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Helpful Guide To breathing accessories for Lung diseases

Helpful Guide To breathing accessories for Lung diseases

In the past year and half, bushfires and the coronavirus have caused a rise in respiratory health problems in Australia. We have put together a helpful guide with breathing treatments that you might find helpful.

It is a well-known fact that the quality of air plays an important role in the life of those affected with those of us living with respiratory diseases, such as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (or COPD), Asthma, Bronchitis or Pneumonia.

Chronic lung diseases are caused and have advanced due to bad breathing or environmental conditions. These conditions could be poor working conditions, inhaling cigarette smoke or exposure to air pollution. These lung diseases are very exhausting, as they prevent our lungs from taking in air properly, which naturally makes it very stressful to our everyday lives.  Not being able to breathe lowers your energy levels and reduces your ability to move around.



Although there are many treatments available to help reduce the symptoms of chronic respiratory diseases, there are also some breathing support devices to help you maintain your way of life. Here are some suggestions of respiratory devices you can use:

1) Inhalers: An inhaler is a central component for the treatment of lung diseases.; it is the most effective way to deliver medicine to your lungs. A bronchodilator is a medication that helps relax the tight muscles of your airways, widening the airways so you can breathe easier.

inhaler to ease the breathing

This medication is typically taken through an inhaler, so it can reach the lungs directly. A glucocorticoid is another medication that reduces the inflammation and will help air pass into your lungs more effectively. Inhalers also help to clear mucus from your lungs. They can contain either a single or a combination of medication. 

2) Air purifiers: these are also referred to as air cleaners, and serve the main purpose to improve the air quality by cleaning the available air in the room. It is important to control the quality of air at home, and an air purifier is an ideal device for those with COPD to ease their breathing inside. Improving your home’s air quality allows for the reduction of the obstruction in your airways and reduces the risk of infection from other diseases. Bettercaremarket sells the Ultrasonic Vaporiser by AbleAsthma. This device is an eco-friendly 5-in-1 air purifier with built-in ioniser, humidifier, essential oil diffuser and night light. 

Vapour Mist

3) Oxygen Therapy: if your blood oxygen level is too low you can receive supplementary oxygen via an oxygen tank through a nasal cannula or a mask to help you breathe easier. Often the tank is used while you are sleeping. This can also be portable, which greatly assists when moving around.  

4) Nebuliser: this breathing aid has the same purpose as the devices mentioned above: to increase the oxygen in your body. A nebuliser is a compressor that enables fast and accurate drug delivery of relievers, preventers and antibiotics. The breathing device creates an aerosol mist from a liquid medication via a facemask or a mouthpiece. 

Nebuliser, helpful breathing aid

Portable nebuliser systems could make a critical difference in someone's ability to recover from an acute event. The Portable Nebuliser from AbleAsthma is a compact and lightweight breathing accessory that provides immediate relief on-the-go.

Travel-air, portable nebuliser


5) Inspiratory exerciser: Some inspiratory devices are ideal for improving, developing and maintaining your respiratory fitness. Inspiratory exercisers like flow meters, spirometers, in-check nasal or dial flow meters provide assistance in improving the respiratory muscles through resistance exercise.


6) Spacers: Spacers are designed to help medication get straight to your lungs. Some spacers, like the Able Spacer from AbleAsthma, incorporate anti-microbial elements, providing protection against more than 99% of bacteria. These devices are 200% more efficient than common spacers made out of plastic. This is due to the act that the silver ion technology prevents the growth of bacteria and fungi in the spacer.  These spacers can suit all sizes and age groups thanks to various sizes of masks.

woman with spacer

5)  Other equipment such as oximeters and peak flow meters, also serve a helping hand to anyone living with asthma. A peak flow meter is a hand-held device that monitors your ability to push air out of your lungs. They are available in two ranges: one for infants or small children; a larger range for older children and adults. Healthcare professionals argue that a peak flow meter is helpful for those only with moderate to severe asthma. With the results of the meter, the doctor will make decisions about your treatment and consequently adjust the medication. An oximeter is a medical tool used to measure the oxygen saturation in your blood and is another type of home medical supply that a patient can use by themselves. The meters are specified to be used on either the wrist or finger. Oxygen saturation usually indicates how much oxygen is getting to your vital organs, especially your brain.

Pulse oximeters are clip-on devices that may be attached to a finger, a wrist, a foot, or any other area where the device can read blood flow.

A wide range of oximeters are available in pharmacies.

7) Mucus Clearance Device: A mucus clearance device, also known as an airway clearance device, is used to help clear airways and lungs of pulmonary secretions or mucus.  It works by creating positive expiratory pressure (PEP) and vibrations in the lungs. This device will improve your respiratory capacity and make you breathe easier. Top of the range is the Turboforte™ Mucus Clearance Device from WyMedical.


8) Essential oil can also help manage lung diseases. Although taking medications is the way to find relief, there are also some solutions that provide a natural healing reaction. Essential oils are one such remedy which helps to control your COPD and Asthma. 

They can promote a natural healing response because of their antibacterial and antifungal properties. There are a few options to consider: a special essential oil for 'Cough & Cold', 'Hay Fever' and 'Everyday Health'. However, some of the lotions may have different effects on different people depending on the sensitivity of their skin.

9) The Emergency Asthma bag is designed to help those living with asthma. The bag includes asthma medication with a set of records and communication tools, enabling effective coordination and communication between patients/carers and doctor when you are having an asthma attack.


Independent living aids

Daily living aids can ease the day-to-day life of chronic lung patients and help them maintain the routine pace in their surroundings. Chronic diseases turn the active life of a healthy person into a sedentary lifestyle by affecting daily activities and make them dependent on a caretaker. At that time, they need daily living aids to keep their life going without assistance. Walking frames will help to cover short distances while bedding aids will assist you to get out of bed without much effort.

It is important to maintain healthy lifestyle habits. Try to eat a diet with nutritious food: avoid processed food as they are full of calories and salt and lack nutrients.

Finally, adequate exercise each day will help you stay strong. Exercising devices will help the patient to exercise within the comfort of their own home. Our range of Fitness equipment is available for every patient or healthy person. A pedal exerciser is a great piece of mobility equipment to restore your muscles and increase blood circulation to the lower and upper body areas from a seated position. It is a low impact exerciser that does not require any external power supply. A great work-out tool that you can use at home.  



All the respiratory solutions we have mentioned, in conjunction with good exercise, can relieve the pain caused by the disease and will improve mobility. Keeping lung health in mind, we believe these respiratory devices will assist you to improve your quality of life. 

Bettercaremarket sells a range of lung devices that can help you manage your chronic lung disease. Choose the right device that suits you.