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How to make the challenging task to put on your socks easier?

How to make the challenging task to put on your socks easier?

There are many reasons why you may find it difficult to put on socks. The extensive range of motion can be very challenging for people who have reached a certain age, those who suffere from arthritis, Parkinson’s, back pain, lack of upper body strength, pregnant women and bariatric individuals. If you belong to one of these groups, then you might need help in putting on socks.

Putting on socks without a sock aid

Occupational therapists advise those recovering from a knee or hip replacement to use a sock slider to get dressed safely in order to keep their body in the right position.

Getting a sock aid is the best way forward! A benefit is that it helps individuals retain their independence.


How can a sock aid help you?

Although the product itself has been designed keeping our elderly users in mind, this adaptive sock dressing aid can also be used by those who suffer from a condition that doesn’t allow them a complete range of motion in the hands. Or if their mobility is temporarily or permanently disabled.

Putting on socks

People living with diabetes, excessive weight, spine and back problems, Parkinson's disease , arthritis, or those recovering from a hip or knee surgery, all have benefitted from using some of these sock sliders. Using a sock aid can prove to be exceptionally beneficial for you as it can help revive your sense of independence. 


How to use a sock aid?

There are many sock aids available in the market that help in putting on socks. All of them come with their unique set of advantages and using styles.

For example, the Sock and Stocking Dressing Aid is a dressing solution made from a pliable material that pulls your socks and stockings at the same time with minimal effort and is manufactured by Aidapt. Another one being offered by Aidapt and has a slightly different three-finger design. It is lined with nylon fabric to reduce friction while the exterior is made by terry cloth to hold the sock firmly.

Sock and stocking aid

Using a sock aid is easy. Simply place the sock or stocking onto the soft and bendable part of the device, then lower the sock aid to the floor, slide your foot through and pull the straps up to bring the sock up until the socks are completely on your feet.


Sock Aid from Homecraft

A great sock aid for the elderly that you should definitely consider buying is the Sock Aid from Homecraft. This one made in Australia can even be shared by you and your loved ones, as it offers the option to adjust with varying foot sizes regardless of the length or width of the feet.

Sock Aid by Homecraft

This product is especially advantageous for you if you require greater flexibility and ease of use while putting on socks as you only need one hand to operate it. The cords attached to this dressing device are 81 cm long. If you are rehabilitating from a knee or hip injury, this is an ideal product to have and use as it is lightweight and extremely easy to use. The lightly textured backside of the sock aid acts is slip-resistant, creating a secure hold.



There are many reasons you may need help in putting on socks, a major one being that you simply cannot bend downwards to put them on due to a physical limitation that does not allow you from making that extensive range of motion.

You might also want to get a dressing stick to help remove socks. Most of the sock aids are good at putting the sock on but won’t be of help if you need to take them off. Regardless, a sock aid is a great daily living aid that will make your life easier!