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The 3 most important steps we can take to protect ourselves against Australia's second wave of Covid

The 3 most important steps we can take to protect ourselves against Australia's second wave of Covid

Australia is reimposing restrictions as hundreds of people in Victoria have tested positive for the virus in the past two weeks.

Infections are resurging, representing a disappointing setback for Australia. Until two weeks ago we appeared to have successfully controlled the virus.

waitress with mask

The State and Federal authorities are enforcing tough restrictions following a steep surge in cases like lockdowns in Metro Melbourne and Mitchell Shire, reducing numbers in group bookings in pubs, limiting patrons in venues to 300, closing borders and prohibiting interstate travel.  Australia is concerned that the country is tramping toward a big flare-up.

A second wave of infections might have huge consequences. What is a second wave and what are protective daily living aids and steps to avoid a coronavirus second wave outbreak?


What is a second wave of Covid-19?


You can compare a second wave with the tides in the our oceans. The number of infections goes up and down. Each tide cycle represents one ‘wave’ of coronavirus.

One virus cycle has ended, when the virus has been brought under control and infected cases have fallen substantially.

For a second cycle to start, you would need to see a sustained rise of virus infections in an attempt to avoid slowing down society to return to a normal life.


Is Australia meeting the criteria of a second wave?

We should be very concerned as the potential is clearly there. Covid-19 has proven it is still out there and it is no less infectious or deadly than at the start of the pandemic. The vast majority of Australians is still susceptible. If we lift all our restriction measures, Australia could be back to square one.

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We have to find a way to maintain control, while minimising the daily disruption. That is why measures are being lifted in stages and new ways of controlling Covid-19 are being introduced such as the Covid safe app and contact tracing in venues.


How to prevent a second wave?

The threat of a second wave is very serious and could not only cost people’s jobs but also their lives.

So, what can we do? Continue to follow the guidelines for social distancing: stay away from gatherings and crowded indoor places. This should be the case especially for elderly or those with a chronic illness, as they belong to the category of ‘increased risk’ of severe Covid-19 symptoms.

Hand washing

Practice hand hygiene by regularly washing your hands with water and soap. If that is not available, use an alcohol-based hand sanitiser with at least 60% ethanol. A hand sanitiser is the great method for stopping the spread of Covid-19 in its tracks. An alcohol-based hand sanitiser can eradicate all traces of bacteria and germs on the fingers and palms. Our highly efficient Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser is an Australian hospital grade product that kills 99.99% of germs and bacteria.

hand sanitiser and mask

Probably themost important step is to wear a mask when you go out in public: to the shops, malls, in public transport. A face mask can prevent people - who could be unknowingly infected - from passing the virus on to others. A recent study at the University of Cambridge has suggested that if everyone wore a face mask at all time in public, it could dramatically reduce transmission rates, preventing a second wave of the virus from happening in the next 18 months. Hopefully in time for the launch of an effective vaccine. According to the model, if at least 50% op people wore face masks that would flatten the future curve in the second wave. These are striking results.

The Australian Department of Health advises to wear a face mask if maintaining physical distance is difficult. The health authorities in Victoria strongly recommend adults living in Stage 3 restrictions areas to wear mask covering nose and mouth when outside of their home.

Bacteria Face Mask

The Bacteria & Asthma Protective Face Mask by Dr Hoffmann is a N95 mask that is adaptable to your face making it comfortable to wear. The reusable face mask features a patented copper filter, that attacks and neutralises the harmful micro-organisms before they can enter your lungs. It will help you and others keep safe.



The best results that can be achieved at the moment to prevent Australia’s second wave of Covid is by careful social distancing, combined with practising hand hygiene and adopting face masks. They are by far the most important key prevention measures we can take and could prove crucial while we wait for a vaccine or effective treatment.