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Father's day gift ideas: Get inspired by the gift of freedom

Father's day gift ideas: Get inspired by the gift of freedom

The first Sunday of September is approaching rapidly: you better start thinking of what you are going to buy for dad this Father’s Day. Forget the standard presents: a bottle of wine, a tie or a new tool for the shed. If you want to make this Father’s Day a special one and show dad how much you care for him, we have compiled 15 gift ideas to help you choosing the gift of freedom for dad.

You can hit the spot with a gift of freedom: from a pill crusher to a blood pressure monitor or even a mobility scooter.


On the 6th of September, Australia celebrates Father’s Day. During this annual tradition we show our appreciation for Dad in our life with a special gift.

Father's day sign


As Victoria is in stage 3 and 4 lockdown restriction for a few more weeks and many state borders are closed, there is a possibility that this year you might not be spending the first Sunday of September together. If you are looking for something other than usual this year, you might have to look for a present that will keep him happy and satisfied at home.


This year - whether he is near or far - get Dad something that is really useful from our collection of Father’s Day gifts for 2020. You choose, we make sure to deliver it to the door.

Check out our range of personal care products or mobility aids that will be really useful to him.


Bettercaremarket has something to fancy any father with a present to help do those daily activities with ease or just feel a bit better. This will be a present dad will actually appreciate and thank you for. And the good part, it is delivered right to his doorstep!


We have made a list of 15 Father’s Day gift ideas that will improve his health and help him with his freedom and independence. No matter your budget, you will be able to find a great present.


For Dad’s pain relief:


Multifunctional Chair: $ 119.95. Combines 6 functions in 1! Can be used as a shower chair, raised toilet seat, toilet frame, walker, commode chair and bath chair.

If your dad has lumbar or back pain, this inflatable decompression belt is a revolutionary product to alleviate the pain. Back Brace Support Belt: $ 149.95.

If your dad’s feet lack circulation, this device will boost circulation and reduce swelling. Foot & Leg Circulation Promoter: $ 199.95.

Get a TENS machine helping relieve pain for those Dads with a chronic condition. TENS Pain Therapy System:  199.95.

 Father and grandson

To monitor Dad’s condition:


Blood Glucose + Ketone Monitor: $ 79.95. A great Bluetooth device to check the blood sugar and ketone levels. Ideal for the diabetic father!

Blood Pressure Monitor: $ 139.95. This fully automatic tool allows to accurately check dad’s blood pressure and pulse rate.


Father and grandson


To improve Dad’s mobility:


If your father needs some help to get out and about, these mobility aids may come in handy!

Ergonomic Handle Elbow Crutches: $ 69.95

Folding Walker: $ 119.95

Multifunctional Chair: $ 119.95

Mobility Scooter: $ 1999.95

grandfather and scooter


To keep dad independent:


Pill crusher: $ 24.95. This device is designed for the Dad with limited hand strength.

If your father enjoys cooking but has difficulty to level a measuring spoon, our set of 4 Levoons spoon will give accurate measurement. Levoons Measuring spoons: $ 29.95.

If your father has trouble achieving a good clean after using the toilet, this wiping aid is very convenient! Long Handle Bottom Wiper: $ 29.95

If Dad is getting a bit stiff in the shoulders or has difficulty using a normal comb, our grooming aid will assist him. Long Handle Comb: $ 29.95

Spillnot: $ 51.95 This is a great and unique product for fathers with shaky hands!

Kettle Tipper: $ 69.95. This cradle holds a kettle and pivots it by a gentle pressure. No more spills or heavy lifting when pouring water for a cuppa!


Father & family


Buy the perfect gift for Father’s day


We hope you have found a great gift idea you want to buy for Dad or Granddad in this article. If you are stuck for choice, we would recommend looking for further suggestions in  our Conditions section of our website where you are bound to find the gift of freedom or something your father would really like.