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Are braces and supports eligible for NDIS funding?

Are braces and supports eligible for NDIS funding?

In this article we explore how your much-needed low-cost Assistive Technology devices or equipment – in particular braces & support - could be eligible for NDIS funding.


To be eligible for Assistive Technology funding by the NDIS, these devices should be included as a specific type of support in your NDIS-plan.


Bettercaremarket is a registered NDIS provider. We can supply you with the NDIS Assistive Technology you require, and we can also assist you with any information on types of braces and supports we have available, and how to incorporate them into your NDIS plan.


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How does NDIS Funding work?


If your NDIS plan includes 'Assistive Technology' for daily living supports, you may qualify to receive funding for your braces. The NDIS covers braces and support.


Your NDIS plan manager will assess what braces you require and how these supports are going to help in achieving your goals.


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We are a registered NDIS provider of braces and orthotic solutions that supports the mobility needs of adults with a chronic condition or disability. Bettercaremarket can assist you with a variety of specialised braces that we deliver nationwide through our supplier, so you will receive the best support as soon as possible.  Our customer care team can help you out with any information you need.


Our braces and supports may not require you to fill in a NDIS 'Assistive Technology Assessment Form’ although we recommend you checking with your plan manager, support coordinator or physiotherapist before purchasing any of our products.



How can braces help you with the support you need?


To relieve discomfort and reduce pain, we can provide you with special braces from high-quality European manufacturer.


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Our braces are designed and manufactured in Europe using advanced materials to provide you with the best support and comfort. We can help you with medical-grade supports and braces for different part of the body to help you with pain relief and better recovery:


Hand/wrist/thumb braces: our hand, wrist or thumb braces have been developed to give stability and pain relief without limiting mobility.


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Arm/elbow braces: the arm and elbow braces provide effective pain relief and stabilisation during everyday activities and help you recover faster.


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Neck/Shoulder/ Back Brace: release pain and pressure and give your shoulder, neck and back the comfort they deserve with effective stabilisation. Use one of our Push Care Braces for support and pain relief!


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Knee braces: our knee braces have been designed to improve knee stability and comfort. They are perfect for everyday relief of knee injuries or problems. Choose from our Push Care, Push ortho or Push Med knee braces!


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Foot/ankle braces: these will enhance the support you need in your foot or ankle. Our Push braces will help stabilise joints, tendons and ligaments and decrease inflammation.


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Bettercaremarket & Assistive Technology

So as to purchase Braces through NDIS funding, check if your NDIS plan includes ‘Assistive Technology’. Bettercaremarket’s staff is always there to help you find the right braces for you.


What is NDIS ‘Assistive Technology’?


NDIS Assistive Technology is any device that allows you to perform task you otherwise couldn’t do. These assistive devices are practical solutions that should help you reach your potential at home, in your community and in your workplace. Assistive Technology can include simple products such as a tap turner or a jar opener or anything that can assist you to carry-out your daily activities in order to keep you mobile and independent.


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A wide range of supports is included in your NDIS plan, where it is seen as a reasonable and necessary.

We recommend you seek professional information and advice about which assistive technology solution best meets your goals.

How to claim low-cost Assistive technology from your NDIS funding?


The NDIS can fund any device, equipment or technology that is related to your disability or condition. It can be something that assists you in a therapeutic sense or that allows you to perform your task you would otherwise be unable to do.


To buy an item with your NDIS funding, it has to be specifically related to your disability or condition and the goals in your NDIS plan.

In general, if the device or equipment costs less than $ 1,500 and can be bought off-the-shelf, the NDIS considers it low-cost assistive technology. It falls under the category ‘Consumables’ (under Core support). If it costs more than $1,500 it is regarded as ‘Capital Support’.



Although there is no list of exactly what the NDIS will fund, we know that “seating and positioning aids that provide body support” are included; in other words ‘braces’. The Assistive Technology device must meet the criteria of reasonable and necessary for the user.


We realise it may be difficult to find out exactly which assistive technology device is the most suitable for you. We recommend you check with your plan manager, support manager, therapist, GP or healthcare assistant prior to purchasing. Or read through Bettercaremarket & NDIS page on how you can allocate your NDIS funding for the right NDIS Assistive Technology device we have in store.


What do you need to do to claim NDIS funding?


Our braces and support are claimable from any region in Australia. Participants itselves, parents, carers or therapists can order from our website for specific items  that would benefit them.


We understand claiming through NDIS may appear complex, that is why you can follow these 3 steps that are a simple guide for you:


Easy 1, 2, 3 steps


1. Contact us so we can assist you with the right brace. We can help you with your registration.


Choose the product you would like and add it to your cart. At check-out, we will ask you to register. Fill in your details and choose ‘NDIS-participant’. We will contact you to discuss the steps to get your brace asap.

2. Depending on how you manage your NDIS-funding, either self-managed, plan-managed or NDIA-managed, we will send you, your NDIS plan manager or the NDIA manager a quote for the braces.

3. Once approved and the order received, we will ensure to send out the supports to you as soon as possible.


If, at any stage of the process, you encounter difficulties, don't hesitate to contact us on 1300172 151 or via email: 




Our last words


If you would like to learn more about low-cost NDIS Assistive Technology or how you can use your NDIS funding to purchase it? We would recommend talking to your plan manager or NDIA manager.

If you have specific questions on our range of braces, chat with us online or give us a call on 1300 172 151. Our customer care team is very knowledgable about NDIS Assistive Technology and will be happy to help you find the right aids for your needs.