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Toileting Solutions Can Make Your Life Easier

Toileting Solutions Can Make Your Life Easier

If you suffer from mobility issues, the sensitive task of toileting might be a common challenge as it is a source of embarrassment, not only for yourself but also your carer. Toileting equipment can help you not only maintain your hygiene without causing unnecessary stress on your body but it keeps the sense of dignity and independence that you have been after. Read more about our toileting solutions to find out which assistive devices can help you make your life easier.

Toileting solutions that make life easier


Whenever possible, everyone would naturally choose to maintain their privacy, dignity, and independence.  For that particular segment of our society, we should consider a few things to carry out the basic activity of daily life: the access to the toilet facility and the capability to sit down and stand up from the toilet.

That said, many seniors and those with chronic conditions face problems day-in day-out when it comes to performing these necessary quotidian tasks.

Sometimes, conditions such as Alzheimer's or dementia complicate the natural aging process even more, but addressing some common toileting issues, can make the process easier and allow dignity to the senior. Here are some convenient solutions that are available for you.


Toilet Equipment for Everyday Needs

Toilet equipment can be considered assistive in the bathroom as they effectively help a person to use the bathroom and toilet facilities safely and independently. Such equipment includes commodes, over-toilet aids, shower chairs as well as fixtures like grab rails or other fittings that may be added to a bathroom or toilet area to help the person. These preventive measures will decrease the chance of a fall significantly.

Some assistive devices you might consider:



Bed side commode

A commode is basically a movable toilet that can function without running water. It is a chair that comes with a toilet seat and a container or bucket underneath it.

A commode chair provides a range of benefits and can easily be regarded as one of the best fall prevention devices. It assists in reducing the risk of injury or fall by minimizing travel, particularly at night when the user has to get up from the bed to go to the toilet.


Over-Toilet Frame



An over-toilet frame is another one of those perfect prevention products that you could consider buying. It helps in improving the ease and safety of the entire task of toileting. These over-toilet frames come with strong armrests to support you when lowering yourself onto the toilet and standing back up gain. They are placed on top of the existing toilet seats.

Moreover, they are tailored to suit your needs as their height is adjustable, increasing safety and reducing the risk of injuries. For those suffering from mobility issues, reduced strength or after an injury/surgery, the over toilet aids will help enhance toileting independence. The rubber tips make these portable toilet devices, very safe to use on bathroom floors or wet surfaces. An added bonus is the fact they are very easy to clean.


Multifunctional Over Toilet Frame


Over toilet Frame_bettercaremarket

For the ageing population, a multifunctional over toilet frame is a great mobility solution that will help to support those who experience decrease strength in their legs, a loss of balance or the inability to stand for a longer period of time immensely.

Not only will it help you transfer to the toilet safely and independently, it also transforms into a commode chair, a walker, a toilet seat raiser, a shower chair and stand-assist as well as a toilet handrail or a toilet safety frame. These chairs can also be used as lifting aids.

Not only can the disabled users and seniors use this multifunctional device for toileting, it is also ideal as a shower chair for bathing, showering or as bedside care.   

Grab Rails

Grab Rail_bettercaremarket

A grab rail is a reliable support and safe hold in the toilet, shower or near the bathtub. It reduces the risk of falls and slips. Grab bars are available in two models: the fixed ones or those with suction cups. The latter ones are used as portable safety rails and are attached to the wall with powerful suction cups. Their main advantage is the fact that they are strong and you can attach and removed them from different locations without requiring tools or damaging the wall. The suction grab bars are available in a range of models.

Unlike the suction bar, the fixed grab rail has the advantage to be attached on any type of surface. You will not need to replace them after a few weeks to ensure they stay put.



It is important to mention that the very first step is to assess your personal requirement. It is firmly recommended to look for an expert assessment of your situation as well as the challenges you are dealing with in your daily life. Thereafter, you can go ahead and buy the equipment that suits your needs the best. 


Above are a wide range of toileting solutions that will help you get back at your life with dignity and indepence without asking help for your family or carers.