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Elderly Australians: Your Fitness and Happiness Goals for 2020

Elderly Australians: Your Fitness and Happiness Goals for 2020

You might be asking yourself one of the most common questions at this time of the year: what should my New Year’s resolutions be? Many people make ambitious resolutions at the start of the year, and some of them end up achieving them as well.

We have some goals that we recommend to inspire your life in 2020.


Some of us are unsure as to what our New Year’s resolutions are. It may not be a year to prioritise fitness goals when a new career might be more desirable. Or perhaps people want to take the time for themselves to develop in their own growth and development.

Some of these goals can be small compared to others but that doesn’t mean any one of them is less important to you. Whilst there are plenty of goals we can set ourselves at the beginning of each year.


1)    New Year – New Me

new year new me

This can be one of the most misunderstood goals because for a lot of people this can mean many things like: dropping the baggage of 2019 and embracing positive change for oneself or more radically, vastly changing your way of life, personality, appearance, etc. This goal is different from person to person.

What we believe is important about every New Year is learning from your successes and challenges and taking the new year as a new opportunity to explore new ventures for your life so you can grow and develop.

Realising what we enjoy and not being constrained by things that don’t motivate us is important and it allows us to embrace a new year feeling positive and more connected with our best interests.


2)    Improved Health and Fitness


With summer hitting Australia at the beginning of every year, it’s a wonderful time to go outside, move around and also enjoy fresh food. This also allows us to spring our fitness plans into action to try and improve our overall physical performance. Why not try some senior fitness equipment that you can use at home.

With action comes a change to how we look and feel which is a great catalyst for motivation for ourselves.

If the motivation to start going to a gym seems too strenuous to some, then we recommend getting fitter from home with some home exercise equipment such as the following:

  • Dumbbells – Getting a lightweight hand weight set of dumbbells like those designed by Metron is perfect for basic strength training throughout the day.
  • A yoga mat – Having a comfortable, soft surfaced yoga mat is ideal for stretching, exercising or practising pilates or yoga. This is a good way to start the year with less stress.
  • Shoulder pulleys – For those who want greater arm mobility or strength, consider getting a shoulder pulley that can be easily hooked on a bedroom door and used regularly to keep your upper body flexible.
  • Pedal Exerciser – To improve basic mobility for your legs or knees a pedal exerciser is a great low impact tool for the home that doesn’t take up much space and can be used for injury recovery.
  • Activity Tracker – It’s very common to see athletes wearing activity trackers as they are very good at helping to monitor fitness performance. But it is not only suitable for athletes: you can wear one too! It’s particularly good to consider an Activity Tracker for elderly as it’s a simple, easy-to-use tracker that includes calorie tracking and keeps an eye on your steps walked and sleep quality.

If you would like to read more on how to stick to your resolutions, you might want to read: "Older Adults: Top New Year's Resolutions for a healthier 2020".

3)    Travel to your special destination

Seniors and traveling

It’s finally time to stop procrastinating and to venture off to new exciting locations around the world. Even if you only have one place you really want to go. Try to find the time to travel to wherever your next destination may be.

Understandably, there may be certain obstacles that are in your way from taking the time off to properly travel to a new location. However, the chance to even step outside of your routine or your state affords you so many exciting opportunities with the greatest reward being a renewed appreciation for the country we live in.


4)    Spend more time with the people that bring you Happiness

People that bring happiness

There are many people that come into our lives but only a handful will be truly important and give you the time you deserve. It’s important to realise that amongst friends and family that not everyone can support you the way you want to be supported.

It’s good to know who you want to spend more time in 2020. They can be friends or family members but if they don’t offer you the support you require then make room for the people who do.




Whilst these are our selection of New Year’s resolutions, there are plenty of others that we didn’t list in this article. None of these resolutions may resonate with you but what is important, is that you have clarity as to what you’re aiming for in 2020.

Even if you don’t, there’s plenty of goals that you can work towards that will drive you closer to achieving greater contentment and making 2020 your year! Just have a go with our range of senior fitness equipment!