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Older Adults: Top New Year's Resolutions for a healthier 2020

Older Adults: Top New Year's Resolutions for a healthier 2020

The words on everyone’s lips: what should my new year’s resolutions be? Your health is your greatest wealth, we all know this saying. Have you given it some thought? It’s the foundation from which you are able to do anything else - like travel, build meaningful relationships or earn money. You only get one body. So, how do you maximise your health for a vibrant and happy year? Which senior fitness equipment will help you achieve your goals?

Establish some new habits. It may be hard to change some habits, however it is never too late! Choose 2-3 resolutions that you can stick to. No more, no less. The key to success lies in being realistic about what you can implement and maintain in your schedule and with your current health status:

-       Make realistic fitness goals, achievable and manageable in terms of time or effort

-       Work out to feel good, not to lose weight

-       Find a friend or relative that will join you so you can work together to realise your new goal.

-       Be consistent and don’t give up. It takes approximately 66 days to change a habit.

-       Small steps at the time: small adjustments can have a huge impact

-       Celebrate small wins

1.   Healthy diet, make healthier food decisions


Eating a healthy diet is very important at every age. Healthy food helps with a healthy weight. The food we put in our bodies for fuel affects everything from sleep to the likelihood of being diagnosed with diseases, to emotional moods. Eating a clean and well-balanced diet can be achieved in smaller steps. 

It’s not just about your macros (protein, carbs and fat), it’s also about adding foods with live enzymes, like chlorophyll, vitamins, and minerals. Consider taking some multivitamins or dietary supplements. They might be helpful in your quest to stay healthy and strong. Ask your healthcare professional for advice to see which options could be helpful for you.

Incorporate foods that are packed with nature’s goodness: fresh vegetables and fruit, nuts, legumes, whole grains and beans. Studies have shown that incorporating these in your daily diet significantly decreases the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease and can slow down the progression of conditions such as blood pressure and cholesterol, arthritis and certain cancers common among seniors. Try to make your plate as colourful as possible. Add some fish at least every week and aim to reduce your red meat consumption (lean protein such as turkey and chicken are encouraged though!). Avoid ready-made meals, quick meals, instant packet foods and sauces and any other processed foods. Sugar has also proven to be hazardous to your health. Make sure to use olive oil instead of butter or margarine when you are preparing your meal.  Challenge yourself to cook something new, nutritious and interesting once a week.

These guidelines should not be hard to follow and incorporate easily into your daily life. No matter what stage you are in life, taking care of your body is very important. Please pay attention to the foods and nutrients you are eating!

2.   Hydrate well, drink enough water


Did you know that water promotes cardiovascular health, helps your muscles and joints work better, cleanse your body inside and out and keeps your body cool? The rule of thumb is to consume one glass of water per 10 kg of body weight, each day. If you weigh 70kg, you need to drink 7 glasses of water per day. If it’s difficult, start with fewer and work your way up to your goal. This is a great one to add to your list of New Year’s Resolution Ideas 2020.

Drinking more water can help to stop cravings for tea and coffee, and foods you should be avoiding. This is because we often confuse our body’s thirst for hunger - leading to snacking when we should be drinking water. Keep in mind that tea, coffee, and other dehydrating and caffeinated beverages don’t count as part of your water intake.

3.   New Year’s Resolution Ideas 2020: get up, get active and move


Your circulatory system (heart and lungs) alongside your muscles, your brain, and your bones need you to do at least 30 minutes of intentional exercise per day. This means elevating your heart rate to a safe number and sustaining that effort.

Seniors can benefit from doing 4 types of activity regularly: endurance, strength, balance and flexibility. 'Aerobic' exercises comprise running, cycling, walking and swimming to improve endurance: activities that stimulate your lungs and heart.

Exercises to 'strengthen muscles' (also called resistance training) are activities that make your muscles stronger. Think of weightlifting with dumbbells, climbing stairs or working with resistance bands.  

The third category is 'Balance' exercises. These activities will prevent falls, a common problem with seniors. Think of standing on one-foot, tai chi or yoga.

'Flexibility' exercises' will stretch your muscles and keep your body stay agile. Being flexible will give you more range of movement to do your daily activities like getting dressed or get up from your chair.  Flexibility exercises comprise yoga, shoulder stretch, and calf stretch.

You can choose whether you wish to run, cycle, walk or perform other aerobic exercises. If you have joint pain or battle with your bone health and impact, swimming is ideal. It increases muscle tone, builds bone density, and there’s far less risk of injury due to impact. Water aerobics classes are wonderful and fun too! Most older adults tend to focus on one activity but mixing up will not only give you more benefits, it will help reduce boredom and cut the risk of injuries. Some exercises or activities fit into more then one category. F.i., endurance exercises also build strength and help with your balance. Yoga is an excellent activity as it combines strength, flexibility and balance!



There are so many wonderful tools to simplify your New Year’s Resolution Ideas 2020. Chose a resolution that you can achieve and which uses a form of senior fitness equipment that you can enjoy.  If you are going for a walk, get an activity tracker to monitor your heart rate, blood pressure, the steps or distance you walked. A great device to help you build healthy habits and achieve your fitness goals!

If you are thinking of joining a yoga or pilates class with a friend, why not buy a fitness/pilates/yoga mat together with one or two vinyl coated dumbbells?  These weights are a great exercise equipment for at home. Set up a home gym in the comfort of your own house!

If you prefer cycling but are a bit insecure on the bike? Get a leg or arm pedal exerciser and get moving from the comfort of your own chair. You could say that this piece of equipment is comparable to a foldable treadmill. Very convenient!

A hand grip or gel ball is a great hand exerciser designed to build up strength, dexterity and mobility in your fingers, hand and forearm reducing joint pain and stiffness. To help you get fitter in this new year, we have put together a Fitness Bundle Saver with special senior exercise equipment. It contains a yoga/pilatess mat, a set of dumbbells, a Theraband shoulder pulley and, a fitness activity tracker. 

Whatever you decide to do, keep tabs on your progress and monitor your health. Let’s kick off the new decade on the right note and create a healthier, happier lifestyle.

Bettercaremarket wishes you much success, whichever New Year’s resolution you choose.