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Vitamin C to build your immunity against Covid 19

Vitamin C to build your immunity against Covid 19

During these unprecedented times with the pandemic crisis on everyone’s mind, stress levels are rising and people are looking for ways to protect themselves against viral infections and boost their immune system.

In these tumultuous times of stocking up on facemasks, sanitisers and disinfectant cleaning products, it may have slipped your mind to strengthen your body from within.  

Ideally, you will get all your essential nutrients from a healthy diet. The reality, however, is that people don’t take adequate amounts of nutrients, possibly resulting in a deficiency. In that case, many people turn to supplements in order to meet their basic needs and optimise wellbeing.

Vitamin C is one of the most recommended nutrients in these times of viral threat as it has many health benefits. It is best known as the body’s:

  • Cell protector,
  • Resistance booster and
  • Potent antioxidant

It is a powerful nutrient you want to stock up since your body cannot produce or store Vitamin C.  In times of stress, your body uses Vitamin C more rapidly. In other words, stress conditions require a higher level of Vitamin C.


  • Ascorbic Acid (or Vitamin C) was first discovered by sailors in the 18th century who spent months out at sea without fresh fruit and vegetables. They found out they could avoid scurvy – a severe form of Vitamin C deficiency - by sucking on lemons and limes.
  • Fruits that are rich in Vitamin C are: lemon, orange, grapefruit, kiwi, strawberries, papaya and guava. Make sure you have the whole fruit and try to avoid juicing.
  • Vegetables that are a good source of Vitamin C are: capsicum, sweet potato, broccoli, kale, tomatoes, green leafy vegetables. You can best eat the vegetables raw, sautéed, stir-fried or in a soup to preserve most of the ascorbic acid they contain.
  • Great immunity spices are: ginger, garlic, turmeric, black pepper.

To get the most of the Vitamin C, make sure you have the vegetables either raw or cooked briefly (blanching) in small amounts of water. Steaming is another option.


What is Vitamin C?

You will probably know that Vitamin C plays an essential role in supporting your immune system. A supplement of 1000 mg per day is helpful in reducing the duration of a cold in adults. Discuss with your GP whether you should consider to even further increase your daily intake to boost your immune system and help protect against an overload of toxic and infectious pathogens and viruses.

As an antioxidant, Vitamin C may assist in protecting the body against free radicals, a by-product of the chemical processes that occur when absorbing food and medicines. It can lead to a chain reaction that can damage cells and tissues and therefore triggering inflammation. Vitamin C plays a vital role in controlling infections and can improve your resistance to respiratory infections.

Vitamin C is a water-soluble nutrient, which is excreted by the body through urine and sweat. It is not stored in the body and needs to be replaced each day.

What are the health benefits of Vitamin C?

According to recent research, Vitamin C may offer health benefits in three areas.

  1. Common cold. Some studies show that Vitamin C may not be ‘the cure’ but it can reduce the risk of serious complications such as lung infections or pneumonia.
  2. Stress. A study has shown that Vitamin C is beneficial to individuals with stress.
  3. Cardiovascular health. Studies have suggested that a high intake of Vitamin C is associated with a reduced risk of cardiovascular diseases.

While researchers have seen the benefits with Vitamin C with the common cold and flu, there are not yet sufficient studies available to show Covid-19 patients will respond similarly. In February, the Wuhan University started clinical trials to assess high-dose of Vitamin C infusion as a treatment against severe respiratory illnesses associated with the coronavirus. The final results are expected at the end of September, but temporary results appear promising.

This powerhouse nutrient helps build immunity thanks to its anti-inflammatory effect, that assist with the production of white blood cells, the essential component that will fight viral infections and prevent inflammation.  It also acts as an antioxidant to fight stress while helping reduce anxious thoughts and assists to defend your skin’s barriers.

Vitamin C is especially relevant right now. 


Build up a strong immune system with a Vitamin C supplement

We know that eating a diet rich in fruit and vegetables will support your wellbeing. Experts say that Vitamin C supplements play an important role in your physical, emotional and mental health. Whether you are looking to boost your natural defence system or just need to counter the effect of stress in your body or need a healthy sleep cycle.

You can find Vitamin C supplements in several forms: (chewable) tablets, capsules, liquid and powder.

To achieve therapeutic benefits, people might take higher doses of vitamin C, between 500 mg and 1,500 mg daily. We recommend you to take this amount in several doses a day. In some cases, you can discuss with your GP to even further increase the daily intake to protect your ailing immune system against infectious pathogens.

Vitamin C in the form of a powder might come in handy if you have difficulty swallowing tablets and pills.

If you have trouble meeting your daily intake requirements of Vitamin C from food alone, ascorbic acid supplements can help you fill the gap.

Vitamin C by Pure-Product Australia is a natural powder that contains 100% Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C).

This ultra-fine vitamin C supplement is water-soluble and is specifically formulated to restock the nutrient that is most in-demand during times of high-stress, or when you wish to boost your immune system.

Our 100% Pure Vitamin C Powder is a great way to get this supplement in. Simply dissolve the powder into water, juice or a smoothie; stir or shake. No residue left! It is very convenient as there is no need to take lots of tablets.

¼ teaspoon equals 1 gr.  

The powder has a refreshing citrus flavour and will turn any beverage into a pleasant nutritional powerhouse! Vitamin C by Pure-Product Australia is a vegetarian and vegan formula free of additives and fillers and made and produced in Australia.


Vitamin C and Covid-19

At this stage, to get the best protection against infection you must focus on these three vital things:

  • washing your hands regularly and thoroughly with water and soap,
  • cleaning the surfaces you touch with disinfectant and
  • social distancing, stay 1,5 meter away from each other.

Preserving the body’s vital defence mechanism and lowering anxiety levels during this difficult time is essential too. Look at this self-isolating or quarantine period as an opportunity to focus on yourself: it will keep you healthy and will support your immune system as well.

If there was ever a time the immune system was needed to battle harmful viruses, it is now!


As this unprecedented situation evolves, Bettercaremarket is committed to doing its very best to support you. We will strive to ensure you will keep getting your health essentials delivered right to your door!