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Choose the best brace to support your joints

Choose the best brace to support your joints

When you experience discomfort in your joints - whether from arthritis, an injury or overuse - your daily life can seriously be affected. To prevent these complaints from becoming a serious obstacle, your GP might recommend you to wear a support brace either temporarily or permanently.

Joint pain


A brace can be highly beneficial to those suffering from a joint injury or for injury prevention. If you are you unsure about which brace is suitable for your specific situation, we are happy to help you choose the right brace for you.

This article will guide you through everything you need to know to buy the best brace in Australia.


When do you wear a brace?


Injuries that should heal over time are different from injuries that result from a chronic condition, like arthritis. Nevertheless, in both cases a brace is often recommended. This orthotic is an external supportive device that is intended to help improve your joint function by targeting stiff, dysfunctional or badly aligned joints caused by injuries. With arthritis, the pain and stiffness can restrict how much you move and can make it difficult to perform daily tasks as the joints are swollen and inflamed.


Knee pain


The state-of-the-art Push braces are designed and manufactured in Europe with high quality control standards. The brace stabilises and supports the joint, the tendon and the muscle. This allows the joint to function normally again. A brace can also be used preventively to reduce the risk of injuries during sports and other activities.


Do you have to wear a brace for a specific activity?


A brace is intended to help improve mobility in the joint and reduce pain. The orthotic is made to attempt to help align the joint and is designed to:

-       Prevent an injury

-       Support the joint by providing pressure, warmth or stabilisation

-       Protect the joint after an injury to prevent further damage

-       Improve performance

-       Prevent the joint from over-extending after an injury or surgery

A brace does not always have to be used daily. You may choose to only use a brace during exercise. Or after your workout.

A brace provides good support during exercise while being comfortable and not causing restrictions.



Choose the brace that matches your discomfort: what types of braces work?


The Push braces are made from premium materials and feel very comfortable. They provide reliable support for daily activities and are especially helpful during exercise.


PUSH Care – Hinged Knee Brace

For Knee injuries


A knee brace is an effective solution that addresses chronic knee pain. If you are suffering from arthritis, menisci or cartilage damage, tendonitis or bursitis, or from a torn ligament, one of the best ways to manage the symptoms is to use a knee brace.


Keep in mind, there are several braces that are used for several conditions. A patella injury requires a different brace than an ACL.


If you require some additional support for your knee by stabilising the joint, offloading it and keeping it in the correct alignment when you bend it, then the Push Med Hinged Knee Brace


 is for you. This knee brace reduces knee discomfort. You just simply wear it and go about your daily routine with ease!



Push Med - Hinged Knee Brace



The Push Med Patella Knee Brace is a small cushioned strap that you wear just below the kneecap. It helps with patellar tendonitis or Runner’s Knee pain and with Osgood Schlatter disease. The strap helps relieve pressure on the patellar tendon, which decreases pain.  The Patella Knee brace will keep your knees in line to start the healing process. They are a great way to remind you of proper form.



Push Med Pastella Knee Brace



Push Care - Wrist Brace

For wrist conditions

Do you suffer from wrist symptoms or joint pain? Then the Push Care wrist brace  offers the least intrusive solution to stabilise the wrist. The brace prevents your wrist from making the wrong movements giving you the opportunity to recover by simply wearing it.


Push Care - Wrist Brace



Push Med - Elbow Brace & Tennis Elbow Brace Epi

For elbow pain

An elbow brace is one of the more effective ways to neutralise pain and swelling in the elbow. Whether the injury comes from sports, from overuse or from health-related issues, an elbow brace offers a drug-free solution for elbow pain. If you opt for an elbow brace, it will relieve the discomfort and promote the recovery of the elbow.


Push Med - Elbow Brace


Our Push Med Elbow braces are medical grade supports. We offer two types of braces.

-       The Elbow Brace is intended to limit the extension of the elbow joint


-       The Tennis Elbow Brace Epi provides targeted pressure. This one is suitable for individuals suffering from a tennis or golfer’s elbow.


Both braces allow for tailored support and greatly improve symptoms and pain.


Push Care - Tennis Elbow Epi



Push Med - Reinforced Back Support

Push Care – Back Brace for lumbar support

For back pain

Back pain can seriously hinder your daily activities and work. An orthopaedic doctor may prescribe a back brace for a series of conditions:

-       to help heal your back after a surgery,

-       to support muscle strain or osteoarthritis,

-       to provide lumbosacral support while lifting boxes at work.


The right back brace is meant to improve spinal health and reduce back pain. For many people, a back brace offers a non-invasive solution for good support for your spine. It is not good to rely on back braces for a long time as they are not meant to manage ongoing problems.


There are different types of back complaints and we have a suitable back brace for every discomfort.


The Push Care Back brace for lumbar support is a comfortable brace that provides excellent support for your lower back for those suffering from back pain, muscle pain or injury, abdominal strain or injury without restricting movement. The adjustable pad with 4 pressure points is available in 5 sizes.


Push Care Back Brace for lumbar support


For those with conditions such as pelvic tilt or lumbar lordosis, the proper support can greatly reduce pain and help to correct spinal positioning. The Push Med Reinforced Back Support is designed to relieve aches and pains in the lumbar or lumbosacral regions by stabilising and protecting the area. It includes straps crossing the back that fasten in the front for extra comfort, and is fully adjustable to ensure a perfect fit. Our brace support can be used for daily, recerational or sporting activities, giving you constant support throughout the day.


Push Med - Reinforced Back Support



PUSH Med - Ankle brace

PUSH Care - Ankle brace with compression

For ankle injuries

Your ankles are parts of your body that not only bear the most of your body weight, they are also constantly moving. This makes the ankles very vulnerable to injuries, wear-and-tear, and joint pain. The ankle braces provide your ankle with consistent and gentle support and stability which makes anything from walking to strenuous exercise less painful. It also minimises additional injuries or reduces worsening of the condition.


Our Push Med Ankle braces are perfect for people suffering from sports injuries like sprains, strains, and torn tendons or ligaments, or those battling arthritis which causes swelling and inflammation in the joint.


Push Med - Ankle Brace


Our Push Care Ankle brace with compression is a high-quality ankle support that is designed using the principles of ankle taping. You can adjust the straps to regulate the pressure continuously. The ankle strap will protect your Achilles and anklebone. Our ankle brace with compression by Push Care is a compression gear for the ankle that provides pressure and stabilisation around the joint.


Choose the brace that suits your discomfort.


Push Care - Ankle Brace



PUSH Med Shoulder Brace Stabiliser

For shoulder pain

In case of a shoulder injury, we recommend putting as little stress on your shoulder as possible and support it with a shoulder brace. Whether you are using it to immobilise and protect your shoulder from further injury, as a support brace during recovery, or as a compression device to manage pain, the Push Med Shoulder Brace Stabiliser will comfortably support the affected area. That way your shoulder will recover faster.




Push Med - Shoulder Brace Stabiliser



Push Ortho Thumb brace

As a thumb stabiliser

Whether it is a thumb injury, thumb arthritis, carpal tunnel, thumb ligament issues, tendonitis, trigger thumb, RSI or De Quervain’s tenosynovitis, or even post-surgery, the Thumb Brace by Push Ortho will provide reliable and comfortable symptom relief. By isolating the thumb in a fixed position, the brace restricts thumb movement and delivers support while allowing the remaining fingers to stay mobile.



Push Ortho - Thumb Brace



If you are feeling pain in your joints, braces are there to help. Depending on your level of pain, the right brace can make all the difference. It is important to choose a right brace that suits your needs.


Brace supports are useful tools if and when you feel pain. We have introduced you to Push braces and reviewed some of the most common symptoms for each brace and looked how they work and why they can assist you.