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How to make life easier for seniors: a buyer's guide

How to make life easier for seniors: a buyer's guide

If there is one thing that really changes the quality of life for seniors, it is the loss of balance and the fear of falling. As you grow older, it becomes more difficult to enjoy life in the way you were used to.

However, to make life easier for you, there are many useful senior care aids that can make everyday tasks easier. From bathroom aids to kitchen devices and healthcare products, there are plenty of independent living aids that can help seniors go about their daily routine with improved safety.

Aids for daily living for seniors

We have come up with this extensive guide of daily living aids that will make your life easier as you get older.



Extra Long Shoehorn - Helping Hand

Bending over can be a big deal for seniors. An extra long shoehorn from Helping Hand is a good solution for people whose reach, dexterity or ability to bend is limited due to arthritis or back/leg injuries.


Reacher – Handi-grip

Stretching and reaching out to items can be an issue. A rotating reacher from Handi-Grip is a comfortable and multipurpose tool designed to grab items in high places, behind the couch, from the shelf or pick up from the floor. It has several features, such as:      

Reacher can pick up items from the floor

  • Ergonomic design: lightweight, comfortable and portable grip
  • A rotating 90° head swivels allowing you to easily reach the objects that are in tight places
  • The jaw is made up of soft material, making it easy to pick-up delicate items. The magnet will help grab the smallest hard to get objects.


Back Rest - Days

The comfortable Back Rest from Days is an adaptive piece of equipment to use as a back support which assists with comfort and overall positioning in bed. It is a simple way to help seniors sit up in bed: it can be easily adjusted to a number of positions and placed at a more convenient angle for those getting into bed.


Bed side wedges - Pelican

bed side wedge is a great alternative to conventional bed rails as they will prevent someone from falling out of bed. You place them on both sides of the user. They are attached to a sheet which is held in place with hook and loop strips.


Dressing aids

Dressing aids are ideal for seniors that suffer from temporary or permanent mobility issues or from pain while bending. Dressing aids will assist you with putting on clothes, socks, buttoning, removing shoes.

Dressing aids can consist of:

  • Sock and Stocking aids will help you put on socks or stockings without bending
  • Button hooks are essential for seniors, as they help them to button their shirt without fiddling
  • Dressing sticks provide the independence seniors need to dress themselves 


Dawn Clock

The Dawn Clock is a convenient device that provides structure and reassurance to seniors by organising their day. It will help them with any confusion that may arise from using a regular analogue clock. The functionality is very useful for Dementia or Alzheimer’s sufferers, those who have had a brain injury or memory loss, people with a disability, autism sufferers or visually impaired.  


Dementia clock and reminder

The Dawn Clock features day and time settings, and 13 very useful reminder functions, such as ’time for your medication’, ‘time for lunch’, ‘time to get dressed’ etc. It is currently the most trusted Calendar and Reminder clock for customers and carers in Australia.




Multifunctional Over toilet Frame – Assist Ability Australia

The multifunctional over toilet frame and commode has about 6 functions entailed in one.  

The frame can be converted into an over toilet frame, a Zimmer frame, a shower chair, a raised toilet seat, a bedside commode, a handrail and a lifting aid.

It is ideal for seniors. 

Multifunctional toilet frame and commode


Raised Toilet Seat with armrests

A raised toilet seat with armrests is a very useful toilet seat riser that assists users, who have difficulty in lowering to or standing from a standard toilet level. The great advantage is that they are very easy to fix with no extra tools needed.

Raised Toilet Seat with armrests

This device is designed as a bathroom safety solution to reduce bending, making it very suitable for arthritis patients or those with limited mobility. Ideal for after a hip or knee surgery. The raised toilet seat is an invaluable device for seniors that will help make life more convenient. The seat comes with or without a lid. 


Bath transfer board - Aquasense

The bath transfer board from Aquasense enables the elderly to sit and transfer in and out of the bath when it is not easy or safe to step in. This bathroom aid with adjustable width is designed to fit most bathtubs. The bath transfer board will boost confidence by providing the necessary support.


Bottom Wiper

Independence, privacy and convenience for seniors are restored with the use of a bottom wiper. It is an excellent toileting aid designed to be used from the front. It is ideal for anybody who may have difficulty wiping without the help of a carer.

Bottom Wiper by Homecraft

It is an ideal tool for bariatric users or after surgery to maintain good levels of hygiene by providing a more cleanly approach to wiping.


Grab Rail

It is primarily used in the bathroom and toilet but can also be positioned somewhere else in your home. It provides support for seniors or people with limited mobility to safely get in or out of the bath, hold on to in the shower or help standing up from the toilet.

This bathroom safety solution will boost confidence and assist to navigate the showers or the toilets. There are different models and types: fixed or detachable grab rails.



Easi Grip from Peta

The ergonomic Easi Grip range of garden tools from Peta is ideal for those with limited mobility to enjoy gardening without the pain and discomfort traditional gardening tools offer.


Easi Grip Garden Trowel – Peta

The Easi Grip Garden Trowel has an unique design that reduces the stress in the wrist by allowing the hand and wrist to stay in a natural angle. The handle is soft for great comfort while the stainless steel permits easy maneuvering.

Easi Grip garden Tools


Easi Grip Garden Cultivator – Peta

The Easi Grip Garden Cultivator from Peta is uniquely shaped to keep your wrist in its natural position. Thanks to its lightweight design, it allows a firm grip and alleviates the strain on your hand and wrist.


Easi Grip Garden Fork – Peta

The Easi Grip Garden Fork by Peta has an innovative shape that allows the user to maintain a stable hold on the tool, removing the strain from the wrist. A great gardening tool with extra support for a very safe gardening experience.


Easi Grip Garden Support Cuff – Peta

The Easi Grip Garden Support Cuff can be connected to all three Eazi Grip garden tools. It will increase leverage making it an even easier to enjoy gardening. This adaptive tool has a non-slip grip and is very suitable for arthritis, osteoporosis and Parkinson’s patients.





Self-opening kitchen sears – Peta

These self-opening kitchen scissors have been fitted with a spring to allow the scissor to reopen automatically after the pressure is released. They are a comfortable tool for seniors with a weak hand, tremor or arthritis, making cutting so much easier.


Twister jar Opener – Hoecraft

The Twister jar opener by Homecraft is a convenient tool for those with hand mobility problem or arthritis to help open jars. The opener provides a firm grip and hold. It will maintain independent living for seniors with strength impairments.

Twister Jar Opener


Kettle Tipper – Homecraft

The Kettle tipper from Homecraft is an excellent kitchen aid that allows elderly with poor grip or arthritis to safely pour from a kettle without supporting the kettle’s weight. It is built to suit most cordless kettles. The metal plate secures the base of the kettle and a hook and loop strapped frame will keep the upper part of the kettle in place.

Kettle Tipper. kitchen aid for seniors

Egg Cracker - Ezcracker

The Egg cracker from Ezcracker is the ultimate kitchen tool for seniors. It is used to crack and separate eggs in one simple motion, removing the stress of cracking, and the hunt for shell pieces after cracking the egg. Ideal for those with joint pain or those who have suffered a stroke.





Pen and pencil grip - Ansa

If you have reduced grip or dexterity as a result of arthritis or other condition, simple tasks such as writing can be very difficult. The Pen and pencil grip from Ansa makes holding a pencil much easier thanks to the soft PVC moulding that slides on to a normal pen or pencil. It is supplied in a pack of 3.


Easi Grip Scissors - Peta

Easi Grip scissors by Peta are lightweight scissors that are made with a self-opening feature to help those older adults with weak hands or grip difficulties (who are unable to use conventional style scissors).



The Spillnot is a perfect solution for seniors with a slight hand tremor or weak hands. This great tool will help them carry hot or cold cups anywhere without spilling their contents. A fantastic invention and very effective!

Spillnot, drink cup holder

Pill Cutter - Ansa

The Tablet splitter from Ansa is made up of a plastic case with stainless steel blade to use by seniors that find it hard to swallow tablets, pills and vitamins. It easily and accurately divides medication up to 13 mm in diameter and stores them.




The Spillnot is a perfect solution for seniors with a slight hand tremor or weak hands. This great tool will help you carry hot or cold cups anywhere without spilling their contents. A fantastic invention and very effective!


Adaptive crockery and cutlery

As conditions as arthritis or dementia progresses, eating can be harder as coordination declines. It becomes harder to feed yourself using the standard crockery and cutlery. That is the reason why specialist eating utensils can be very useful.

  • Bendable Cutlery Set

This adaptive cutlery set of knife, fork and spoon is ideal for seniors with a weak grip or those suffering from conditions such as Arthritis or Parkinson’s disease. The fork and spoon are bendable to the user’s needs.


  • Stabilising Spoon - Elispoon

The stabilising Spoon by Elispoon is a revolutionary spoon for those who suffer from uncontrollable shaking of the hands. The device detects the motion but keeps it horizontal at all times. There are no electrical components or batteries, making it very easy to carry with you and to clean. This adaptive spoon is designed to enable independent eating, making life easier for the users and their carers.


  • Adaptive crockery

Adaptive plates and bowls address eating problems for dementia, post-stroke patients, and arthritis sufferers. These dinnerware items are designed to allow users to eat independently. They include features such as built-up rims and non-skid surfaces, which make it easier for the user to grasp and eat food with utensils. Check our category: kitchen & dining aids to find all useful crockery items. 

It reliefs your work as a carer and gives the users more confidence.




Long Handled Toe washer - Homecraft

If bending and reaching is difficult for you, then this Long handled toe washer from Homecraft will make washing between your toes easier. This handy washing accessory features a long and easy to grip handle. It is very suitable for seniors who have difficulty bending


Long Handled Comb & Brush 

The Long handled comb & brush has an extended handle which provides an easier reach. The handle is pleasant to hold, making it comfortable for seniors suffering from arthritis.


Easi Grip Toe Nail Scissors - Peta

Ease and safety must be looked at when talking about foot care for seniors. The Easi Grip toe nail scissors has a long loop handle, which is designed to make use of the strength of the middle, ring and small fingers.


Beauty Body washer

The Beauty Body washer by Etac was designed to make it easy to reach all part of the body. This makes it ideal for your seniors with issues when bending and stretching can be painful.




Key Turner - Homecraft

Without the use of the correct equipment, you may find turning a key in the lock challenging. If you have reduced grip strength (which could be the case of arthritis), then this Key Turner from Homecraft may be of assistance. It provides an easy grip and good leverage for turning any Yale type door key and unlock your door. There are two options available: the single key turner and the double key turner.

Key turner for seniors


Pill Bottle Opener with Magnifier - Aidapt

The Pill bottle opener with magnifier from Aidapt is specially designed to open different pill and medicine bottle caps. The device has a very good grip due to the externally and internally ribbed body and therefore ideal for seniors with weak hands or arthritis. The magnifier helps to make reading the label convenient.


Crosshead Tap Turner - Homecraft

Arthritis and other conditions that weaken the hand can make everyday tasks like using a tap extremely difficult. The Crosshead tap turner by Homecraft will help you. This ingenious device clamps over the existing tap and provides the leverage to turn the tap open or close without any effort.



Thresholds present a serious trip and fall hazard for many elderly who have mobility issues. A ramp can be placed at the point of transition, preventing you to trip. At the same time, a ramp gives easy access for a wheelchair.



Seniors need our daily care. If you are a senior or if you are caring for a senior loved one, you probably know how hard sometimes daily life can be.

This buyer’s guide full of effective senior care products will make your daily life easier, more enjoyable and more convenient. These devices designed for specific parts of the house (and outside) and for different functions. From bathroom aids and garden tools to kitchen gadgets and healthcare products, there are plenty of aids that can help our older adults go about their daily routine safely and easily.