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Christmas Gifts For Seniors With Alzheimer's or Dementia: 5 Perfect Ideas

Christmas Gifts For Seniors With Alzheimer's or Dementia: 5 Perfect Ideas

The holiday season is a time for family celebrations, coming together, sharing meals and of course exchanging gifts. Choosing a gift for a senior loved one affected with Dementia or Alzheimer’s disease might be tricky, but does not have to be difficult: it is a matter of searching for the right gift that will make their lives easier.


This is a gift list for this Christmas for a person in your life with dementia or Alzheimer’s that will hopefully make them happy:

1.Dementia, Calendar & Reminder Clock by Dawn Clocks

The Dementia, Calendar & Reminder Clock is a special clock designed specifically for people who might forget daily activities and lose track of time. Time orientation can be a struggle and can lead to confusion, agitation, wandering and repetitive questions.

This great device can help the daily challenges of memory loss: it reminds people with dementia of day and time, as well as helps them stick to their daily routines. Our clock is also a great solution to remind them of regular daily routine such as taking their medication, having a drink of water, time for dinner etc.

If your loved one has had difficulty keeping up with appointments, the Dawn Clock will assist him/her stay on top of their everyday tasks. This useful clock will help them regain independence and reassurance, whilst giving structure regardless of the stage they are on their dementia journey. A great feature is the fact that the Dementia, Calendar & Reminder Clock is adaptable in 8 languages.

Dementia Clock - Dawn Clock




2. Sensory Cushions by Betterliving

The Sensory Cushion from Betterliving is a perfect calm-down companion giving our loved ones an enjoyable yet familiar activity to focus on. It is designed to stimulate the sensory and tactile senses while keeping the hands occupied, alleviate anxiety and agitation. It is a popular solution to bring comfort and security to dementia patients. It has earned its place in our best selling Christmas gifts, because it has many textures, great bright colours and durability. The cushion is available in 3 clours: blue, green and pink.


Sensory cushion specific for dementia


3. Door Murals by Betterliving

Being able to get in and out of their own home, or simply move between rooms easily will increase your loved one’s sense of reassurance and independence. Getting the balance right between keeping someone with Alzheimer's or dementia safe, while still allowing them as much freedom as possible can be tricky. Using a door mural at home can make a big difference in their quality of life, and your peace of mind.

Door mural for dementia, conceals door

Door Murals are realistic, full-sized photographic door stickers that are used to camouflage doors or doorways and replace them with pleasing home-like imageries. It prevents someone with dementia from entering where they might be at risk, such as the basement, attic, garage or utility room. To them, these doors simply disappear.
The door murals are easy to install and can be trimmed to fit. We have the choice of 5 images: a bookshelf, a crockery shelf, a book and frame shelf, a sideboard and an outdoor pot with plants.


4. Large Weekly Pill Dispenser by Aidapt

Remembering to take pills on time can be a very difficult task for someone with dementia during a lapse of memory or an episode of confusion.
This Large Weekly Pill Dispenser is a medication organiser that provides a simple reminder for your loved ones to take their medication daily. It contains 7 grids for a week. The easy to open, flip-top lids are marked with letters corresponding to each day of the week. It works as a simple prompt to remind the user to take their medication.


5. Standard Kettle Tipper by Homecraft

A Standard Kettle Tipper is a practical assistive device that minimises the effort of pouring water from a kettle and reduces the risk of spills. It is a frame in which you place the kettle: it sits comfortably on the raised platform that pivots. The non-slip feet prevent it from moving while pouring. It is an ideal device for older adults having limited wrist strength and movement. Pouring water from a kettle is no longer strenuous or dangerous!


Kettle tipper, helps pouring hot water


It can be challenging to see your loved ones go through dementia. You can, however, this Christmas help out by giving them useful gadgets to make their life easier.

We hope to have given you some inspiration for great presents!