usage of the bathroom less challenging increasing their independence. Having self-confidence and mental happiness is extremely important for their quality of life. Not having to seek assistance to go to the toilet can drastically improve these feelings and boost their mental and emotional state of mind.



Who will benefit from a raised toilet seat?

If your toilet seat is too low, it makes it difficult for you to get up or sit down on the toilet due to the pain that comes from bending or the effort it takes to lower yourself.  It is also the perfect post-operative care solution!

We would recommend people with mobility issues such as:

  • Arthritis
  • Osteoporosis
  • Parkinson’s
  • Spine and back problems
  • After recovering from a hip or knee surgery
  • Those with excess weight
  • Pregnant women


to have their homes equipped with a raised toilet seat. Our seniors can also benefit from the device.


Finding the right raised toilet seat for you 

Before you choose the right raised toilet seat, it is good to have a general idea about the different toilet seats designed for seniors.

1)   Toilet seat risers are made from molded plastic

  • making it comfortable to use due to its gentle contour surface
  • making it easy to clean 

2)   Toilet seat raisers are designed to fit over most standard toilets: the normal and the elongated versions. They all have adjustable mounting brackets that allow you to fit them correctly to your toilet.

3)   Some of those bathroom devices are sometimes equipped with a plastic lid that helps to mask any odour.

4)   They are easy to attach or remove, making it convenient for most users to handle without needing any assistance. Great for taking with you when travelling!

5)   Toilet seat risers are bathroom aids that come in different styles that are specific for your needs.

  • In a toilet safety frame: the Multifunctional Over Toilet Frame is a free-standing bathroom frame that fits around the toilet and provides support when sitting or standing. It is a toilet seat raiser, shower chair, over toilet frame, walker and lifting aid in one. Customers rate our over toilet frame with raised toilet seat with 6 functions in 1 as practical addition to their bathroom.


Advantages: Ideal for your seniors, disabled, bariatrics and those with mobility issues: it makes getting on and of a toilet seat easy, prevents falls and accidental slips. It comes with a removable pan.

  • With removable armrest: the 3-in-1 Toilet Seat Raiser from Aquasense, is a flexible elevated toilet seat with removable armrests designed to assist seniors and arthritis sufferers with the transfer on and off the toilet. Customers like the extra arm support that offers a sturdier product overall.

3-in-1 raised toilet seat Savanah_bettercaremarket

Advantages: it has 3 configurations (with 2 armrests, 1 armrest, and no armrest), it is ergonomic, portable and comfortable, and it is compatible either elongated or standard toilet. No tools required for assembly!

  • With or without lid: You have the choice of these two options. A seat with a lid improves hygiene while the one without lid is even more flexible to take with you on holiday. The Raised Toilet Seat from Savanah has the option of both: with and without a flip-up lid.

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Advantage: A raised toilet seat with a lid will help mask any odour and prevents spills.

  • Different heights: the height of a raised toilet seat is between 5 and 15 cm. It has to be chosen according to suit the individual user’s needs. The perfect height of the seat is when the user has his feet comfortably on the ground while sitting easily and securely. The versatile Raised Toilet Seat from Savanah has a selection of 3 choices in height and with and without a lid. It is a convenient bathroom aid.

Raised Toilet Seat with Armrests_bettercaremarket

Advantages: Very useful when your traditional toilet is too low, gentle contour surface for extra comfort, easy to install tool-free.


  • With armrests: the fact that armrests flip-up makes transfer onto and off the toilet super easy. Just lift themm up and get on the toilet seat sideways. Very convenient for elderly and disabled users.  The Raised Toilet Seat with Armrests offers the choice of 3 added heights: 5cm, 10cm or 15cm. It is a very easy device to install with tools on your existing toilet.

Raised Toilet Seat with armrests_bettercaremarket

Advantages:is a very sturdy toilet seat riser. Gives you the support you need to go to the toilet independently. 


Raised toilet seats are a practical toilet aid for elderly who struggle with reduced mobility and strength. This toilet solution helps by increasing the height of standard toilet seat thereby reducing the efforts and sometimes the pain associated with using the toilet.

These assistive aids make using a toilet seat and getting on and off it much simpler. They might not be stylish, but this practical device will especially help seniors who live alone or have limited mobility to stay more independent for longer.


If you would like to see our full-range of raised toilet seats, browse our website here.