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How to Better Manage Your Health When Traveling

How to Better Manage Your Health When Traveling

"Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire." – Jennifer Lee.

They say that wanderlust - a strong desire to explore the unknown is buried within everyone. For the last decade, senior travel is booming! Travel challenges are a thing of the past as long as you make sure that your special needs are met.



Mobility Aids for Elderly

You plan for months, starting with the things you might need during our travel. You pack your toothbrushes and t-shirts, too excited for the journey ahead. Often, you are so engaged in other things; you skip out on essential tips that might end up putting our health in danger.

Disability and age shouldn't stop you from traveling and experiencing the world. With careful planning and the right equipment, everyone can travel. Aids for daily living are designed to help the elderly and those with a chronic medical condition to perform everyday tasks efficiently without help.

Seniors who may have arthritis, limited mobility, heart diseases, and other conditions can now perform daily tasks through the right daily living aids equipment.  These aids will help your loved ones, not only in term of mobility and independence but also in self-confidence during travel.

Eagle HD electric power chair

Many mobility aids like elbow crutches, folding walking cane, forearm crutches, walking frame with wheels and skis, mobility scooters and electric wheelchairs have helped hundreds of souls. Having physical limitations should not stop anyone from admiring the world. There are many other solutions for the elderly that can ease your travels like buying the Aidapt folding walking cane. It's flexible, durable, comfortable and most of all, portable. Get ready for those long walks you always dreamed about.






Manage your Medication and pain-relief

Whether on a business or adventure trip, careful planning and research is the first step. Especially when going abroad. Research the culture, diseases, and climate. The world is experiencing globalization, and the hot new trend is trying out different cuisines and local foods. While a country's food best depicts its culture and connects people. With age, it gets harder to digest calorie-dense foods. Find clean places to try the food and keep up a healthy diet.

During travel, we often forget many daily essentials like our pills, etc. For elderly travelers, this can have serious health effects. If you are a forgetful soul than, dispersions can provide the solution you need. Especially the Large Weekly Pill Dispenser. It's simple and effective, with a reminder every day. Their clear plastic lids and optimal size will surly leave no room for error. Some people have problems swallowing pills, and Pill crusher are the perfect replacements. They easily convert your medication into a powder form that can be added to meals. Their durable & sturdy design, make their storage and cleaning process easy.

Pill crusher

Other very convenient devices are Paingone and Paingone Plus. They are small pens for fast, efficient and drug-free pain relief. It is small, just the size of a pen, so you can easily take it with you on your trips. Whether it’s joint pain, muscle pain, back ache, migraine, arthritis, sciatica, tendonitis, the Paingone pens are a perfect solution for you.




Car Assist Tips 

The best way to stay healthy while traveling is to get enough sleep. Your body needs rest to process as you cross time zones, carry heavy bags, etc. Especially while traveling, a car assist can do wonders to your journey. Inflatable donut cushion is an ideal comfort buddy for pain while traveling. If you have trouble putting your seatbelt on, then go for the Seatbelt Hook by Pelican. Its designed to help people with less mobility as no force is required. 

Buy a car handy bar as it assists in standing when you rise from your car. It provides support, reliability all the while fitting into your glove box.


Car Assist device 


Traveling Tips


Other small tips to keep you healthy during your travels:

  • Eat breakfast and try to drink lots of water
  • Pack smart and things that you might require the most
  • Take regular supplements, vitamins, and buy pill crushers and pill dispensers for crushing and storing your pills.
  • Exercise even when all you want to do is see places, in that case, go for a walk!
  • Interact with locals and its culture because it helps you connect with them
  • Take wet naps and hand sanitizer because you might not find soap or water in some areas



As senior travel is getting more and more popular, ensure to be prepared . A succesful trip requires some aids for daily living that will make your holiday easier while managing your health.