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8 ways to improve your mental health: self-care tips to look after yourself

8 ways to improve your mental health: self-care tips to look after yourself

This year, the suicide prevention charity RU OK? is running their campaign on the 10th of September. Their mission is to equip people with tips and resources to help those who are battling with mental health. They encourage Australians to meaningfully connect to family and friends that struggle with the ups and downs of life and ask: “Are you OK?”.


More than ever, people are experiencing mental health tension and even individuals who never experienced depression issues in the past, may now be struggling with stress, pressure and anxiety.


As we look out for those around us, it’s important that we also take some time to look after ourselves.

Take time every day to do something for yourself: get some ‘me time’ with these self-care habits to cope with mental health.


While exercising may seem like the last thing you want to do when you are down, the benefits have long been established. Once you get motivated, exercise can significantly improve symptoms of depression and anxiety. Exercise is considered very effective at reducing fatigue, improving concentration and enhancing your overall cognitive function.


There are a number of options available. Some are as simple as getting out and walking around the block at home, while others may require some additional aids such as:


Dumbbells: exercising with dumbbells, can be a great way to workout at home. They help strengthening your upper body, core, legs and improve your cardiorespiratory fitness and flexibility.


Pedal exerciser: this device can increase your heart rate. It can be used on the floor for your legs or on the table for your arms.


Eggserciser: is very effective for stress relief. Our hand exerciser is the smallest exercise equipment. It is very suitable for increasing flexibility and strength.


Hand Grip: is a great piece of equipment to strengthen your wrists, hands and forearm. You can use it as a stress-reliever.


Smart Fitness Activity Tracker: this wearable device can help you move more, sleep better and improve your overall health. Track your steps, runs and rides with this great solution! Available in 3 colours!


These two options might help you cope better with life’s ups and downs as well:

Ultrasonic Vaporiser and essential oils: aromatherapy with this soul nourishing blend of essential oils will lift your mood and balance your emotions.

Vitamin C: can not only boost your immune system, but also improve your mood.


Depression can be tough to get over, but regular exercise has many psychological advantages to dealing with the problem. 


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