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Back Pain: Best Devices to Relieve Pain and Provide comfort On a Daily Basis

Back Pain: Best Devices to Relieve Pain and Provide comfort On a Daily Basis

Back Pain: best devices to relieve pain and provide comfort on daily basis

Back pain is one of the most common reasons why people miss work or seek medical treatment. It causes major discomfort and disrupts normal life. 

Read on to learn about the common factors that can affect back pain and the importance of treating back pain to help with pain relief.


Acute back pain starts suddenly and lasts up to 6 weeks while chronic (or long-term) pain develops over a period of time and lasts more than 3 months. Chronic back pain often results in recurring problems if left untreated.

Our back consists of a complex system of ligaments, muscles, bones, discs, nerves, and tendons that work together to support the body. It is the reason we can move around and function every day. The spine’s segments are cushioned with disks (or cartilage-like pads). Problems with any of these parts can cause acute or chronic back pain.

Exercising man with back pain


What causes back pain?

Common causes of back pain are tension, strain, or injury. These include falls, fractures, muscle spasm, damaged disks, muscle tension, and strained ligaments or muscles. 

Activities that result in spasms or strains are: poor posture, lifting (probably something too heavy), wrong position when lifting, pushing/pulling something heavy, sitting/standing for long periods, twisting, and making a sudden awkward movement.

In addition, numerous structural issues that can cause back pain are sciatica, bulging disks, ruptured disks, arthritis, osteoporosis, abnormal curve of the spine, and kidney stones or infections.

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People of various ages can develop back pain, including children and teens. Some factors that could put you at a greater risk of getting back pain are:

  • Age: back pain comes with aging and commonly starts between 30 and 40
  • Excess weight: extra kilos put stress on your back
  • Pregnancy: Added weight strains your back
  • Lack of exercise: unused, weak muscles in the abdomen and back may lead to back pain
  • Conditions or diseases: Arthritis, Sciatica and some types of cancer contribute to back pain
  • Smoking: decreases blood flow to the lower spine. This inhibits the body from distributing enough nutrients to the spinal disks. This also slows healing.
  • Psychological conditions: people with high tendencies to anxiety disorder and depression are more likely to develop back pain


How to treat back pain?

Back pain usually goes away with rest and home remedies. There are several ways of treating back pain as soon as you feel its onset. Over-the-counter pain relief medication such as anti-inflammatory drugs help relieve discomfort immediately.

Benefits of ice pack on the back_bettercaremarket

Applying an ice pack or hot compress can also assist in reducing pain. Check our back wrap with strap: This useful strap by TheraPearl can be used as a hot or cold therapy for fast and effective pain relief of the back. 

Another effective way of treating back pain is the use of back support aids, such as decompression back braceour Physio Decompression AirTraction Back Belt is a light and portable waist brace that decompresses your lower back allowing it to stretch and relax, relieving tight muscles and tendons, pain and stiffness. 

A good topical gel for muscle and back pain is an effective pain relief solution that helps  quickly. Try our Biofreeze Pain Relieving Gel or the Flexall Pain Relief Gel.

Back Brace for back pain_bettercaremarket

A back brace can be very helpful for daily use. Our Back Brace by Push Care is a stabilising brace with a removable pad, ideal for lower back and abdominal support.  This brace reduces your body’s load on your lower spine, creating a more even distribution of weight. It also supports your back when you’re lifting heavy objects, and the adjustable compression creates a custom fit. Our Push Care back brace is very suitable for osteoarthritis, sciatica and chronic back pain.


At-home stretching devices

In addition to back support aids, you can also use the Magic Back Support Stretcher as a additional treatment to back pain.

Magic Back Stretcher_bettercaremarket

In addition to a back stretcher,physical therapy, acupuncture, yoga, shiatsu, chiropractor, or a combination of these non-conventional therapies can be used to alleviate pain. 


Daily back support aids

One of the best drug-free back pain aids - and an alternative to surgery -  is the Physio Thermal Decompression Air Traction Back Belt. This device is a waist brace that consists of decompressionmagnetic and heat therapy allowing to stretch, relax and warm up your lower back relieving pain and stiffness.

Another option is a Physio TENS Analogue, which is an effective tool that reduces chronic and subacute pain in a drug-free and non-invasive way. At the same time, it exercises the muscles and increases blood circulation for natural healing.

Tens machine against back pain_bettercaremarket

The Libera Wireless Electrostimulator by Proactive is a compact tens unit or electrotherapy machine that gives you the choice of 5 stimulation modes and 15 intensity levels to help with pain relief at home or at work. 

Another very effective device is our PainGone Pen that uses a combination of electro and acupuncture therapy. It is a non-invasive device that helps with temporary pain relief on the push of a button.

PainGone Plus for back pain_bettercaremarket



Back pain is very painful and can impact your daily activities considerably. Consider nonsurgical treatments to help reduce your pain promptly. Options are numerous: hot or cold compresses, tens machines, decompression back braces or back stretchers. The choice is up to you.

Choose complementary therapies, with back support aids, that work best for you. This makes a holistic approach to treating back pain. Please consult your doctor if your pain persists. 

Find the full range of Back Support devices on our website.