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The benefits of the Multifunctional Chair after hip or knee surgery

The benefits of the Multifunctional Chair after hip or knee surgery

Hip or knee replacement surgery is a major procedure. Nowadays, if you go into surgery, you’re expected to walk and put weight on your operative leg just hours after surgery. As part of the recovery process and the transition home, specific assistive devices are highly recommended. One such device is a multifunctional over toilet frame and shower chair, an affordable and innovative piece of medical equipment that improves surgical recovery by focussing on creating a safe and independent rehabilitation space at home.  


To prevent injuries after the procedure you should continue with your usual activities whilst being mindful of the necessary precautions. Certain movements such as bending your leg or upper body beyond 90 degrees are restrictive.

Details Multifunctional Chair_bettercaremarket

This chair can transform into 6 different functionalities: a raised toilet seat, a Zimmer frame, a commode chair, a shower chair, a toilet surround frame and stand-assist. Our multifunctional chair is a great helping hand for recovering from your hip or knee surgery!



 1.    Raised Toilet Seat


Your surgeon, doctor, or physical therapist will recommend a raised toilet seat for after your operation to restrict the bending of your hip or knee, which occurs when you are sitting too low. A raised toilet seat will minimise the risk of falling and the use of muscle required to get on and off the toilet. It will allow you to use a toilet without discomfort by raising the seat and assist with transferring on and off the toilet.


How do you sit on the toilet after surgery?

Thanks to the height adjustable legs, the toilet seat raiser can be fit to the height of the user. Bring the multifunctional chair over the toilet. The seat will function as your raised toilet seat. It elevates the height of the seating. Remove the lid and you are ready

Sitting down on the toilet can be a challenge. As you begin to lower yourself you will realise that squatting is painful. Ideally gently try to lower yourself down on the seat while letting your surgical leg slide forward. You can use the frame as a handrail to get you up and down. This will give you improved stability and handling you need.

The anti-slip rubber tips will offer steadiness even on wet surfaces. The plastic seat and lid clip off facilitating hygienic and easy cleaning.



 2.    Commode chair


Multifunctional Commode Chair_bettercaremarket

If the toilet is difficult to access without assistance, you may use the multifunctional chair as a bedside commode chair. This is especially useful during the early recovery period and will reduce the pressure on your knee or hip. It houses a basin under the seat, converting the chair into a commode. Place the commode chair close to your bed and you are ready to go! Make sure to adjust the commode chair to the right height to help maintain the 90-degree knee or hip flexion rule.




3.    Shower chair

Slippery surfaces in the bathroom are the most dangerous spaces for those recovering from a surgery. A shower chair is very useful as your balance has diminished after the operation and you will not be able to stand for a longer period of time. The device will allow you post-operatively to sit and wash without the risk of slipping or discomfort. It will also permit independence and privacy.


Make sure to adjust the height of the multifunctional chair to enable you to sit and stand with ease. When standing up, move your bottom to the front of the seat ensuring your feet are firmly on the floor. Use the armrests to push yourself up into standing position.


4.    Toilet Surround Frame

An over toilet aid, also called a toilet surround frame will assist the user moving on and off the toilet. The width between the armrests is 52.5 cm accommodating for bariatric patients as well.

Toilet surround frame

Our 6-in-1 multifunctional chair is a very good option for patients who have limited mobility before and after the surgery. The over toilet aid can be easily transferred to the bed, shower, or wheelchair.


5.    Zimmer frame

The advantage of our multifunctional chair is the fact that even after you have recovered from your surgery you can use it as a stand-alone Zimmer frame or walker.

Walker for elderly

As mobility can be a challenge just after surgery, a walking frame will certainly assist you to move more safely by yourself. The walker will support you and prevent you from falling.




6.    Stand - Assist

The shower chair is a stand-assist too. If you need a little support to get out of your couch or chair, our chair - as a stand-assist can be a good alternative that suits your needs. You have plenty of room to manoeuvre.

Stand-assist for elderly

To get up, push yourself up with the assistance of the handrail, lean over the Zimmer frame and stand tall.




A handy feature is that the frame folds down easily for convenient storage and transport. The adaptive equipment can be transported in a car, plane or train.  With its aluminium frame and moulded plastic seat, the multifunctional chair is lightweight and corrosion resistant.


The chair comes as a flat-pack and is easy to assemble, without complicated instructions. It takes minimal time to get the multifunctional chair become your convenient solution mobility gripes within your home after surgery!



Investing in a multifunctional chair might be a good idea if you are looking for a useful assistive device after a hip or knee surgery that helps you retain your mobility and independence.

This convenient piece of medical equipment will assist you with toilet, shower, bath and bedside care: all with just one device as the multifunctional chair transform into a Zimmer frame, commode chair, shower chair, raised toilet seat and over toilet aid.

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