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Buy your Continence Aids using NDIS Funds

Buy your Continence Aids using NDIS Funds

Buy your Continence Aids using your NDIS Funds


Molicare Incontinence Products

You can now buy your Molicare continence products directly using your NDIS funds on the Bettercaremarket website.

Check out our 'Easy way of paying'  to find out how to pay at checkout using your NDIS funds.


Can I claim incontinence products?

If continence aids are a necessary support in your NDIS Plan, you can claim continence products using your Consumables budget.

If you are not sure if you can claim continence products within your NDIS Plan, talk to your Support Coordinator or Local Area Coordinator to review your plan, or Contact BetterCareNDIS and we will gladly assist you!


Your choice of Molicare Incontinence products

You have the choice of Molicare Premium Mobile Pull Up Pants, either 6 drops for moderate incontinence or 8 drops for severe incontinence.

The 6 drops pull ups offer 5 sizes from XS to XL, while the 8 drops are available in 4 sizes: S to XL.

Bettercaremarket can also help you with 4 Molicare Incontinence Skin Care products:


Molicare Moist Skin Care

The MoliCare Moist Skin Care Tissues (Pack of 50) are ideal refreshing wipes and a perfect solution after a continence accident or when someone is too weak to take a shower.

The skin cleanse wipes are suitable to use on all skin types, using no harsh detergents, and leaving the skin thoroughly clean and fresh.


Molicare Skin Care Cleansing Foam

MoliCare Skin Cleansing Foam is an essential product to clean and maintain skin integrity when dealing with continence care.

Specially formulated to effectively remove all urine and stool matter from the skin while eliminating incontinence odours.

Non-irritating and non-drying.


Molicare Skin Body Lotion

The MoliCare Skin Body Lotion - 500 ml is an intensive protective moisturiser that replenishes the skin’s natural barrier.

Reduces red, irritated, or damaged skin caused by incontinence. Featuring unique Nutriskin Protection Complex with natural oils and amino acids.


Molicare Barrier Cream

The MoliCare Skin Barrier Cream 200 ml is an effective shield that protects irritated skin from the effects of incontinence. Forms transparent protective film on the skin, and restores the moisture balance, repairing and preventing skin-irritations, dryness or infections. 


Molicare Pull Up Pants, 6 drops - Bettercaremarket


Molicare Premium Mobile 6 Drops Pull up pants will help you prevent skin damage thanks to the

3-layer absorbent core which keeps your skin dry and bring it back to the right pH balance that is needed.


MoliCare Pull Up Pants, 8 drops - Bettercaremarket

The MoliCare Premium Mobile 8 drops are discreet pull up incontinence pants that provide the active user with a secure and comfortable protection against moderate and heavy incontinence.  The pads feature curly fibre which quickly absorbs the urine, locks it in and eliminates the smells so you can stay dry and fresh.



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