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Looking back at our Top Blog posts of 2020

Looking back at our Top Blog posts of 2020

As we have left 2020, we look back at a year that turned the world upside down.


From the devastating bushfires to an arising global health crisis, 2020 has brought more change than anyone could ever have imagined.


It has also been the year in which we – at Bettercaremarket – have tried to answer questions that our customers and readers had, regarding chronic health conditions and mobility issues.


Our topics ranged from incontinence and osteoporosis to electric wheelchairs. Of course, readers came to the blog to learn more about public health concern nr. 1: coronavirus and how that could affect their specific condition. Here are our 12 Top Blog posts of 2020!


Now that we just started 2021, it is time for a quick refresher on the most-read topics of last year. Enjoy the top 12 most visited blog posts that have earned a spot in our 2020 blog review. We hope that these articles will give you more insights and more quality advise to get your world back to ‘normal’.



Coronavirus prevention

Coronavirus prevention


Coronavirus burst to the top of the news in 2020. Keep up with the information on the changing strain of the new Covid-19. Cut through the confusion and find out what are the consequences for Australians.


This is one of our most popular blog posts of last year. To many people the benefits of copper remain a mystery but at Bettercaremarket we know that the antibacterial and antiviral properties of copper have been proven to work. This article explains why a copper filter face mask can have a big benefit to keep you safe.



Bones and muscles


Weak bones

No matter how fragile your bones are, this article shows you which daily living aids can make your life easier. The author shared the simplest and most significant products that will help you retain your mobility and reduce falls at home.


It is difficult to know which solutions in the bathroom could be helpful for you if you have Parkinson’s disease. We have made it easy for you by outlining one simple mobility aid that will improve your mobility and safety in the bathroom.



Mobility Aids


Mobility aids, woman in wheelchair



Now more than ever, customers want to combine a reliable electric wheelchair with the capabilities of being able to store it. As users shifted to all terrain options, lightweight and foldable wheelchairs are becoming a necessity. Explore which foldable power wheelchair would best suit you.


Provides a detailed overview on crutches that are a great mobility aid for individuals recovering from a hip or knee surgery to keep them independent and mobile. This user’s guide will help you make the best choice for a pair of crutches depending on your situation.



Braces and supports


Best braces blogs


Provides tips on using a knee brace when you suffer from arthritis. Knee braces are the best way to treat osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis, and lessen the severity of symptoms by providing pain relief.


Physical activity plays a significant part in interrupting the vicious cycle of pain and reduced mobility, especially in conditions like arthritis. A brace can be of great help. When choosing the right brace for the right injury or pain, it is important to know all the details. This in-depth blog post on the use of braces will help you address the challenges.



NDIS funding for NDIS participants




This blog explores the possibility for you to access NDIS funding if you need braces and supports to help you on a daily basis. Use our tips to help you get back on track with the right brace to support your life.


With so many people living with incontinence in Australia, this blog brought a lot of buzz. If you are new to NDIS, it is time to find out if you are eligible for NDIS-funding with your incontinence supplies. Read through our overview to see how the NDIS works and learn how you can register as a NDIS-participant.



Incontinence Care


Incontinence care for seniors


This buyer’s guide on incontinence products will explain you what we have to offer: pull-up pants, adult diapers and specialised skin care products to keep the skin feeling clean and soft. These products will help manage your incontinence.


When it comes to incontinence, do you know it affects many people in Australia? Check-out this post to discover the ins and outs of incontinence pads. Knowing which products are out there will help you significantly.





As we looked back on the unprecedented year of 2020, we sorted through the 50 blog posts we published to find out which articles gripped you the most in the past twelve months. We have chosen the 12 Top Blog posts of the year. Hopefully those topics struck a chord with you too.


In 2021, we will keep publishing educational, interesting and helpful blogs to keep our Bettercaremarket customers informed on all the things important to you: chronic health conditions, handy daily living aids and mobility equipment to make your life more comfortable at home.