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Roami Rollator & Stair Climber

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Unique multifunctional 4-in-1 rollator /stair walker!


The Roami Rollator & Stair Climber is a very well thought out mobility and all terrain outdoor walker. The unique adjustable walker frame can transform the walking frame, into a rollator, a stair assist or stair climbing assistance device and a posture/gait aligner in just seconds. Great to support you up and down the stairs thanks to the retractable wheels that converts with a touch of the foot bar. 


This stair walker is very helpful for active seniors that need a bit of support, or those recovering from an injury or surgery of the lower limbs, people suffering from health conditions that affect their balance.


The Roami will improve your ability to get around! And stay independent! This walker is available in two stylish colours; please select your desired colour using the drop-down menu near the top of this page.


  • Adjustable height
  • Provides stability going up and down the stairs
  • Wheels are easy to retract or put down
  • Easy to use stair walker/rollator for elderly or disabled
  • Allows to adjust to your height at just at the touch of a lever
  • Easy to fold to put in to your car


At bettercaremarket we're thorough in our selection of living aids. We choose our products based on their quality, performance and whether they can be conveniently delivered to you. 

The Roami Rollator & Stair Climber is a one of the most advanced 4-in-1 mobility aid thanks to its adjustable frame. The fact that this multifunctional mobility aid can be adapted into a walking frame, rollator/walker, stair walker or a posture aligner, makes the Roami the first of its kind!

Roami is the ultimate mobility solution and retains your independence with confidence and dignity!



4-in1 frame

The Roami uniquely adjusts from a walking frame to a rollator, stair climber or posture alignment aid in seconds with just a few modifications to the frame. Roami has used the patented Cam-Lok mechanism to allow to adjust the angle of the frame or the length of the legs. This allows it to be used on uneven surfaces – f.i. grass or gravel – or to function as a support while walking on the curb.  


Walking frame: you can use the Roami as a walking frame thanks to the retractable wheels. Just raise the wheels with the foot pedal.


Rollator/Walker: Just lower the wheels with the foot pedal and use the Roami as a rollator. The patented retractable wheels make the transition from a traditional walking frame to a wheeled walker or rollator easy in just a few seconds. Just touch the foot pedal with the tip of the


Stair walker/Stair assist: With a simple squeeze of the handle, turn the Roami into a stair assist or stair climber in just seconds. Simply adjust the angle of the frame with the patented Cam-Lok mechanism to use the Roami to go up or down the stairs, ramps, thresholds, or curbs. This is a great adjustable walker for elderly or seniors to retain independence and help them climb the stairs with ease!


Posture/Gait aligner: adjust the Roami for uneven surfaces or sloped pathways, and the walker can be used as a posture alignment device. Roami can also help with correcting your posture. Modify the angle of the frame to your personal needs for posture position correction or to assist with balance by keeping the user in a more stable or upright position for walking.


Who can use the Roami Rollator & Stair Climber?

Thanks to its 4-in1 adaptability, the Roami is helpful to be used in different ways as the user regains strength or adapts to his increased level of independence.  The Roami is the perfect companion for:


  • Active seniors that need some support
  • Individuals going through rehabilitation
  • People recovering from surgery or injury
  • Excellent for users with challenging balance issues (f.i. Parkinson’s or MS sufferers)
  • Amputees who need support while walking


Where can you use the Roami Rollator & Stair Climber?

The Roami is designed to help users live independently. It is the perfect mobility aid to navigate over several surfaces and terrains: outdoors on grass, gravel, pavement, over thresholds, curbs and steps or indoors on wood, carpet or tiles.

Simply retract the wheels and lock them off the ground to use as a stable walking frame. With the wheels, the walker is a mobile rollator


What makes the Roami so special and unique, compared to other mobility aids?

A rollator/walker is an invaluable tool for getting around, but for true ease of use it should help you on uneven terrain or get you up and down steps. The world's first multifunctional walker, the Roami Rollator & Stair Climber, is ideal for those who want to get around without being hampered, as it changes between a walking frame, rollator and can be used on steps or sloping surfaces and folds in one quick and easy motion into a compact size that can be stored almost anywhere.The unique feature of the Roami is the fact that the frame can be adjusted to suit the needs of the user. It can also assist your patient with the correct posture and vertical alignment.



  • Multifunctional progressive walker that transforms into 4 mobility aids
  • Stair climbing assistance device, great for elderly
  • Height adjustable: 86cm > 99 cm, easily done with a lever
  • Maximum weight capacity: 136 kg
  • Variety of frame adjustments to help as stair assist, as gait alignment or on slopes
  • Folds flat easily to fit in the boot of the car, store at home or tuck away in a restaurant
  • Patented retractable wheels
  • Perfect mobility aid for on the go
  • Spring loaded foot pedal
  • Available in two colours: charcoal and rose gold



  • Unfolded Dimensions: W 60 cm x D 51 cm x H 86 - 99 cm 
  • Collapsed Dimensions: W 60 cm x D 29 cm x H 90 cm 
  • Floor to handle height: 86.3 - 99cm
  • Wheel Diameter: 15cm 
  • Height Adjustment: 86 - 99 cm   
  • Maximum weight capacity: 136 kg
  • Suitable for User Heights: 150 - 195 cm 
  • Product Weight: 5.4 kg
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