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Elderly care: preventing falls at home with this convenient mobility aid

Elderly care: preventing falls at home with this convenient mobility aid

When it comes to elderly care, safety for your loved one at home deserves close attention. Falls present a major issue to the health and wellbeing of our seniors. They can cause injuries, fractures, loss of confidence and independence.


With this in mind, it is important to do what you can to prevent falls. We have found the right falls prevention aid that will keep your loved ones safe and will prevent them from trips and falls .


Falls in people over 65

Statistics on falls in elderly

As we age, our muscles weaken, and our balance decreases, and we become more likely to fall. Our bones are much more prone to fracture.

An estimate 1 in 3 people over 65 experience a fall at home each year and this figure rises to 1 in 2 for those over 80. Around 1/4 of the falls leads to serious injuries like head injuries, hip fractures and broken bones. For the majority, these incidents occurred at home or at aged care facilities. 

Elderly ladies and mobility

These numbers will continue to increase if safety measures at home are not put in place. 

If you find that you are less steady on your feet, it might be worth considering a mobility aid such as our Multifunctional Over toilet frame to help you with your balance.


If you are recovering from a hip or knee surgery, make sure to read our blog The benefits of the Multifunctional Chair after hip and knee surgery. It might include some more handy tips on how to use this innovative mobility device. 

Convenience of this practical 

The great benefit of the Multifunctional Shower Chair is that it converts into 5 other mobility aids in a moment:

  • a raised toilet seat: great toilet aid to raise the height of your existing toilet. Perfect if your loved one finds it difficult to bend!
  • a bedside commode: allows for toileting in the bedroom, if the user finds it difficult to get to the bathroom at night  
  • an over toilet frame: makes it easier and safer to sit and stand up from the toilet. 
  • a stand-assist: will help the user get out of the chair or couch
  • a walking frame: will assist in moving around the house more safely

Multifunctional Chair, 6-in-1 mobility aid


Many seniors may not have the strength to move big and cumbersome equipment in their home. 

With falls happening during the night, you have the ability to either use it as a bedside commode chair next to your bed or use it as a walker in order to maintain balance while walking to the bathroom.  Along with the convenience of placing the toilet seat over the existing toilet within moments, this mobility aid makes for easy access and a safe alternative. 

The simple and convenient portability allows for easy usage as a shower chair as well.  At the same time, it can be used as a toilet surround frame to support you when seating or getting up and as a toilet seat raiser.

Travel is another area that many may have been limited to because of the amount of accommodating equipment needed for their daily living.  However, with the Multifunctional Shower Chair and Over Toilet Frame there are no limits! 

Foldable Multifunctional Chair

The adaptive mobility device is practical and can be transported on the plane, train, car and cruise ship.  The lightweight aluminium frame provides durability and portability for travel.  Using the frame as a walker and packing the accessories in your luggage makes it an ideal mobility aid with great portability. 

The suitability of using any shower without a bulky piece of equipment to transport.  The flexibility of placing the bench or toilet seat allows for more independence to use anywhere at any time. 


Regain independence with this assistive device

The Multifunctional Shower Chair and Over Toilet Frame  is a useful assistive device that helps people retain their mobility and independence. By encouraging the use of it, you can help your loved ones with reduced strength to gain the confidence and self-esteem they need to be more independent.

Multifunctional chair as walker

The lightweight yet sturdy aluminium frame is easy to use, without complicated instructions. Pieces are easy to attach (and remove) and take minimal time making it a very convenient solution for individual use. 


Save cost and time with our mobility aid

The average costs for a hospital stay - in order to recover from a fall - can be quite high, as well as the time it takes to recover.  Family and friends also may take time off from work to help to support a patient who has fallen.  If the patient was employed, you would have to take the time that is lost to their recovery. 

When considering the total costs of a fall versus the cost of investing in equipment that can help support you, this is worth the investment!  This one piece of equipment has many convenient functions, replacing the need for a toilet commode, a shower chair, a stand-assist, a raised toilet chair, a toilet support and a walker.  The average cost of each piece of equipment is $65, totaling $390 for all six! 

Cost effective mobility equipment for elderly


Without a doubt, falls at home have a significant impact on individuals and their families, not to mention the burden on the health system. As such, devices that help prevent falls are incredibly important.

That is when the Multifunctional Shower Chair and Over Toilet Frame can help. It is a great mobility aid that combines 6 functionalities in 1, so you can save money!


Save space with this helpful mobility equipment for elderly

Without having to store a toilet commode, shower chair, stand-assist, raised toilet chair and walking frame saves space!  Many bathrooms are not large and make it difficult to manoeuvre in with bulky equipment. 

Foldable mobility walker


Having a multifunctional mobility aid allows for room to spare.  If a person has downsized and lives in a home with limited space, this piece of equipment is ideal.




As the number of elderly people will grow, so will - unfortunately - the number of falls. One practical device that might help prevent falls is a multifunctional shower chair and over toilet frame. With its 6 functionalities in 1, this convenient piece of equipment turns into a shower chair, walking frame, bed commode, toilet frame, raised toilet seat and stand-assist.

The Multifunctional Shower Chair and Over Toilet Frame is a very practical mobility walker that can assist elderly people to perform various daily tasks.

If you would like to see all of our mobility aids we have currently available, feel free to browse through our Mobility section.



At Bettercaremarket, we offer a great selection of mobility aids to assist you with your daily living needs such as walkers, walking sticks, crutches that are designed for those customers with limited mobility or reduced strength.