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The Best walking sticks for seniors for 2021

The Best walking sticks for seniors for 2021

If you are getting older, a walking stick can be very handy.

Mobility aids such as walking sticks are reliable supports for seniors and will assist elderly in maintaining stability and balance while carrying out their daily activities. They can also fit their personal style or perfectly accessorise their outfit!

Woman with walking stick & carer

But with so many walking sticks out there, how do you chose the perfect one for you or your loved one?


What to Look at, When Choosing a Walking Stick?

There are several features that you should consider while choosing a walking stick. Let’s see what those properties are:



Handles on walking stick

Walking sticks are often coupled with handles to add more comfort. They have been designed to take the There are plenty of  handle types available for canes.

Hook Handle: Is the traditional handle of the walking stick. It is a rounded handle mostly made from one piece of wood.  It gives you a natural swing while walking.

Hook handle walking stick

Fritz Handle: This handle is similar to T-design; the grip sits at the head of the cane and the user’s weight is directled mostly on to the shaft. The open-ended handle is made for a comfortable grip for regular use as it allows for more space for your hands and fingers. Ideal for arthritis patients as it prevents the fingers from getting cramped.  Most Fritz Style Walking canes are made from wood.


Fritz handle walking stick

T-Handle: also called a right angled handle. It is an ergonomic grip at the head of the cane shaft that provides a natural hold. It is the simplest option as it suits most people looking for a comfortable cane.

T-handle walking stick

Offset Handle: It is designed with a sharp curve close to the handle, and resembles the neck of a swan. They are very suitable for users who have arthritis in the knee or hip or those with a weak grip as the shape distributes the weight of the user straight over the cane shaft, putting less pressure on the wrists and increasing stability.

LED Light Handle: This grip includes a battery-powered light in the cane’s handle for added nighttime safety.


Tips or ferrules


Single Tips: The single point cane is easy to use and lightweight, and features a slip-resistant tip. This tip can be replaced with any other tips for personalised functions.


Multi Tips: There are various options where you can select from: a self standing walking stick with a widened base to a tri or quad base tips. These tips offer enormous support and stability than the single tips, with more points of contact to allot weight evenly. They are an excellent choice for those looking for additional stability.

Offset handle walking stick


Foldable: Yes or No?


It is important to know if your walking cane can be folded into a compact size.

If it is, you can fit the walking aid nicely inside a carry bag or handbag.  The folding walking sticks are best for those who are looking for small mobility aids that they can easily bring with them. They are the perfect solution if you only need occasional support or you find it difficult to stay upright for a longer period of time.


Adjustable Height


The height of all the canes should be able to be adjusted, based on the user needs. The cane should be as high as the hip bone; it will allow you to rest your hand on the cane while keeping your elbow bend slightly.

Loosen the latch under the grip to adjust the canes. Add the brass pin and push the cane to the chosen height. Make sure that the brass pin is locked in place, tighten the latch, and you are ready to go!


Stability for the User


While choosing a cane, it is essential to know the level of stability for every user. Numerous style canes offer different levels of support, and some are more appropriate than others. You need to know which walking stick is ideal for maximum, moderate, and mild stability.


Which Walking Stick to Choose: Our Top 5


For travel:

Folding Walking Cane by Aidapt

This Folding Walking Cane from Aidapt is a plastic handled, extendable walking stick, available in different designs and colors. It features a decorative and attractive pattern while having five height adjustment settings and four foldable sections, making it ideal walking aid for travel.

Folding walking cane red aidapt   Folding walking cane red Aidapt

But young people recuperating from an illness or injury, use the walking stick as well. The foldable cane is not only supportive but also appealing and fun! 


The Folding Walking Stick by Days

This Folding Walking Stick from Days is a versatile, high-quality and attractive mobility aid. Made of aluminium, it offers support while being lightweight and rust-proof.  The cushion grip conforms to your hand and absorbs the shocks when you are walking. 

Folding walking cane days     Styles of walking sticks days

The best feature is the fact that this walking stick is collapsible and can be stored in your bag, when you take it with you. For added safety, you will find a reflective patch on the strap of the walking stick. The 12 height settings give you plenty of choice in adjustments.


For Mild stability:

Comfort-Plus Folding Cane by Airgo

The Comfort-Plus Folding Cane by Airgo is a collapsible stick  with an offset handle that gives you ease of use, comfort, and support while walking.


Handle comfort-plus folding cane

This stick can be folded into a small bundle, making it best for the people who do not require a cane all the time but need to carry it in case they need it.


For Moderate stability:

Comfort-Plus MiniQuad Cane by Airgo

The Comfort-Plus MiniQuad Cane by Airgo is a versatile and self-standing walking stick with an ultra stable tip: it provides the stability of a quad base in the size that is comparable to a regular cane tip.

Its specially made ferrule allows you to walk on uneven surfaces or outdoor while its rubber material will help to add traction and prevent slipping. It is still lightweight and is perfect for both women and men, and right-handed or left-handed users.

Miniquad cane - airgo

The offset handle reduces the impact of the cane touching the ground. Just set the height with the push button to choose the best position of the handle.


For Maximum Stability:

Comfort-Plus Quad Cane by Airgo

The Comfort-Plus Quad Cane from Airgo is an adjustable walking cane that offers excellent balance and stability for individuals who need more help outdoor or indoor with their balance. The four-point base of the cane permits for great weight-bearing, as well as more stability while standing and walking.

Comfort-Plus Quad Cane

Depending on your need for support, you can choose between the small base and large base. The K-shaped base can rotate and can be locked into position to accommodate either right or left-handed users.



Finding the perfect walking stick is not an easy task. Our shortlist of 5 canes might not be the full list, but hopefully can point you in the right direction.

We suggest you browse through our very popular mobility category including our full range of walking sticks and crutches, walking frames, rollators and electric wheelchairs.