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Don't confuse spring allergies with Covid-19 symptoms!

Don't confuse spring allergies with Covid-19 symptoms!


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Seasonal allergies?


Sneezing (either ongoing or episodic) is a common symptom of many medical conditions

No. Sneezing is not a common sign of Covid-19 infection.

Yes. Allergies can commonly cause sneezing.

Nasal Congestion & runny nose

This happens when inflamed tissue inside the nose produces excessive fluid, resulting in a runny nose.

No. Covid-19 does not cause nasal congestion or a runny nose.

Yes. Nasal congestion or a runny nose are very common signs of nasal allergies.

Itchy or watery eyes

Itchy or watery eyes is an overproduction of tears.

No. Coronavirus does not trigger eye discomfort.

Yes. Allergies commonly trigger eye discomfort, such as itchy and watery eyes.


Headaches occur in several forms, from tension headaches to sinus pain to migraines.

Sometimes. This could be a symptom of Covid-19

Sometimes. Seasonal allergies can cause migraines and sinus headaches.


Body temperature above 38°C is considered a fever

Yes. Fever is a reliable indicator of a coronavirus infection

No. Fever is not a sign of seasonal allergies.

Dry Cough

Is a cough that does not produce mucus.

Yes. Dry cough is a key symptom of coronavirus.

Sometimes. Seasonal allergies may cause a dry cough that can linger for several weeks

Shortness of breath

This feels as if you can’t get enough air. It can be accompanied by chest pain or chest ‘tightness’.

Yes. Shortness of breath in conjunction with dry cough and fever can indicate a potential Covid-19 infection

Sometimes. When the person has a respiratory condition such as asthma

Sore throat

Sore throats can be caused by a virus or bacterial infection.

Sometimes. Can be a warning sign of coronavirus.

Sometimes. Usually the symptoms of a sore throat are mild.

Muscle or body ache

Muscle or body ache is a sign of many conditions, like flu. Can also be caused by anaemia, stress, arthritis, vitamin D deficiency or fibromyalgia.

Yes. Although this is a less common symptom, it still occurs. Some people even experience intense body sores

No. Allergies should not cause muscle or body ache.

Loss of smell or taste

Loss of smell or taste can be signs of several health problems.

Yes. These symptoms -temporary or sometimes permanent - appear to be prevalent in Covid-19.

Common. Hay fever can affect your sense of smell and taste.


Vomiting or nausea are common symptoms of many conditions.

Yes. Some patients experience nausea or vomiting before getting a fever.

No. Vomiting and nausea are rarely associated with seasonal allergies.


Diarrhea is a common symptom that usually does not last more than a few days.

Sometimes. Diarrhea symptoms can appear to Covid-19 patients first, before fever and difficulty breathing.

Sometimes. It is not a common symptom but can occur. Diarrhea is especially common in food allergies. 


Fatigue or constant tiredness can be a physical or mental condition or both.

Sometimes. Coronavirus can make you feel depleted and very tired.

Sometimes. Seasonal allergies can make you tired due to the lack of sleep caused by constant nasal congestion.


When your spring allergy symptoms are really bad, your sinuses can be sore and achy. Clear a blocked nose with a preservative-free nasal decongestant.


Nozoil Nasal Spray - Flo                       

Nozoil Nasal Spray is an effective treatment that will put an end to your stuffy nose.

The spray is the easiest way to unclog your nose during allergy season.



Nozoil Nasal Drops                       


Nozoil Nasal Drops helps relieve nasal dryness and restores moist in the crusty nasal tissues.

The sesame seed oil brings long lasting moisturising effects.




Dry air can cause problems for those who suffer from respiratory problems or allergies. Breathing air that is higher in humidity is a way to relieve the symptoms and discomfort of allergies and asthma. Try a vaporiser or humidifier.



Ultrasonic Vaporiser = Able Asthma                       


Our Ultrasonic Vaporiser by trusted brand AbleAsthma is a 5-in-1 air purifier, humidifier, ionizer and aroma diffuser (in combination with essential oils).

Discover the health benefits and natural healing power of our ultrasonic cool mist vaporizer.

VapourMist Humidifier - AbleAsthma                       


The VapourMist Humidifier can prevent dry air that is harsh on the throat and nasal passages.

It will ensure there is enough moisture in the air to keep your sinuses open, while increasing your sleep quality. It can also be used as an aroma diffuser and air purifier.





If your allergies are caused by asthma, these devices can help you with some relief:




Wymedical Portable Mesh Nebuliser                       


The Wymedical Portable Mesh Nebuliser is a very handy and small handheld nebuliser that uses vibrating mesh technology. It fits discreetly in your bag or pocket. The quiet device has adjustable flow rate to ease asthma and other airway diseases.




Liberty Pump Nebuliser                       


Our Liberty Pump Nebuliser by Liberty Health is an aerosol therapy device that allows continuous operation thanks to its compressor.

The device is a quality product suitable for a wide range of medication. Ideal for home use. It comes with a full set of accessories: mask, mouthpiece and nasal sprongs.






Nebuliser mask                       

Nebuliser Mask for adult 

Great mask that is compatible with the Liberty Pump Nebuliser.




Travel-Air Portable Nebuliser                       


 Travel-Air Portable Nebuliser by AbleAsthma 

ensures fast and effective treatment. 

The great benefit of this device is the fact that it is compact and lightweight, making it very convenient at home or on-the-go.